Jeff and Shaleia were meant to find each other.  It simply happened as a result of some very specific things they did.  Jeff and Shaleia paid the price to discover their Twin Flame, and they paid another price to attain harmonious Union.  They did this for themselves, but now they’re sharing how to do it with you.


Today, many are feeling the call of their heart to be with their Ultimate Lover, their Perfect Partner, their Best Friend in the Universe.  This is your heart leading you back to your Twin Flame, the person God designed you to explore the Universe with eternally.


Jeff and Shaleia have broken down attaining harmonious Union into a simple process which they teach in their e-Course “Twin Flames: Dreams Coming True.  The process is simple, but it requires someone mastered in not only their harmonious Twin Flame Union, but in teaching spiritual concepts as well.


Jeff and Shaleia were designed by God as spiritual teachers, and are fulfilling their Divine Soul Purpose by assisting you into your harmonious Twin Flame Union.  You will find no other true Twin Flame Spiritual Teachers on the planet at this time, but through their work, Jeff and Shaleia aspire to change that.


Their vision is for Twin Flames to be as commonplace as soul mates are today.  They hope you will choose to become part of the great movement in consciousness as Twin Flames begin reuniting and attaining harmonious Union.


Twin Flames Universe.com is Jeff and Shaleia’s creation where all their Twin Flame teachings and work can be found, and the only place you need to go to answer any questions you have about Twin Flames, and your Twin Flame journey.