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Jeff and Shaleia

Can you separate after Harmonious Twin Flame Union?

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Harmonious Twin Flame Union is a significant spiritual achievement. It is a state of unity consciousness with your beloved Twin Flame, and it takes dedication and understanding of the Mirror Exercise to return to this state of oneness.

Harmonious Twin Flame Union is a door that very few people have walked through. So what does it look like on the other side of this door? Is it all rainbows and sunshine forever? Do you get a holiday from being triggered by your Twin Flame? And the most important question of all – can you still separate?

Is permanent Harmonious Twin Flame Union a thing?

When you ask, “does permanent Harmonious Twin Flame Union come to an end?” what you’re really asking is, “Does it exist at all, really?” And you are not alone in asking this question. Jeff and Shaleia’s students in Twin Flame Ascension School have debated over this question, after seeing other students come into permanent Harmonious Twin Flame Union and then appear to “fall out” of it.

If Harmonious Twin Flame Union is permanent, how could it apparently end for those students? Jeff and Shaleia confirmed that these students were with their true Twin Flames. Jeff and Shaleia also took their time bringing these students into Harmonious Twin Flame Union – the process was not rushed, but led in divine timing through surrender to God. The path that these students walked was in alignment with love, God and perfection. The students made the choice, and had the inherent knowingness, that was necessary for them to come into Harmonious Twin Flame Union.

It’s no wonder that people have felt their faith rattled when they witness such a divine spiritual process come to fruition, and then appear to fall apart. You might question the sincerity of those former students when they fall out of Harmonious Twin Flame Union, thinking, “The rest of us want this so bad, how could you let it go?”

Choice governs everything

Every student of Jeff and Shaleia’s has free will. Choice is the sovereign power in your reality. Even though Jeff and Shaleia can make the choice to bring a student into Harmonious Twin Flame Union, they cannot make the choice for the student to stay there. A student can choose to leave the place of Harmonious Twin Flame Union, but the place itself remains permanently.

Harmonious Twin Flame Union remains permanent after you’ve achieved it, even if you chose to leave it. It is the place from which you were created with your Twin Flame, so it is your natural state of being. When Jeff and Shaleia gently guide you back to this state of consciousness, they are essentially handing you the keys to your castle. You might choose to walk away from that castle, but the castle itself will always remain, waiting for you.

Is Harmonious Twin Flame Union easily broken?

Your Harmonious Twin Flame Union is not a fragile Ming vase. The Union between you and your Twin Flame is an indestructible tank, and it can survive any collision as long as you keep choosing love.

So many people think they can mess up the Twin Flame journey. You can’t destroy your Harmonious Twin Flame Union because you told your Twin Flame, “You look fat in that dress,” or because you didn’t come up with a great solution to their career problems.

You also don’t have to be “perfectly healed” to get into your Harmonious Twin Flame Union. No matter who you are or what “level” of healing you have achieved as you read this, Harmonious Twin Flame Union is possible for you. Right now. It doesn’t matter if you still can’t stand the sound of your uncle’s voice or you haven’t gotten over the way your dog died – you are still eligible for Harmonious Twin Flame Union, right as you are today.

If you read Jeff and Shaleia’s personal story in their book, Twin Flames: Finding Your Ultimate Lover, you will notice that they did not have their life completely “healed” when they achieved Harmonious Twin Flame Union either.

So…what makes people leave Harmonious Twin Flame Union?

The students who left their Harmonious Twin Flame Union, after having worked so hard to achieve it, all made one common choice: “Now I get to spiritually retire. I’m going to sit back, have a drink, and take a holiday from the Mirror Exercise.”

This attitude manifested in the students’ external actions. Giddy with their newfound status and sense of power, they tried to place themselves in a position of control and authority over other students. When you think other students must be dependent on you to progress spiritually, or when you start seeing other students as sources of cash, that is a sign that you are numbing out to the new blocks that have risen in your consciousness.

This is precisely what drove those students out of their Harmonious Twin Flame Union. They thought they had achieved the final stage of their growth, and now they were faultless leaders who had license to control other students.

Harmonious Twin Flame Union is not the culmination of your enlightenment journey, it is the first step. You need a certain level of mastery to attain Harmonious Twin Flame Union, and then you are responsible for gaining the level of mastery required to maintain your Harmonious Twin Flame Union.

Jeff and Shaleia do not leave you hanging when you achieve this state of consciousness, because you need support to get here. When they bring you into Harmonious Twin Flame Union, they give you all the tools and information you need to stay there.

But it’s up to you to decide to do the spiritual work. Jeff and Shaleia will weed you out as a weak student, as a leech on their teachings, if you depend on Jeff and Shaleia to keep you in Harmonious Twin Flame Union. That is choosing to be a child who needs to be breastfed, instead of being a spiritual adult. The only way you can keep Harmonious Twin Flame Union is if you make the choice by yourself.

Utilize the resources available to you. Not only can you learn as a member to Twin Flame Ascension Schooland by reading Twin Flames: Finding Your Ultimate Lover, but you can also sign up for Jeff and Shaleia’s eCourses.

All of this teaching material will guide you to your perfect Harmonious Twin Flame Union, but only if you keep making the choice to do your inner work. The work does not end for enlightened humans, it only goes deeper.

Claim Harmonious Twin Flame Union for yourself

Jeff and Shaleia’s movement is at the forefront of bringing Harmonious Twin Flame Union to the planet. Come join us. Come check out Twin Flame Ascension School, or start by ordering a FREE consultation with one of our expert coaches. The classes will gently tune your vibration to that of Harmonious Twin Flame Union, and you will find rewarding friendships that will help you through your deepest, most invisible points of numbness. Your Union deserves this level of support.

Transcribed by Samhita Chitturi from the video “CAN TWIN FLAMES SEPARATE AFTER ACHIEVING HARMONIOUS UNION??” by Jeff and Shaleia.

13 Twin Flame Signs: How to Know You’ve Found Your Twin Flame

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Have you spent hours pouring over your boyfriend’s astrology chart, or googling what it means when you and your partner finish each other’s sentences? Many people drive themselves crazy trying to understand, identify and categorize Twin Flame signs to figure out whether or not they have met their true, ultimate lover.

Most of the information available on the Internet about Twin Flame signs is unreliable, based on conjecture and the wrong priorities. Luckily, Jeff and Shaleia created this simple, comprehensive check list that will help you identify with complete confidence whether or not you have found your true Twin Flame.

Twin Flame artwork by one of our Twin Flame Ascension School students, Lienne.

Real Twin Flame Signs

Here are 13 signs that you have definitely fallen in love for the very last time. The Twin Flame signs on this list are based on Jeff and Shaleia’s personal experience as well as their direct conversations with the Divine.

1.      You’ve discussed all your deepest values honestly, and life has proven to you again and again that your partner matches up.

Shaleia can’t stress how important this first Twin Flame sign is. This is the first item on the list for a reason! Your core values must align. For example, if you think that politics is not a core value for you, yet you have political disagreements with your Twin Flame, get clear on what politics really means to you. Why do you care so much about politics? If you are a vegan and you are passionate about veganism, why? Maybe you desire to be healthy and compassionate. Your Twin Flame might also express this desire, without necessarily being a vegan. If it is a core value, then you and your Twin Flame will share it and you both will come to an agreement. Even if that core value is expressed in a small, “menial” way, your Twin Flame will agree with you there.

2.      You have discussed and intertwined your visions for your lives effectively because they match up perfectly and harmoniously. 

This level of compatibility can only be revealed after you have had meaningful interactions with the person who you think is your Twin Flame. This is how you truly prove whether or not this person is your Twin Flame or not, instead of his good looks or brown hair. You need to experience deep emotional intimacy with them to reveal them, and conversations are a good way to do this. Talk about your plans for the future and what you picture your life to be like. Let them share their plans with you too. Do your life visions line up and complement each other? This is one of the first things that Jeff and Shaleia did when they first started online dating. They asked each other where they saw themselves 5 or 10 years in the future. Why were they interested in doing the kind of work they saw themselves doing? There were certain parts of Jeff’s life vision that were not in Shaleia’s life vision, and vice versa, but there was no conflict at all. They enhanced each other’s dreams and plans.

3.      If they are who they appear to be, there could literally be no other for you. Literally.

You see what you want when you see their authentic, honest self. There is nobody else for you but them. This requires getting really honest with yourself and picturing yourself with this person 10 or 20 years in the future. Would you get bored with them? Would you feel completely satisfied with them? If you are with your Twin Flame, you’ll find their authentic self to be everything you ever desired.

4.      There have been many opportunities for them to reveal to you who they are, and they continuously reveal that they are your perfect complement, and never not your perfect complement. 

With Twin Flames, we are talking about a 100% perfect complement, not someone who complements you 99%. We cannot emphasize perfection enough here.  This is one of the revealing processes that Jeff and Shaleia went through when they were online dating. At the time, there was another man who was interested in Shaleia and he seemed to be her Twin Flame as well. But Shaleia followed her intuition about Jeff and chose to go deeper with him instead.

5.      Your spiritual path points directly to them, and never points you away from them overall. 

No matter where you go, the arrow will just keep pointing back at this person. This will especially happen when you do the Mirror Exercise to heal your upsets. When Jeff and Shaleia were online dating, there were times when Shaleia would get really angry at Jeff because he was triggering old traumas within her. Sometimes Shaleia would vow to herself, “I’m not going to talk to him for a week at least.” But it would never happen. Within 24 hours, Shaleia would get the sign to go back and talk to Jeff, and figure out how to heal the upset.

6.      You don’t fall in love with them, but remember the deep love you’ve always had for your Twin Flame. Your falling in love process is only a deepening and remembering, an uncovering and a leaping. 

This isn’t like a normal romance where you learn something about them and it’s super exciting. Instead, it’s an instant attraction. Shaleia didn’t fall in love with Jeff, she realized that she had always been in love with Jeff. And Jeff felt like he was just discovering who Shaleia really was, and he thought, “This is what I’ve been searching for my whole life.” Shaleia would think, “Oh my gosh, I remember this love. Wow, it feels really good!” Jeff and Shaleia revealed each other through deep, intimate conversations.

7.      When you make love it is perfect, and genuinely exactly what you needed deep down each time. 

There is never any one “stand out” sexual encounter with your Twin Flame. Every single time you make love, it will be exactly what you needed in that moment. This doesn’t mean you are constantly performing sexual gymnastics and you need to expect the sex to be so mind-blowing that your brain falls out. The sex is always perfect and healing for what you needed in that moment, whether that was slow intimacy or something quick and fun. Even if you have sexual blocks and traumas that you are working out, lovemaking with your Twin Flame is perfect for healing those blocks.

8.      Your life paths match up perfectly and easily when you genuinely choose to be together. 

As you heal blocks to your Life Purpose and keep choosing to be with your Twin Flame, the Universe conspires to get you what you want. It doesn’t matter if this happens “slowly” or “quickly”, because your desires will manifest in Divine timing as long as you keep doing the inner work. You will also find that you and your Twin Flame have had very similar life experiences and it’s as if you had been living parallel lives. Your Twin Flame was always there.

9.      You continue to choose your Twin Flame and you are genuinely unable to reveal them as anything but your true Twin Flame, because they are. 

Jeff and Shaleia were business-like when they were dating other people, because they knew they only wanted an ultimate lover. They kept going deeper with each person in a brisk, focused way until that person was revealed as the wrong match. As you get honest about your true, authentic inner self, you will perceive the world around you more clearly and your Twin Flame will also continually be revealed as their true self. Your Twin Flame will not wear masks and pretend to be whoever you want them to be.

10.  You naturally grow together, and you never stop growing together. 

You and your Twin Flame are one, so you grow naturally together as One. If you want to explore a passion or raise your vibration in some way, your Twin Flame will be right there with you. They are the only person who can “keep up” with you in every area of your life. Your spiritual growth always brings you closer together.

11.  You are best friends instantly, even if you don’t realize it yet. 

As soon as Jeff and Shaleia started talking, they were best friends. Jeff realized he could just talk to her about the deepest stuff right away, and it was great. He didn’t realize what it meant, he just thought she was a cool person. Around the time she met Jeff, Shaleia was really desiring emotional intimacy. When it felt appropriate to share some deep things about herself with Jeff, like her dreams and desires, he was wonderfully open and receptive. Shaleia loved that he was supportive and responded from his heart. She thought to herself, “Oh my God, this feels so good. I’ve been wanting to share myself with someone so badly, for so long.” This friendship will come together easily and naturally because you do not have to compromise who you are to share yourself with your Twin Flame. You don’t have to adapt yourself to whatever social norms you think your Twin Flame likes. You just have to be yourself. So be bold and say, “Well, this is me, and I’m not going to change because it’s who I am.”

12.  The love you share is amazing and the relationship is perfectly balanced.

You are meant to be cared for and supported just as you extend care and support to your Twin Flame. You are not with a helpless puppy and the love is not one-way. That wouldn’t be a real relationship. In a Twin Flame Union, you both relate to each other in a balanced, equal way. Even if it does not look like that on the surface, intuitively in your heart you’ll know that’s what is really going on.

13.  They mirror everything within you, and when you look honestly you understand that that is exactly what is happening. 

No matter what your argument looks like on the surface, if you look with your heart you will see that your upsets with your Twin Flame are always your own upsets with yourself being reflected back to you. You might argue that it’s them being a jackass and pissing you off, but you are scapegoating! You are the one who is pissing yourself off in that moment. You can sense the deep, spiritual purpose in these disagreements and feel compelled to work with them to find the truth of the situation.

What’s my Next Step?

How will you know if your lover meets the qualifications on this list? Keep doing the Mirror Exercise to uncover you blocks. As you go deeper into your healing, you can come back to this check list every now and then and you’ll notice that you check every single item off with your true Twin Flame.

If you find that your current partner doesn’t match anything on this check list, don’t worry. You are just revealing someone who cannot go deeper with you into Divine love. You can start calling in your true Twin Flame with the techniques explained in Jeff and Shaleia’s book, Twin Flames: Finding Your Ultimate Lover, or by subscribing to Twin Flame Ascension School. You can follow along as Jeff personally guides his live students into calling in their true Twin Flames and follow along in the process of coming into union with them!

Do you know who your Twin Flame is?

If you have been struggling to find your true Twin Flame, let us support you. You don’t have to puzzle through Twin Flame signs and heal these blocks alone. Give yourself the gift of a FREE consultation with one of our expert coaches. Our coaches are trained and vetted personally by Jeff and Shaleia. You can also check us out at the Twin Flames Universe Facebook group!

Transcribed by Samhita Chitturi from the video “13 SIGNS THEY ARE DEFINITELY YOUR TWIN FLAME: Comprehensive Checklist” by Jeff and Shaleia.

How Twin Flame Ascension Works

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Have you noticed karmic patterns getting erased as you watch classes in Twin Flame Ascension School, or as you do the Mirror Exercise? This is how you raise your vibration.

Jeff and Shaleia’s school is called Twin Flame Ascension School, not Twin Flame Union School, for a reason. Ascension, or achieving unity consciousness, is really the main topic in Jeff and Shaleia’s teachings.

You don’t learn spirituality by taking down careful notes or memorizing information. In high school you might have become used to cramming information into your brain, spitting it out on an exam, and promptly forgetting the material as you walk away with your grade. Real learning, however, happens when you create permanent shifts in the mind. This is how Jeff and Shaleia teach, by imparting the message of love to many levels of your consciousness. In each class, whether it is about Life Purpose or Twin Flame Ascension School, Jeff and Shaleia are taking you on a vibrational journey. Your blockages are removed as they repeat the message of love in each class, and the simple yet powerful repetition continues until the teaching is completely imparted into your consciousness.

What is Twin Flame Ascension?

Ascension has been happening since the beginning of “time”. Ascension can’t help but happen. Twin Flame ascension simply means the improvement of your condition, particularly the condition of your consciousness. As love enters where fear used to be, you will experience improvements in your physical reality and your inner sense of well-being.

Improving your consciousness doesn’t mean you have to go, “I traded all my time, my energy and my Good so that I could be rich. And now that I’m rich, I need to keep trading all those things to keep and maintain these riches.” That’s not actually an improvement of the human condition.

You don’t have to lose your freedom and bury your emotions, like dirt swept under the rug, to get wealth.

Twin Flame ascension requires cleaning up the dirt instead of sweeping it under the rug. A real shift in your mind is possible when you clean up and remove fears instead of burying them. This “clean up” is part of an ascension process that is happening globally. The sciences are a good example of this. When cutting-edge technology and miracle drugs come out that are able to genuinely dissolve a disease, this is a sign of humanity’s ascension.

What does Twin Flame ascension look like in your individual consciousness? It’s when your consciousness genuinely releases fears and therefore improves. It’s when you genuinely learn something new that dissolves an illusion you were clinging to, and now you get to experience new blessings. Twin Flame ascension is happening for you when you accurately recognize your Twin Flame and eventually come into Harmonious Union with them.

The Mirror Exercise heals your inner reality

The Twin Flame ascension process occurs like this. It starts with you, where you are now. As an individual, you are on some level experiencing separation from your Good. Let’s say you’re shivering in a cold house, under a blanket, and wishing you could turn the heat up. You’ve got to improve your consciousness enough to have the ability to heat your home – it could be through earning more money, or through inventing a technology to heat your home.

When you identify the problem, then you take responsibility. You figure out what the situation is reflecting back to you, and you resolve the inner emotional problems in your consciousness that created the situation. Then you know that this situation will not arise again. Boom! This part of your consciousness ascended.

That entire ascension process is achieved with a spiritual technique called the Mirror Exercise. You can read more about it in Jeff and Shaleia’s book, Twin Flames: Finding Your Ultimate Lover.

The ascension of human marriage

Twin Flame ascension is also an improvement in the condition of marriage in human consciousness. For years, humans have been marrying for co-dependent reasons. They might see a social advantage in a match, or a father might have been willing to trade a hundred cows for the prize of a powerful son-in-law.

After the transactional marriages that were arranged for money or social status, humans started learning to marry for love. At the lowest condition of this consciousness, love-based marriages were initially based on physical attraction and chemistry. Then, in the modern world, people began to learn about compatibility, matching values, and basic emotional management. Online dating sites sprang up that helped people filter their dates according to these values and preferences, while still leaving room for emotional connection. That represented an improvement in consciousness.

However, even in marriages made for love there is an element of trade and bargaining because the love wasn’t unconditional. Eventually, you will be dissatisfied in a marriage like this, because you were just settling.

Only with your Twin Flame can you continually raise your consciousness in a way that is in perfect alignment with your heart’s desires. You might not recognize this at first. You might say, “Okay, I get that this person is my perfect divine complement…but I really can’t stand this shit about them. They do these particular annoying things, and it’s just never going to work out between us.”

Well, you might have raised your consciousness to the level where you can recognize your Twin Flame, but the work isn’t done yet. The annoying triggers are reflecting places in your consciousness that still need to be healed and brought back to love. The only choice that holds you back from ascension is holding onto your fears. We call this resistance. Resistance doesn’t allow Divine love to carry you past these fears. The Mirror Exercise dissolve these illusions that block your Union. When any kind of fear comes up to be released, it is pointing you in the direction of what you actually want. You’ll notice the physical effects of your inner work occur without any extra external effort on your part.

Twin Flame ascension means miracles

Live students of Jeff and Shaleia are finding that as they heal aspects of their consciousness, their businesses, their health, and their family relationships are getting better and better, not just their Twin Flame journey. One student came to Jeff and Shaleia in a state of joblessness, trapped in a relationship for fifteen years with a person she didn’t even like, and the Mirror Exercise began to immediately raise her consciousness. She got out of the relationship and found a really lucrative job that fit her passions and allowed her to travel around the world. Meanwhile, her relationship with her Twin Flame also started to dramatically improve.

This process of ascending your consciousness reflects in every area of your life. Jeff and Shaleia have lived this example themselves. They started their business while living in the ghetto. Through healing fear from their consciousness, they moved into a really nice house in an upper-middle-class neighborhood, and were able to upgrade from a barely-safe car to a Porsche and a Corvette.

This is what it’s like to ascend your consciousness from Point Shit to Point Awesome, and it doesn’t end there. Your consciousness can continue to heal, and reach Point Really, Really Awesome. Twin Flame Ascension is truly limitless. There is no ceiling.

Twin Flame Ascension means every part of your reality can change, even the places where you have felt the most stuck. You might be willing to believe the Mirror Exercise works on certain parts of your life, but you might think, “Oh no, there is no spiritual technique that can help me with thisproblem. I’ve had this problem my whole life, and I identify with this story so deeply that I don’t think this problem will ever change.” Guess what? Even that can change.

This is not a magic pill. Magic pills don’t give real learning and real growth. If you commit to doing the inner work for the rest of your life, no matter how scary the fears get, then you will continue to raise the vibration of every part of your consciousness.

Let us support you

As you begin your Twin Flame ascension, you will receive healing in every area of your life as long as you keep releasing the fears in your consciousness with the Mirror Exercise.

Not sure if this is your thing? Check us out at the Twin Flames Universe Facebook group, and book yourself a FREE consultation with one of our expert coaches. Our coaches are trained and vetted personally by Jeff and Shaleia.

Transcribed by Samhita Chitturi from the video “TWIN FLAME ASCENSION SIGNS AND SYMPTOMS: Are You Waking Up??” by Jeff and Shaleia.

Twin Flame Friends vs. Jealous “Friends”

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What do you do if your friends are jealous of your Twin Flame Union? What are Twin Flame friends supposed to feel like?

This important topic has come up in our beloved Twin Flame community recently, and we know other people out there might have experienced it too. Many of us experience “friends” who get jealous of our divine Twin Flame Union and it can be very sad and stressful. Jeff and Shaleia have personally experienced jealous people fall away from their social and professional lives. True Twin Flame friends should support your Twin Flame Union and root for you, not want to take away what you have.

It can be really, really emotional and difficult to even recognize that your friends are jealous of your Twin Flame Union. These are your friends! You don’t want to think badly of them or suspect them of not supporting your success. You might also be used to this treatment in the past, and not realize that you deserve Twin Flame friends who want the best for you.

Discerning Twin Flame friends from jealous friends

Unsupportive, jealous friends can come in many different forms. Some of them might be single. Some of them might be married or in relationships. Some of them might be aware of their own Twin Flame, and some of them might not even fully believe in Twin Flames. Whatever their situation might be, they are witnessing and hearing about your divine, beautiful partnership with your true Twin Flame. They might witness the romantic, trusting interactions of your Union and the support your Twin Flame gives you.

And it might, quite frankly, piss them off and make them extremely jealous of you.

Think about what you deserve in a real friend. If you refuse to settle in your love life, should you settle in your friendships? A Twin Flame Union should be supported by Twin Flame friends. We call the true friends Twin Flame friends because they are friends to your Union.

What kind of “friend” would get pissed off and jealous about you being with your one true love and having a wonderful Union? A friend who is not really a friend. Someone you don’t want to keep around. Someone who is just not worth it.

How do you handle jealous friends?

Maybe they are simply confused about what it is you have. If they just don’t know what is happening, then you can sit down with them gently and have a conversation with them about it. Connect with your confused friend and explain this to them. You could gift them Jeff and Shaleia’s book, Twin Flames: Finding Your Ultimate Lover. You could tell them about the Romance Attraction e-Course so that they can begin to magnetize their own true ultimate lover into their lives, or the Dreams Coming True e-Course that gives them a gentle self-study option to bring them into their own Union. You can add them to our open forum and introduce them to our beautiful community. 

Show them that they can have what you have if they simply do the spiritual work that you have been doing, so there is no need for them to be jealous.

However, if they continue to wish you ill and reveal that they are jealous of you, they are not real Twin Flame friends. Friends do not try to separate you from your true Twin Flame and all of your Good. That’s not someone who you want to keep around.

Real Twin Flame friends don’t sabotage you

Remember that you deserve support. It takes courage, faith and trust to enter your Twin Flame Union. Subscribers to Twin Flame Ascension School can see the dedication and commitment to the Mirror Exercise that Jeff and Shaleia’s live students show. But this determined spiritual work ethic is not enough to get you into your Harmonious Union – you need the support, nurturing and encouragement of true Twin Flame friends to surround your Union.

When you are entering your Twin Flame Union, you really need all the backing you can get. It’s not an easy thing to tackle. Having your Harmonious Union is a group effort in many ways, so that you can have all the love and support you need to assist you in this achievement.

If you have a friend who is feeling jealous, it’s first really important to have compassion. Being compassionate doesn’t mean you let them shit on you, it simply means you understand that they are in pain. Understand that they deeply desire this love in their lives, but they are not quite sure how to get it. Understand that they don’t understand true gratitude. They don’t understand that they can use your Union as not just an example for their own love lives, but choosing to bless your Union knowing that they are blessing themselves. Blessing your Union would allow them to bless that desire in their own life. This is something Shaleia used to do all the time when she was single. When she would see couples in love, she would bless them and she would know in her heart, “That’s for me too.” She would never be jealous in those situations. Instead, she would take it as an opportunity to be grateful for the existence of real love in the world.

Maybe your friend is jealous because that’s what they want too, and they just don’t know how to describe or express that. Take their discomfort as an opportunity to open up to them and show them that they can have it too. But don’t feel guilty for setting boundaries either if that is appropriate. If it is really causing them a lot of pain, then it is better to create space and set a boundary in your friendship until they can come to terms with their emotions. You don’t need that negativity in your life. You don’t have to feel guilty for having your beautiful Twin Flame Union.

Don’t make excuses for jealous family members

This boundary-setting also extends to family members. It might be especially painful for you if members of your family are jealous of your happiness in your Twin Flame Union. People tend to see their family as their support network. Jeff and Shaleia personally experienced family members being unsupportive of their Union.

If you have relatives who are habitually abusive towards you, they will be thrown off guard when they see how strong and united you and your Twin Flame are together. Jeff and Shaleia’s family members were taken aback when they witnessed this in Jeff and Shaleia’s Union. It was as if they were thinking, “Holy shit, who is Jeff? Who is Shaleia? We can’t manipulate these guys anymore.” Separate, Jeff and Shaleia weren’t as strong. But united in Harmonious Union, the love they shared appeared threatening to the jealous, manipulative people who used to be in their lives.

Jeff and Shaleia set a boundary and decided not to share themselves with any friends or family who did not support their Union, and who did not share the same values as Jeff and Shaleia. They realized that, next to God, their Twin Flame Union was the most important thing in their lives. This is the appropriate way to prioritize your own spiritual life. If someone cannot support your Union, they cannot be in your life, period.

If you think that sounds like an extreme step, you don’t recognize how valuable you are. You don’t need to dramatically slam the door on a jealous friend, but you can create space in the friendship until they put their adult pants on and take responsibility for their lives and emotions, instead of trying to control you. Love means you set a boundary with individuals who are trying to sabotage your happiness and your Twin Flame Union. By placing these boundaries you protect your blessings and you only invite Good into your life. Boundaries allow you to invite these jealous friends to step it up and receive you in the new light of what you have achieved.

Connect with real Twin Flame friends!

Are you struggling and feeling alone on your Twin Flame journey? You can connect with other true seekers on the path of Twin Flame Ascension by joining our free online community on Facebook, the Twin Flames Universe Facebook group, where you can be inspired and uplifted by the people around you instead of leeched from. You will meet new friends who can hold space for you while you do the Mirror Exercise.

You can even get free professional support! At Twin Flames Universe we offer a FREE consultation with one of our expert coaches. Our coaches are trained and vetted personally by Jeff and Shaleia. They are your true Twin Flame friends, because they actually want you to win.

Transcribed by Samhita Chitturi from the video “MY FRIENDS ARE JEALOUS OF MY TWIN FLAME UNION: How To Heal The Gap” by Jeff and Shaleia.


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“The price of freedom is faith.”

-Jeff Divine


I know that being Divine Feminine in my Twin Flame Union in a predominately Divine Feminine industry, that the majority of people are going to be seeking and/or expecting the woman of the Union to be the one primarily teaching about Twin Flames, and how to heal separation from one’s own Twin Flame (usually from the Divine Masculine).  But what appears to be counter-intuitive is exactly the medicine the Divine Feminine of her Twin Flame Union needs: a Divine Masculine Twin Flame spiritual teacher demonstrating and teaching how to heal Twin Flame separation and enter permanent Harmonious Union.


The truth is, all Divine Feminines who are subscribed (or have yet to subscribe) to Twin Flame Ascension School have serious issues with their Divine Masculine complement, and in order to properly and effectively heal that separation, it’s important for them to learn from and be in the presence of a healed Divine Masculine Twin Flame who has his Harmonious Union and who can offer them the DM healing that they’ve never had or been exposed to.  Jeff offers up the reality of what Divine Feminine Twin Flames are seeking:  a truly conscious spiritual man (Divine Masculine) whose spiritual ascension path is his relationship with God and his relationship with his Twin Flame… and he doesn’t take your bullshit.


You know what I mean ladies!  You’re ALWAYS testing the strength of your man, and not his physical strength either but his emotional, spiritual, and psychological strength.  You desire your Twin Flame because you desire a man who can actually handle you because he’s designed to. ❤️


When I test Jeff’s strength and try to push him around, NOT ONCE has he cowered and “agreed” with me or ran away and hid from me (please see our video on Healing the Twin Flame Runner/Chaser Dynamic).  You might think you’re different from me, but you’re not.  You demand presence and strength in your man (Divine Masculine) but in-so-doing, your Twin Flame is also teaching you by loving you through not accepting your bullshit, and turning your attention back to doing the Mirror Exercise, and getting your love from God and not from anyone outside of you.  This is what you desire from your Twin Flame because you know it’s him loving you, and you actually feel much better and relaxed when he “puts you in your place” through loving and compassionate discipline.  Your Twin Flame is already doing this now in a sense so you can heal separation from them.


Jeff can handle you as his spiritual student (whether you’re the Divine Feminine or Divine Masculine) and all the ego and challenges you throw at him because he can handle me.  Any man I’ve dated from the past can all agree that I am not easy to handle.  Not only do I have a big energy that can bulldoze anything over, but I demand perfection in myself, my lover, and everywhere else in my reality.  That is why I am good at what I do of bringing Twin Flames together in Harmonious Union.  Jeff might be the one that speaks the most, but I primarily teach through my healing presence, through role-modeling my Divine Femininity in my Union, through holding space, and speaking only when God guides me.  And when I do speak, it is powerful and everyone listens intently.  With Jeff doing most of the speaking in class, I’m doing significant inner spiritual and emotional work so he can be more “external” and teach directly to students.  The few times in Twin Flame Ascension School where I was primarily speaking and teaching to the class, Jeff noticed how he automatically became “inner” in order to hold space for the teaching coming through me.


I had to significantly heal my father and Divine Masculine issues, especially surrounding (my) abandonment and spiritual unconsciousness, in order to be open enough in love to attract my Twin Flame.  I notice one of the main issues for the DF Twin Flame is that they try to control their DM to love them and give them attention, or have their emotional, sexual, and spiritual needs fulfilled by them (a sad but popular Twin Flame search is “when will the Divine Masculine come home??”), but Union is a spiritual love in nature and your DM is teaching you how to release control instead for unconditional love and acceptance, and go to your beloved Creator to get the love you need.  You can’t try and get love from your Twin Flame… it’ll never work.  You “get” love by opening up to receiving love from your beloved God/Creator who loves you more than you know.  You then grow that feeling of love inside you and this naturally attracts your Twin Flame to you (this is the opposite approach to getting a soul mate relationship and it’s guaranteed to work!).


Nobody in their right mind wants to feel like another’s happiness, love, and joy comes from them, that’s exhausting and it’s not your proper place.  Eventually, you will find yourself increasingly magnetic to your Twin Flame, and the Mirror Exercise work we teach in our book will have profound healing effects on both you and your Twin Flame because you share One Consciousness.  The spiritual and healing work you do is revealed in your Twin Flame’s auric field and overall consciousness that begins to shift their reality to open up to you.  A surprising benefit that exists in no other relationship in existence BUT your Twin Flame Union.  And so, Twin Flame separation is healed!


The benefit for Divine Masculines who are or will subscribe to Twin Flame Ascension School, is that they learn how to heal and claim their own Divine Masculinity by Jeff teaching and role-modeling what the energy of Divine Masculine is, and how this attracts their Divine Feminine complement, as well as receive the perspective and healing the Divine Feminines of the school bring to the table.  The same is true for Divine Feminines interacting and learning from all Divine Masculines in TFAS.  We all heal Twin Flame separation together as a community and as a collective.  Jeff has disciplined me many times in class and it is helpful, healing, and informative for all to see what partnership with one’s Twin Flame looks like, and how to know when you’re the student or the teacher of your Union in every moment you are connected or connecting with your Twin Flame.  It’s also very helpful and healing to see when Jeff is actively helping me with my spiritual work when I am visibly experiencing an upset in a class, or, when Jeff needs my nurturing love and support and I hold space for his healing.  The world needs to see what a successful and evolved Harmonious Twin Flame Union is and looks like.


Another reason why I’m mostly quiet in class has to do with my particular Soul Design (soul DNA).  In my Twin Flame Union I am designed to speak primarily to Jeff.  Forcing myself to go against my design feels very bad because I am a natural hermit that interacts with others only when I am guided, and I am created to mostly talk to my Twin Flame, while my Twin Flame is designed to speak directly to many people with a big spotlight on him (probably why his Sun sign is Aries).  Jeff loves when I talk to him and I talk to Jeff A LOT.  I have no issues being in the spotlight with Jeff and I am not an extreme introvert (technically I’m right in the middle of being an introvert/extrovert).  I’m just not designed to speak much to other people outside of my Union.  I have no desire to call a friend up on my phone and speak to them for hours or constantly text back and forth.  I was never great at doing that when I was in Twin Flame separation, and even less so now.


Most of my energy and focus goes into my Union which benefits the world because it enables Jeff to be his best and highest self in all of his life, and be supported for high-level service, not just being the primary teacher in TFAS but everywhere in our life and life purpose.  I love being the Twin Flame who is chiefly inner and allows her beloved to be more external because she does a lot of the inner work for her Union.  This isn’t to say that Jeff doesn’t do his spiritual inner work (he meditates all the time either actively or passively) or that I don’t do external work, because I do, but our balance is that he handles a lot of our external life and I handle a lot of our internal life.  Our design is perfectly complementary and balanced and so is your Twin Flame Union.  Maybe the design of your Union is very similar to ours, a little bit like ours, or none at all.  Either way, God created your Twin Flame Union perfect and I urge you now to embrace that perfection.


If you would like to begin your sacred Twin Flame journey or receive additional invaluable Twin Flame support then I highly suggest STARTING HERE with one of our coaches who can help you get started on your Twin Flame Ascension path.


Jeff and I deeply value and honor you and your Twin Flame Union journey.  We hope and are confident that you will come to see as we have: the value in choosing to support yourself and your Union by investing in the support systems that can and will nurture your permanent Harmonious Union.  One of my greatest realizations is that I can’t do it alone, nor do I desire to, because God is in charge of my support and the Divine always leads my choices so I can relax into receiving my desires.  I welcome you to claim this Truth and reality for yourself as well.  You’ll find yourself immensely and abundantly blessed as you experience and demonstrate what partnering with the Divine looks and feels like.



In Divine Love & Truth Always,







“You are already in Union.  All you are doing is releasing the illusion that you are not.”

-Shaleia Divine