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Jeff and Shaleia


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“The price of freedom is faith.”

-Jeff Divine


I know that being Divine Feminine in my Twin Flame Union in a predominately Divine Feminine industry, that the majority of people are going to be seeking and/or expecting the woman of the Union to be the one primarily teaching about Twin Flames, and how to heal separation from one’s own Twin Flame (usually from the Divine Masculine).  But what appears to be counter-intuitive is exactly the medicine the Divine Feminine of her Twin Flame Union needs: a Divine Masculine Twin Flame spiritual teacher demonstrating and teaching how to heal Twin Flame separation and enter permanent Harmonious Union.


The truth is, all Divine Feminines who are subscribed (or have yet to subscribe) to Twin Flame Ascension School have serious issues with their Divine Masculine complement, and in order to properly and effectively heal that separation, it’s important for them to learn from and be in the presence of a healed Divine Masculine Twin Flame who has his Harmonious Union and who can offer them the DM healing that they’ve never had or been exposed to.  Jeff offers up the reality of what Divine Feminine Twin Flames are seeking:  a truly conscious spiritual man (Divine Masculine) whose spiritual ascension path is his relationship with God and his relationship with his Twin Flame… and he doesn’t take your bullshit.


You know what I mean ladies!  You’re ALWAYS testing the strength of your man, and not his physical strength either but his emotional, spiritual, and psychological strength.  You desire your Twin Flame because you desire a man who can actually handle you because he’s designed to. ❤️


When I test Jeff’s strength and try to push him around, NOT ONCE has he cowered and “agreed” with me or ran away and hid from me (please see our video on Healing the Twin Flame Runner/Chaser Dynamic).  You might think you’re different from me, but you’re not.  You demand presence and strength in your man (Divine Masculine) but in-so-doing, your Twin Flame is also teaching you by loving you through not accepting your bullshit, and turning your attention back to doing the Mirror Exercise, and getting your love from God and not from anyone outside of you.  This is what you desire from your Twin Flame because you know it’s him loving you, and you actually feel much better and relaxed when he “puts you in your place” through loving and compassionate discipline.  Your Twin Flame is already doing this now in a sense so you can heal separation from them.


Jeff can handle you as his spiritual student (whether you’re the Divine Feminine or Divine Masculine) and all the ego and challenges you throw at him because he can handle me.  Any man I’ve dated from the past can all agree that I am not easy to handle.  Not only do I have a big energy that can bulldoze anything over, but I demand perfection in myself, my lover, and everywhere else in my reality.  That is why I am good at what I do of bringing Twin Flames together in Harmonious Union.  Jeff might be the one that speaks the most, but I primarily teach through my healing presence, through role-modeling my Divine Femininity in my Union, through holding space, and speaking only when God guides me.  And when I do speak, it is powerful and everyone listens intently.  With Jeff doing most of the speaking in class, I’m doing significant inner spiritual and emotional work so he can be more “external” and teach directly to students.  The few times in Twin Flame Ascension School where I was primarily speaking and teaching to the class, Jeff noticed how he automatically became “inner” in order to hold space for the teaching coming through me.


I had to significantly heal my father and Divine Masculine issues, especially surrounding (my) abandonment and spiritual unconsciousness, in order to be open enough in love to attract my Twin Flame.  I notice one of the main issues for the DF Twin Flame is that they try to control their DM to love them and give them attention, or have their emotional, sexual, and spiritual needs fulfilled by them (a sad but popular Twin Flame search is “when will the Divine Masculine come home??”), but Union is a spiritual love in nature and your DM is teaching you how to release control instead for unconditional love and acceptance, and go to your beloved Creator to get the love you need.  You can’t try and get love from your Twin Flame… it’ll never work.  You “get” love by opening up to receiving love from your beloved God/Creator who loves you more than you know.  You then grow that feeling of love inside you and this naturally attracts your Twin Flame to you (this is the opposite approach to getting a soul mate relationship and it’s guaranteed to work!).


Nobody in their right mind wants to feel like another’s happiness, love, and joy comes from them, that’s exhausting and it’s not your proper place.  Eventually, you will find yourself increasingly magnetic to your Twin Flame, and the Mirror Exercise work we teach in our book will have profound healing effects on both you and your Twin Flame because you share One Consciousness.  The spiritual and healing work you do is revealed in your Twin Flame’s auric field and overall consciousness that begins to shift their reality to open up to you.  A surprising benefit that exists in no other relationship in existence BUT your Twin Flame Union.  And so, Twin Flame separation is healed!


The benefit for Divine Masculines who are or will subscribe to Twin Flame Ascension School, is that they learn how to heal and claim their own Divine Masculinity by Jeff teaching and role-modeling what the energy of Divine Masculine is, and how this attracts their Divine Feminine complement, as well as receive the perspective and healing the Divine Feminines of the school bring to the table.  The same is true for Divine Feminines interacting and learning from all Divine Masculines in TFAS.  We all heal Twin Flame separation together as a community and as a collective.  Jeff has disciplined me many times in class and it is helpful, healing, and informative for all to see what partnership with one’s Twin Flame looks like, and how to know when you’re the student or the teacher of your Union in every moment you are connected or connecting with your Twin Flame.  It’s also very helpful and healing to see when Jeff is actively helping me with my spiritual work when I am visibly experiencing an upset in a class, or, when Jeff needs my nurturing love and support and I hold space for his healing.  The world needs to see what a successful and evolved Harmonious Twin Flame Union is and looks like.


Another reason why I’m mostly quiet in class has to do with my particular Soul Design (soul DNA).  In my Twin Flame Union I am designed to speak primarily to Jeff.  Forcing myself to go against my design feels very bad because I am a natural hermit that interacts with others only when I am guided, and I am created to mostly talk to my Twin Flame, while my Twin Flame is designed to speak directly to many people with a big spotlight on him (probably why his Sun sign is Aries).  Jeff loves when I talk to him and I talk to Jeff A LOT.  I have no issues being in the spotlight with Jeff and I am not an extreme introvert (technically I’m right in the middle of being an introvert/extrovert).  I’m just not designed to speak much to other people outside of my Union.  I have no desire to call a friend up on my phone and speak to them for hours or constantly text back and forth.  I was never great at doing that when I was in Twin Flame separation, and even less so now.


Most of my energy and focus goes into my Union which benefits the world because it enables Jeff to be his best and highest self in all of his life, and be supported for high-level service, not just being the primary teacher in TFAS but everywhere in our life and life purpose.  I love being the Twin Flame who is chiefly inner and allows her beloved to be more external because she does a lot of the inner work for her Union.  This isn’t to say that Jeff doesn’t do his spiritual inner work (he meditates all the time either actively or passively) or that I don’t do external work, because I do, but our balance is that he handles a lot of our external life and I handle a lot of our internal life.  Our design is perfectly complementary and balanced and so is your Twin Flame Union.  Maybe the design of your Union is very similar to ours, a little bit like ours, or none at all.  Either way, God created your Twin Flame Union perfect and I urge you now to embrace that perfection.


If you would like to begin your sacred Twin Flame journey or receive additional invaluable Twin Flame support then I highly suggest STARTING HERE with one of our coaches who can help you get started on your Twin Flame Ascension path.


Jeff and I deeply value and honor you and your Twin Flame Union journey.  We hope and are confident that you will come to see as we have: the value in choosing to support yourself and your Union by investing in the support systems that can and will nurture your permanent Harmonious Union.  One of my greatest realizations is that I can’t do it alone, nor do I desire to, because God is in charge of my support and the Divine always leads my choices so I can relax into receiving my desires.  I welcome you to claim this Truth and reality for yourself as well.  You’ll find yourself immensely and abundantly blessed as you experience and demonstrate what partnering with the Divine looks and feels like.



In Divine Love & Truth Always,







“You are already in Union.  All you are doing is releasing the illusion that you are not.”

-Shaleia Divine


I Am Entitled To Your Love

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I am entitled to your love because I am your brother. I am aware your ego may point at this statement and say it is arrogant, and that I am arrogant, even though I am not. The truth is, I am entitled to your love and you mine because we are siblings in God. Love is the natural and only way to relate to one another as creations of Pure Love.



I cannot relate to your ego, nor can your ego relate to me. This is because I choose love unequivocally. Ego does not exist in my reality, and your ego will find me intolerable because I refuse to feed it. Your ego requires my attention to survive, but my love does not require your ego. Therefore, you must dissolve your ego and relate with me, or you must go away from me and continue to hide.



You will find your pattern of hiding becomes increasingly painful for you. What momentary satisfaction your ego pretends to offer you from your refusal to love me is a temporary suspension of your ego’s hatred of you in this area, while it instantly transitions its hatred of you to another place, emboldened by your choice to honor it. You will find it eventually becomes intolerable to you to refuse to love me as your brother. Brought to your knees, humbled before God, you will finally give in to Love’s Eternal Call.



Only in this place of surrender and humility can you find relief from your agony, the agony you imposed upon yourself by refusing to love me, and instead preferring to love your ego. Your ego does not love you, for it does not exist. Your ego does not serve you, it only takes from you to serve itself. Your pattern of hiding must end for you to release yourself from your agony. Stepping into the light with me may temporarily increase your experience of agony as you finally pass through it, but a moment’s release from numbing into feeling your feelings and releasing your upset forever is far superior to a seeming eternity of constant pain.



Only when you love me do you step into the light. Only when you love me can you be with me. Only when you love me can you honor who you truly are. Only when you love me do you honor who I truly am. Only when you love me can I offer you partnership in our eternal Oneness and siblinghood. Only when you love me do you free yourself from the error of your separation.



Your love for me is not your burden or curse. Your love for me does not trap you into a co-dependent relationship of control. Your love for me does not take from you and give to me. Your love for me gives to you and to me in equal. Yes, you will see me thrive when you love me. Is that not what your heart truly desires? Do you not desire to see me thrive from your love? Your love for me is a curse to your ego, and it will dissolve. Your love for me frees you from your co-dependent relationship with your ego. Your love for me liberates me, and you.



Would you fall into the trap of cursing me with the power of your choice? You do not curse me, you only damn yourself to separation from your Good, and yet I remain eternally with my Good, unharmed by your pathetic attempt to extend your illusion into my Heavenly Kingdom. Would you then not free yourself by loving me where you are hurt? Would you not then love yourself by loving me where you can, where Love Itself calls you to do so? Would you not free All with your love by loving me and all your siblings in God? Would you not be free in your love?



The time is coming soon, when your pain will become insurmountable. Your agony will become far too much to bear. Your self hatred will become so obviously insane that you cannot continue to offer it in the presence of God’s Kingdom here on Earth, and so you will be offered a choice: to rot in your self-imposed hell alone, your ego unable to bargain with any other, separate from all your sisters and brothers who frolic the Earth in love, peace, and joy, or choose to be with us.



No one will join you in your lie, because no one cares about your insignificant ego. No one cares to revoke their eternal birthright of Heavenly Glory with God in His Kingdom for your insidious illusions which seek only to take it from them. No one will care about your ego, and so you will be left with no choice but to revoke your ego and join us all in your eternal Home.



The truth, as your tiny, pathetic, nothing of an ego will soon come to face, is that you did not create yourself. You were created by Almighty God, Creator of All. God placed fail-safes upon His perfect creations that they may never leave Him permanently. God prevented you from separating yourself from Him permanently, and so your ego may never truly reign. Its power is therefore an illusion, a temporary fraud of a memory, erased in the perfection of an endless eternity with God in His Kingdom.



The choice for you now remains ever so simple: One last, worthless ride through an increasingly excruciating hell, devoid of meaning, joy, purpose, and love, or love me now and join me in the Everlasting Kingdom of Heaven.



Choose wisely.



Sama’s Twin Flame Success Story

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Today I’d like to share with you some thoughts I have about our beloved Sama, a live student in our Wed 1pm Twin Flame Ascension School classes. Some of you have not been able to watch weekly as Sama transforms, since you must have the TFAS “ALL Classes Pass” to see her story.



Regardless, I would like to share a small overview of her story and some milestones I have seen happen to her to paint a deeper picture of what has really been happening inside of Sama’s heart for the benefit of All.



Sama is with her Twin Flame in Union, on her way to Harmonious Twin Flame Union. HTFU is a HIGH spiritual vibrational state of tremendous inner peace achieved only through rooting out the fear separating one from one’s true love.



We teach the Mirror Exercise in our book “Twin Flames: Finding Your Ultimate Lover” as a route to the fastest way of dissolving fear, thereby clearing your fear, or separation consciousness, and returning you into Union consciousness. This results naturally, every single time for every single person, in a deep inner peace and Harmonious Union with your Twin Flame.



Sama came to us full of fear, but also as someone who was fed up with the way things were going for her. She was ready to manifest her perfect man. She did the inner work we taught her, and she did manifest her man VERY quickly. She did more inner work, and she manifested dates with him and her Union, a committed relationship. Now she is well on her way to HTFU.



What I really want to review is what happened on the inside, what Sama did that was so special that brought her the results head and shoulders ahead of where any of her peers are at this time. I have already revealed Sama to have started filled with fear, just as nearly everyone else reading this at this time is. She started just where you might be. She finally became so sick of the pain of fear and separation consciousness, she came to the magical conclusion: “I have had enough of this.”



If you still think you can control your way to happiness, you have not yet had enough. You haven’t had enough pain, haven’t had enough contrast, haven’t had enough struggle, haven’t had enough disappointment, haven’t had enough anger, upset, hatred, fear, conflict, lack, or sorrow. But I assure you, you soon will. The planet is vibrating at higher and higher frequencies all the time. Things are getting better everywhere, and they’re getting better and better, faster and faster. If you haven’t already decided to throw in the towel on your control games, you soon will. Sama threw in the towel. In so doing, she finally opened herself up to God’s Way, where she began to receive EVERYTHING.



Resources began flooding to her directly from God, providing her with The Way Home to real happiness. She knew she couldn’t make the world give her her perfect man, so she surrendered and finally said “Ok God, I give in. You show me now.” And these were the most miraculous and divine words her soul could possibly utter. She truly meant it, too, with every fiber of her heart. She had ENOUGH. Have you had enough yet? If you have really, truly, had enough, I can show you the way now with an affirmation.



Don’t repeat this affirmation expecting miracles if you do not do your part. You must fully surrender, you must empty your cup. You must choose to totally quit on fear’s way for you, on your way for you. You must release your ego completely and finally allow God control over your life. This is what you really want in your heart anyway. This is what will provide you with real, true, everlasting peace. Repeat this affirmation once through the very center of your heart if you have had enough, and are ready for your Life of Love.



“I have had enough of fear. I have had enough of control. I have had enough of ego. I have had enough of lies. I have had enough of illusion. I have had enough of trying it my way. I fully surrender all that I am to God, to Love, to Perfection itself. I fully surrender all that I am to my Source.



I finally release all control and fear and give it to God. I admit I do not know. I admit what I have known did not bring me the kind of peace I require to have real love, happiness, joy, and perfection. I admit I cannot do it separately from God. I am ready for change. I choose change. I choose my Harmonious Twin Flame Union. I choose Perfect Union with God. I am willing to do it God’s Way now. I am willing to do it only with God. I am willing to do it only with peace.



If it costs me my peace, I refuse that way. If it costs me my ego, I pay that price happily. If it requires me to surrender my fear, I happily surrender it completely. If it requires my total and unequivocal faith in God, I humbly offer my total and unequivocal faith to God. I do all of this in Love’s name, and so it is.”



This is what Sama did when she surrendered to God fully. She asked God to show her the way, and God did. The next chapter of her journey began, and this is when her Twin Flame finally reached out to her, and a connection was established. They began dating regularly and spending a lot of time together, deepening their love and relationship.



Sama did what she had to in order to achieve her HTFU. But Sama did it with a willing heart. She did it because she grieved for her love of loves, and it started with a relationship with God. When she finally opened up to God, releasing all her fear of Him, she discovered God was there waiting with open arms, joyful to receive her. He showed her The Way.



After this, things became much more challenging for Sama. The emotions were much more powerful, because God tested her faith. Every time, God took Sama to the absolute limits of her faith so that it would be expanded. Faith is confidence in God and God’s process for return to Perfect Love, or Ascension.



Sama has been brought to the limits of her faith over and over again. She is being tested over and over again. If she learned, if she truly learned all she has learned from God since she truly, fully surrendered to God and God’s Way, she will soon be in Harmonious Twin Flame Union. For God is purging her rapidly of all her fear and separation consciousness. All her doubt is being erased, all her worries caressed away. Her ego is dissolved and she returns to the perfection of her Harmonious Twin Flame Union.



Is it enough that this is all God requires of her? Yes it is enough. Dissolving fear is all that is required. Dissolve fear and you may claim your birthright.



If you need some help, support, or just a wise soul to guide you in finding or keeping your True Twin Flame, Sama and our other trusted Twin Flame coaches are ready to assist you. They are offering free consultations to those who are serious about having their One True Love, and are ready to go all in for their love. Surrender your fears, click HERE and sign up to get your FREE consultation now.

WHERE HAS JESUS GONE? – What Does It Mean To Ascend?

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About 2,000 years ago Jesus Christ walked the planet.


He gave ministry, conducted miracles, took on disciples, was crucified, resurrected, and then he ascended. His apostles carried out his teaching and so became the Catholic Church and eventually Christianity as we see it and know it today.


His teachings and presence were and still are an unspeakably wonderful gift of epic proportions. But what happened to Jesus? Did he really resurrect himself, or was it a delusion of rabid followers of a man who was simply crucified and died, and who didn’t resurrect?


Consider the power required to build Christianity as a religion and spread it to what we know it as today. Could that have come from a lowly preacher repeating the words of those who came before him, or even an insane cult leader? The juice of the teaching cannot be based on control, for it would not uptake across the whole planet and continue to thrive after two thousand years. Only love can hold that kind of power so long after. Only a core of Truth can sustain for so long. And while every detail of Christianity today cannot possibly be of Jesus Christ, the core of the message and teaching is love, and that core remains.


I remember being a young boy when my biological mother developed cancer. We were part of a Catholic church community. I attended a Catholic elementary school. The community stepped in and paid for my schooling, provided us with a subscription to a meal delivery service, and gave emotional and spiritual support. There was real love there, and it definitely made the experience of having a mom with cancer easier.


But where did Jesus go if he ascended? Did he just dissolve? Did he fly away to a different planet? Is he in Heaven? Jesus did not leave us on Earth, he and his apostles remain here on Earth in the Heavenly plane of Earth, and he invites us to use his teaching to ascend ourselves to meet him where he lives. Even today he works diligently to assist us all in our ascension, our return to God.


But ascension to a Heavenly plane seems so woo-woo, so far out of reach for most of us. We don’t see Heavenly beings show up on our doorstep every day, most of us don’t know how to communicate with “the other side” although many of us have heard of psychics who can speak with the dead. There just seems to be a big block to stepping into a Heavenly world, someplace other than where we are right now, without a great big rocket ship and some hyper advanced technology millions of years beyond where we currently are.


Let me share with you a story of just one mystical experience I had today that will help reveal to you where Jesus is, and how you can join him where he lives. Jesus is a person, and he loves you very much. He isn’t a deity or God Himself, but he is a child of God just like you.


Today I was backing out of my driveway and saw out of the corner of my eye some people walking through my neighborhood wearing what looked to be traditional Muslim or another spiritual garb from a non-western religion. I was appreciating the diversity of my neighborhood as I backed out. One woman was wearing orange robes, a man was wearing all white with a white hat.


There was someone else with them, I could tell based upon their energy, but I didn’t see them. Then, for a passing moment, I noticed something beyond them. It was the perfectly poignant energy of my beloved soul family; Yogananda and Sri Yukteswar. It was amazing to me how exactly like the video I saw of them together on Earth they are.


They were so beautiful and loving, and so regal. Their energy smiled at me with open arms, like a beloved family member. Here they are, walking through my neighborhood, and it just felt so natural and appropriate.


I passed by some trees on my way out of my driveway and knew my moment had probably passed. My heart was filled with love and joy, there was no room for anything else but this love. I couldn’t see them in my rear view mirror anymore, try as I might, as I drove out to go do my business of my day.


I know there were real physical people walking down my street. I know they were probably my neighbors here in Farmington Hills, Michigan. I know that if I went up to them, they would have names and addresses and I could shake their hands. I am not insane.


I also know how I felt and exactly what I experienced through these people, in this moment. It was not the people, but the people God used as a canvas to shine through the experience of my soul family.


They were there, they were reaching out to tell me they were here to help me heal my separation from my true Divine home, and then the moment was over.


They live in the same Heavenly plane as Jesus, and there in that moment there was no separation, there was no illusion, there was no veil. I am not sure of the science which would explain this experience, perhaps quantum physics and extra dimensions are the right direction to go, but I can show you the spiritual explanation.


More than that I can show you how you can bridge this gap between Heaven and Earth so there is only Heaven on Earth, and a new Earth is transformed in the image of God and becomes Heaven.


My soul family really was there, connecting with me. It wasn’t a hallucination, I have experience with both hallucination and true, transcendental experience to know the difference. It wasn’t a delusion, but a real moment of oneness and perfection.


This moment, and all experiences like this have a cause. That cause is within me. Your cause is within you.


Many people know if they have been just coming into new spiritual concepts, or perhaps have experimented with heavy psychedelic drugs, there is another realm they can touch temporarily. They can feel the other world vibrating right here in front of them and can usually for a short period of time access that realm with ease. Perhaps they have many experiences, but they are truly only temporary.


Only the true spiritual master can not just experience that realm, but transcend into that realm and live there. Drugs will only bring you further away because they provide a lie that they are the gateway to Heaven, but they are only a gateway to more separation. Only God is the gateway, only love the gateway.


If you choose to walk with Jesus and meet him where he lives, you must choose to walk in and with love. You must choose to transform yourself in the image of love. You must choose love within yourself.


We teach the mirror exercise as a transcendentally transformative tool to easily be in love. It not only attracts your Twin Flame to you, it is the primary key to your ascension.


Learn the Mirror Exercise and so much more in our book “Twin Flames: Finding Your Ultimate Lover” Click to read the first 10 pages for free.



Twin Love & Blessings,





Join our weekly recorded classes of the most leading-edge Twin Flame information and step-by-step process of permanently entering your Harmonious Twin Flame Union for the first and last time

at Twin Flame Ascension School!


Jeff and Shaleia are true Twin Flames in Harmonious Union.  This is currently a very rare experience on this planet although their pioneering work in Twin Flames is changing this statistic.  In their Twin Flame Ascension School they are teaching the truth of Twin Flame Union as a direct Ascension Path to the Divine.  Committing to your Harmonious Union is in actuality committing to your spiritual path of Ascension by dissolving your ego and claiming your Divinity fully at the right side of the Divine.

They are authors of the beloved Twin Flame book: “Twin Flames: Finding Your Ultimate Lover,” on Amazon.  Jeff and Shaleia developed two ecourses to assist you into your harmonious Twin Flame Union: Their first 24 lesson course guarantees Harmonious Union is “Twin Flames: Dreams Coming True.”  Their 8 lesson course called “Twin Flames: Romance Attraction” teaches you how to develop true love within to increase your magnetism and beauty for manifesting and deepening your Twin Flame Union.  This course also guarantees your Harmonious Twin Flame Union.


“He reveals deep and hidden things; He knows what lies in darkness, and light dwells with Him.”

-Daniel 2:22

Somewhere Out There (Video + Lyrics)

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Somewhere Out There

A Song About Twin Flames


Somewhere out there beneath the pale moonlight
Someone’s thinking of me and loving me tonight
Somewhere out there someone’s saying a prayer
That we’ll find one another in that dream somewhere out there


And even though I know how very far apart we are
It helps to think we might be wishin’ on the same bright star
And when the night wind starts to sing a lonesome lullaby
It helps to think we’re sleeping underneath the same big sky


Somewhere out there, if love can see us through
Then we’ll be together somewhere out there
Out where dreams come true


And even though I know how very far apart we are
It helps to think we might be wishin’ on the same bright star
And when the night wind starts to sing a lonesome lullaby
It helps to think we’re sleeping underneath the same big sky


Somewhere out there, if love can see us through
Then we’ll be together somewhere out there
Out where dreams come true

Songwriters: James Horner / Cynthia Weil / Barry Mann
Somewhere Out There lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group