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Twin Flame Information

The Twin Flame Friend-Zone: Can Twin Flames Just Be Friends?

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So you were friend-zoned by your Twin Flame. Is this really possible? Can Twin Flames just be friends and ignore the intense attraction and eternal romance between them? Jeff and Shaleia see this misconception flying around a lot in the wider Twin Flame community. The truth is that there is no such thing as a Twin Flame friend-zone.


Jeff knows he could never just be friends with Shaleia, and he doesn’t know how anyone could just be friends with their Twin Flame. You share the same Soul Blueprint and you have an eternal connection with your Twin Flame! That is not a recipe for the friend-zone.


Don’t worry, friendship is not the final stage on your Twin Flame journey. Read on to find out how friendship fits into the context of your Twin Flame Union, and why you can expect your Twin Flame to be your ultimate lover, not just a friend.


The Only Exception

There is only one case where this great, eternal love can be non-romantic, and this happens when there is a multiple Flame set. Most people on the planet though, like 99%, only have one Twin Flame, and that is their ultimate lover and partner. There is a rare exception when “Twin” Flames can come in a set of three or more. Jeff, Shaleia, and their third Twin Flame Grace are an example of this. Grace is Jeff and Shaleia’s daughter. 


There is a natural friendship that Shaleia experiences in both of her Unions, but the Union with Jeff is romantic while the Union with Grace is not. Multiple Flame sets can be larger than three, and in these Unions it is appropriate for some of the Twin Flames to be just friends. However, these are the very rare exceptions. You, dear reader, are unlikely to be one of these exceptions, so you don’t have to worry about this. 


Watch this video to find out more about Jeff, Shaleia and Grace’s unique Union. 


The Norm

For most people, you have one Twin Flame, and that person is your lover. You can never be in a Twin Flame friend-zone with this person because friendship could never encompass all that your Union was designed to be. Friendship is an aspect of a Twin Flame Union, not the entirety of it. Friendships are limited to just hanging out and doing friend stuff, and that’s it. Can you only do that in a Twin Flame Union and have the Union be complete? Absolutely not, because you and your Twin Flame are designed by God as lovers.


That means you two are designed as intimate, romantic complements and you two are designed to have sex. Not “friends with benefits” sex, but “I want to romance you forever” sex. In fact, having sex with anyone who is not your Twin Flame is essentially having sex with a brother or sister. 


Because of how you’re designed, unless you fall under one of the rare exceptions mentioned above, your Twin Flame is your ultimate lover, not just your friend. So if you think things are not working out between you two and that you’re definitely just going to be friends with this person, you’re either with the wrong person (someone who is not your Twin Flame) or you’re not perceiving the relationship accurately.


Friendship is a building block of Harmonious Twin Flame Union, not a destination.

There’s one caveat: your relationship with your ultimate lover is first built on friendship.


Your Twin Flame is first your teacher and your friend, and then your partner, and then your ultimate lover. This is the hierarchy that you follow when developing your Union with your Twin Flame (though this doesn’t mean you have to “take it slow” by any means. It’s very normal and natural for things to move quickly within your Twin Flame relationship because you are One and time is an illusion. When you are ready, you are ready). This hierarchy is a more accurate representation of the stages of your Twin Flame journey than the popular “runner/chaser dynamic” model, which is a complete myth. Jeff and Shaleia did not go through a “runner/chaser” phase and you don’t have to, either! For more information – click here. They did experience a period of separation, though, because of the thoughts and beliefs they were harboring at the time. When they finally met, they were friends first before they became lovers.




How do you get out of separation?

During her search for her ultimate lover Shaleia went to many psychics, and did many card readings, and to her dismay she got the same answer every time: that she did not have a Twin Flame. This made Shaleia really sad and she thought she would have to resign herself to a soulmate relationship. But, that psychic information came through only because Shaleia was holding thoughts of separation in her consciousness, and these thoughts were out of alignment with her Twin Flame Union.


Refusing to settle for less, Shaleia worked with her spiritual teacher to clear those thoughts that were out of alignment with her Good, and the spiritual tool Shaleia and her teacher used was the Mirror Exercise. In no time at all, she manifested her false Twin Flame, which was an important learning experience for her.


Eventually, the Mirror Exercise helped Shaleia manifest her true Twin Flame, Jeff. They established an immediate friendship, which deepened into a lasting, romantic Harmonious Union as Jeff and Shaleia continued to do their spiritual work. You can learn more about the Mirror Exercise in the book Twin Flames: Finding Your Ultimate Lover.


Remember, if you are experiencing mixed feelings about your ultimate lover and want to put them in the Twin Flame friend-zone, it just means you are holding thoughts that are out of alignment with your Union. When you resolve these outdated beliefs with the Mirror Exercise, you effortlessly vibrate to the frequency of your Union.


Cory and Topanga from the show Boy Meets World.


Get Yourself Out of the Twin Flame Friend-Zone

If you are experiencing being friend-zoned by your Twin Flame, don’t worry, you just have some blocks to clear! Your Union is inevitable. Check out our e-course Twin Flames: Romance Attraction or sign up for Twin Flame Ascension School today and watch other students move out of the friend-zone with their Twin Flames right before your eyes! Maximize your success by signing up for a FREE consultation with one of our expert coaches who were personally trained by Jeff and Shaleia. 


You are not alone, and you are loved!


Transcribed by Samhita Chitturi from the video “CAN TWIN FLAMES JUST BE FRIENDS?” by Jeff and Shaleia.

Twin Flame Numbing: When You Don’t Feel Your Feelings

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Why is it so important to feel your feelings to get into your Twin Flame Union? What is “Twin Flame numbing,” anyway? Learn what it means to “numb out,” and what you can do if this is happening in your life.


Twin Flame Numbing


To put it simply, numbing is when you can’t feel something within yourself. In order to be in Harmonious Twin Flame Union, you need to feel yourself completely at the Core. You need to acknowledge how you really feel.


Most of us on the planet have numbed out to how we really feel inside, and it usually starts in childhood. If a hypothetical child is told off for talking loudly and animatedly in a classroom, she might have misinterpreted her teacher’s reprimand, “Stop talking, this isn’t an appropriate time,” to mean, “Don’t share your gift, don’t shine your light, stuff it within and never bring it out again.” Then, this hypothetical child becomes angry and frustrated because she wants to express her gift, but now she made a choice not to, and so her rising anger numbs out the feeling of being blocked. As the anger builds, she doesn’t want to be angry anymore, so she becomes depressed. Then she decides that she doesn’t want to be depressed, so she puts a fake smile on her face. Do you recognize yourself somewhere in this story?


If so, you’re in good company. Most of us don’t realize this is happening, even though we all have this problem. Some are visibly struggling because they are numbed out to a huge degree. Others might look like normal, healthy, happy people, but even they are numbed out somewhere within. Jeff and Shaleia discuss numbing out and their potent spiritual technique for resolving it, the Mirror Exercise, in their book, Twin Flames: Finding Your Ultimate Lover.


The Mirror Exercise and Twin Flame Numbing

What makes numbing tricky is that you won’t feel the blocked emotion. You probably won’t even know it’s there! To begin benefiting from the Mirror Exercise, Jeff and Shaleia have a decree for you. Say this out loud from the center of your heart:


“I choose now to feel all my feelings. It is safe for me to feel my feelings.”


This begins the path of feeling. When you say this decree with the consent of your open heart, a healing will unfold.


Remember, you might not be aware that you are disconnected from your emotions, but your numbness will still be blocking you. That’s why the Mirror Exercise is so powerful. The Mirror Exercise helps you identify the places where you are numbed out. Even when you don’t feel the trauma that you are numbed out to, the Mirror Exercise lets you discover these hidden emotions by revealing what upsets you in your external reality. Then the Mirror Exercise takes you one step forward at a time into your perfect Good with your perfect Creator, and you will be able to identify those places within yourself that have become numbed out. Be willing to be really present and patient with yourself as you feel through these old wounds.



The Consequences of Twin Flame Numbing

It’s really hard to be in Union with God, yourself and your Twin Flame if you are numbed out. If you refuse to feel your feelings then your Union will disintegrate, because your Twin Flame will reflect the places within yourself that you are numbed out to. Numbness will just create havoc, discomfort, and upset, which does not lead to a sustainable Twin Flame Union. “Twin Flame numbing” ends and your Union thrives when you choose to feel those uncomfortable feelings. Give yourself permission to feel whatever comes up, and do not judge your emotions. Then these old emotions will be released and gone forever.

For example, Shaleia used to be one of those spiritual people who thought anger was “bad.” But when Shaleia realized that she felt very imbalanced, she gave herself permission to just be pissed off. Shaleia remembers spending up to a whole day just being really angry, and she noticed that releasing that anger felt really good. Releasing anger can feel like you’re sitting in an upset, but the emotion is coming up to flow out. This is different from wallowing in the anger, which can become self-perpetuating.


Emotional Management vs Twin Flame Numbing

As you enter Twin Flame Union, and even afterwards, it is important that you should be willing to let your Twin Flame go through whatever it is they need to go through. Be willing to have deep compassion and be present with them. Don’t attach to how they are acting in the moment. Only stay with the feelings you feel in your heart. If you are upset, you heal it for yourself. If you’re not upset about anything and your Twin Flame is ranting away, let them. That’s unconditional love. This is your Twin Flame here! You don’t need to set boundaries with them as you would with a soulmate. You don’t need to be hyperaware of the balance in your Twin Flame Union either, like cutting the check 50/50 as you would with a soulmate. That’s actually control, and that’s not necessary with your Ultimate Lover.

God created your Union perfectly, because God will only bring you your perfect Good. Your Twin Flame is also just one part of the grander journey of the Ascension process, which is you becoming One in Perfect Union with God. When you’re in Union with God, with your Good, and with your Twin Flame, there is no balancing act like there is in the old relationship blueprints. The dynamics of a Twin Flame Union are outlined in more detail in Jeff and Shaleia’s e-Courses.  


For example, Jeff and Shaleia don’t divide chores and tally up the work on a whiteboard. They tried it in the beginning, before they got into Harmonious Twin Flame Union, because they thought that was the way to keep a relationship balanced. But this created so much upset that they threw that idea out! They decided to divide household chores by just saying to each other, “If you feel moved to something, then please do it. If you don’t, it’s fine.”


When Jeff and Shaleia released control, they noticed that everything would get done perfectly and nobody felt taken advantage of. The control and balance of a Twin Flame Union is in God’s hands. When you give your Twin Flame Union to God, perfection returns back to you, always.


Partnership in a Twin Flame Union happens in Love, not control. One morning, for example, Shaleia asked Jeff to take care of their dog Charlie, because she needed to do some work. She did not say, “It’s your turn to take care of Charlie.” This was an instance of open communication, not of balancing chores. In a Union you will only do what you are called to do, and Love moves through you to communicate with your Twin Flame.


To experience this joy, perfection and peace in Twin Flame Union, it is worth it to connect to your “negative” emotions instead of numbing out.




Feel Your Feelings, Claim your Twin Flame!

Jeff and Shaleia’s movement is at the forefront of bringing Harmonious Twin Flame Union to the planet. Come join us. Check out Twin Flame Ascension School, or start by claiming a FREE consultation with one of our expert coaches. The classes will gently tune your vibration to that of Harmonious Twin Flame Union, and you will find rewarding friendships that will help you through your deepest, most invisible points of numbness. Your Twin Flame Union deserves this level of support.


Transcribed by Samhita Chitturi from the video “TWIN FLAME NUMBING!?? (is this happening to YOU?)” by Jeff and Shaleia.

The Mirror Exercise – Healing Twin Flame Blocks Easily

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“Life continues to improve the more I do this Mirror Exercise! ” – Catherine Gale


The Mirror Exercise is covered in depth in the book “Twin Flames: Finding your Ultimate Lover” by Jeff and Shaleia and is taught by them throughout their entire body of work as the most powerful spiritual tool for self transformation. It’s something that we use and teach to others for healing upsets with love and finding inner peace. It works, every time. In this post we provide an introduction to the Mirror Exercise as well as a great deal of reliable information about your Twin Flame journey.


The Mirror Exercise is based on the principle that our entire external reality is a reflection of our inner world. We are only ever experiencing whatever is within us. When we are upset about something outside of ourselves, it points to a place within us asking to be loved. It’s our own responsibility to heal our upsets, and the Mirror Exercise allows us to do just that. It works even if used just once, although diligent application of the tool is what truly brings lasting results.



How it Works

It consists of four steps, though the final step is the most important and if this step is skipped, the healing won’t be complete. The first three steps are about identifying the upset and bringing awareness to what is within us that is showing up to be healed. Whatever shows up in our external reality – not only something related to our Twin Flame – can be used for healing using the Mirror Exercise. If you’re new to this, it’s best to start out by writing down all the steps in a journal.


Step 1: Identify the upset using a concise sentence. For example: “I’m upset that my Twin Flame is ignoring me.”


Step 2: Invert all the pronouns to point to yourself. Continuing the example: “I’m upset that I am ignoring myself.”


Step 3: Ask yourself how this is true. The answer is always that it is true, since you are experiencing it in your reality. Example answer: “Yes, it’s true. I don’t acknowledge my feelings and ignore my own boundaries. I don’t feel like I am good enough to be loved so I ignore my needs and don’t nurture myself.”



Another example could be:

Step 1: “I’m sad and feeling abandoned by my mother because she doesn’t support me or my choices.”

Step 2: “I’m sad and feeling abandoned by myself because I don’t support myself or my choices.”

Step 3: “Yes, it’s true. I doubt myself and don’t feel confident in my ability to support myself financially. I second guess myself for every choice I make and criticise myself if I make a mistake.”


Step 4: Close your eyes and go within to meet the part of yourself that feels the upset. Allow yourself to feel the feeling and ask that part of yourself what (s)he needs to feel loved. Give that love (and whatever you need) to yourself and invite the part of yourself to merge with you. You should feel peace at this point. Using the examples above, the part of you might want a hug, to be acknowledged or appreciated, or seen. You might need reassurance and you can use affirmations of Truth to support yourself in the healing. Affirm the Truth that you are complete, whole and perfect, perfectly loved by God and your Twin.



Love Yourself in Step 4 Fully and Completely

We’ll cover step 4 a bit more in depth here. Visualization is a powerful way to do step 4 and if you’re new to the Mirror Exercise, you can visualize the part of yourself that is experiencing the upset as a younger version of you. Imagine the adult version of you as you are now approaching the teenage/child/baby version of you, and take notice if there is a specific scene, environment or memory that you are entering.


Ask the younger version of you to answer the question of what (s)he needs to feel loved right now, and then give that to him/her in the visualization. Don’t hold anything back! After you have satisfied the other you and all his/her needs, you can invite him/her into your heart space and have them melt into you, integrating this previously disowned, rejected or forgotten aspect of your consciousness.


This works because time is an illusion, and so whenever you are triggered or upset in the now, it’s because there is an aspect of yourself that is still hurting from a prior experience/trauma/thought/belief etc. This part of you has been crying out for love and attention for awhile, and now you are here to finally give them what they have been needing all along. For journalling this step, you can note down that you’ve completed the exercise, or write down your experience and what you gave yourself to meet your needs in that space.

“The Mirror Exercise is life changing. You heal from within and get to see as your outer world aligns with your truth. You no longer live in contrast but learn to be one with God. I am thankful for the mirror exercise and it truly works I highly recommend doing it and seeing this for yourself.” – Jessi Hersey


This exercise works powerfully when you fully satisfy the needs of the part of you experiencing the upset. You will know that it works when you experience peace. Sometimes a new feeling of upset might arise soon after or during the process, so just continue to ask yourself what you need to feel loved without judgement and continuously give that to yourself. If something you thought you healed before shows up again to be healed, just have patience with yourself and choose to feel your feelings and love yourself there again. Healing happens in layers. If you start to feel resistance or struggle to feel your feelings, affirm to yourself that you choose to feel your feelings. Need help with this process? Sign up to work with one of our trusted and highly skilled expert coaches


This tool is not meant to be used to control external circumstances and people, and definitely not your Twin Flame. Always surrender situations to God! Although many have experienced shifts in their relationships with their Twins directly after using the Mirror Exercise, the way that you know that it has worked is when you feel peace after working through your upsets. This tool is for healing yourself. It’s not designed for you to try to use your Twin Flame’s behavior in your external reality as a means to validate your healing!


“Before the Mirror Exercise, I was convinced I was just a victim of my circumstances. I had no idea that everything my Twin Flame was showing me could be resolved. I felt ignored and unseen and would try to control and force things and get nowhere. After purchasing and reading Jeff and Shaleia’s book Twin Flames: Finding Your Ultimate Lover, I immediately began doing the Mirror Exercise. At the time, my Twin Flame and I weren’t speaking due to a fight a couple weeks prior. Within days, my Twin Flame started contacting me. Within a week or so, I joined Twin Flame Ascension School and my Twin Flame and I were closer than ever! My life completely changed!” – Angie Moggy


Learn more about the Mirror Exercise and how to have your permanent harmonious union with your True Twin Flame in the book  “Twin Flames: Finding your Ultimate Lover” by Jeff and Shaleia and explore our Twin Flame Ascension School classes for Free – click here.


Written by Carina Viljoen with contributions from Fabian Scholz and Deanna Pierce, all proud and dedicated students of Jeff and Shaleia’s Twin Flame Ascension School.

12 Inspirational Twin Flame Movies!

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Great romance movies tell powerful love stories that can motivate and uplift you on your way to Union. Jeff and Shaleia have made a list of 12 beautiful Twin Flame movies that will help inspire you and serve as a reminder of the power, beauty, and strength of Twin Flame Union. (FYI, there are spoilers in some of the descriptions below).



1. Cinderella.

This is Jeff and Shaleia’s absolute favorite Twin Flame movie of all time. Cinderella and Prince Charming take a beautiful journey to find each other. They draw closer to Union as Cinderella claims her power, sets boundaries and stands up for herself. When she claims her values, she claims her prince. In a 2015 re-make of Cinderella, she says, “Be kind and have courage.” Her prince, called Kit in the 2015 re-make, demonstrates what it is like to live by that motto. Kindness and courage are core values for Kit and Cinderella as Twin Flames. Their dreams came true because they followed their heart and never settled. Do you want this for yourself, too? Try out our e-course Twin Flames: Dreams Coming True to help you on your way.


2. Spiderman

Like The Lion King, this Twin Flame movie is all about sharing purpose together. Spiderman brought Jeff to tears as a teenager. Peter Parker is fighting crime for Mary Jane. The purpose of his work in cleaning up the city is to make the city a wonderful place for Mary Jane. That is Peter’s real inspiration, even though the film doesn’t ever directly say it. For her part, Mary Jane drives Peter to do all of this, and she lovingly supports him in it.



3. Beauty and the Beast.

They look opposite on the outside, but in reality Belle and the Beast are perfect complements. Despite Beast’s wealth and power, he lives alone in his castle and doesn’t have love. The bookish, dreaming Belle feels isolated in her happy village. When they find each other, Belle re-awakens the love in Beast’s heart and they share their kingdom together.



4. Romeo and Juliet.

This is a timeless classic for a reason. Romeo and Juliet have deep love for each other even though they belong to rival clans, and they ultimately die together because Romeo made the choice to kill himself, so his Twin Flame Juliet also made the same choice to die. They literally couldn’t live without each other. (We do NOT promote this. There are much easier and less dramatic ways to be in your Twin Flame Union. Claim your Twin Flame now with our Twin Flames: Romance Attraction e-course)



5. Brokeback Mountain.

This is a great film for our LGBT Twin Flames! Twin Flames can absolutely be of the same sex (though there is always one Divine Masculine and one Divine Feminine Twin Flame. Watch this video for more information about this). Ennis and Jack keep coming back to each other even though both men end up marrying women. The passion and longing they feel for each other is Twin Flame love. It keeps bringing them back together. In fact, the most famous line from this movie is, “I wish I could quit you!”




6. Pride and Prejudice.

Elizabeth Bennet and Mr. Darcy take a lot of time to come into Union. From the very beginning there was tension between them because at first, Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy dismiss each other as romantic prospects. Elizabeth thinks Mr. Darcy is arrogant, and Mr. Darcy looks down on Elizabeth’s family and social status. That kind of prejudice is very common in Twin Flame Unions! But with the Mirror Exercise, you can heal this in a snap. 



7. Tarzan.

The Disney version of this story captures the Twin Flame energy between Tarzan and Jane really, really well. Although from the outside Jane and Tarzan look like they have nothing in common, they are perfect complements to each other. 



8. Aladdin.

Aladdin is the prince of the streets. He doesn’t outright say that, but it is obvious that he owns the streets. His Twin Flame Jasmine is princess of the kingdom, and when they come into Union they rule the kingdom together. They are perfect complements who bring out the power in each other. Before meeting Aladdin, Jasmine’s life was kind of dull and boring. She may have had all the wealth and power, but Aladdin was exciting. When they come together, they bring their talents with them, and bring out the hidden qualities in each other. For example, Aladdin was really wealthy all along even though he lived in poverty on the streets. In his heart, he was wealthy. And Jasmine was fun and exciting all along, but Aladdin had to bring that out in her. Aladdin and Jasmine freed each other by freeing themselves.



9. The Notebook.

This beloved adaptation of Nicholas Sparks’ novel introduces us to Allie and Noah, and their burning passion and desire for each other is unmistakable. Even when they try to separate and be with other people, it was too uncomfortable for them. Allie and Noah work through tensions and blocks to be together, and then at the end, they even choose to die together. That’s a Twin Flame love story right there. This film shows that Twin Flames make the same core choices, like when Noah builds the perfect house for them to share together even though they aren’t in communication at the time that he does this. 


10. The Matrix Trilogy.

Neo and Trinity are definitely Twin Flames! Their values align, they own their power, they have complementary energies, and they have the same mission and vision. They just resonate closely together. You couldn’t imagine Trinity with anyone else but Neo, or Neo with any woman but Trinity. Not to mention, this movie is about questioning your reality and all that you’ve known. This is how many people feel upon meeting their Twin Flame, as meeting them is a call to transcend all illusion.



11. The Lion King.

Simba leaves the kingdom after his father’s murder, and wants to find himself. Who came back to call him home, but his Twin Flame? Nala called Simba into his purpose and into his kingdom. Simba answers her call because Nala answers her own call to her own heart. Simba and Nala have a very strong purpose and mission together, as all Twin Flames do. In fact, embracing your life purpose is a powerful way you can call in your harmonious Twin Flame Union! Get started now with Life Purpose Class. 



12. The Little Mermaid.

Shaleia was obsessed with Ariel and Eric when she was between three and five years old, and she watched it every day. The Little Mermaid is a story about Twin Flames moving from separation into Union. The movie shows them moving through a communication block and their families supported them all the way along.


So if you have ever wondered, “How do I get more Twin Flame goodness?” look no further. These movies are absolutely premium examples of Twin Flame love. Hollywood and society are aware of this Twin Flame energy. When screenwriters decide to create a really beautiful love story, they create Twin Flame movies because everyone is privy to this consciousness.


Live your Love story

You can watch Twin Flame movies to motivate you whenever you want to tune into the vibration of romance. But, there is no need to be in separation from your Twin Flame and your perfect Disney love story! Begin healing your blocks with the Mirror Exercise technique found in Twin Flames: Finding Your Ultimate Lover, or by subscribing to Twin Flame Ascension School, where Jeff and Shaleia share leading edge teachings on Harmonious Twin Flame Union.


If you want to fast-track your healing process, check out the FREE 20 minute consultations we offer with our expert coaches, who have been personally trained by Jeff and Shaleia.


Transcribed by Samhita Chitturi from the video “12 TWIN FLAME MOVIES To INSPIRE YOU Into YOUR UNION” by Jeff and Shaleia.

How to Claim Your Harmonious Twin Flame Union

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Claiming your Harmonious Twin Flame Union is an essential step on your Twin Flame path. There are a lot of misconceptions surrounding the concept of “claiming” your Twin Flame (no, you don’t need to buy an ominous van and some spray paint to black out the windows). Enjoy this simple explanation and learn how to easily and joyfully claim your Harmonious Twin Flame Union.



What does it mean to “Claim”?

Claiming your Twin Flame does not mean you toss them in a big burlap sack and kidnap them. There is no force involved. If you win the lottery, don’t you have to claim your prize to receive it? In the same way, in order to receive your Harmonious Twin Flame Union you have to claim that vibration within yourself.  


When Jeff and Shaleia were dating online, there was definitely a moment when they claimed each other as each other’s boyfriend and girlfriend. They weren’t giving their power away. He simply chose her and she chose him, and in that choosing they had each other. That’s it. That’s all claiming is. It’s when you say, “I choose you and you choose me, and I will have you because you are mine.” It has to come from a place of love, like how a mother would claim her child, not from a mentality of fear or lack.


It doesn’t matter which Twin Flame is the first to claim the other. Remember, you are a Twin Flame Union and you are essentially one being having a relationship with itself between two unique souls.

From that perspective, claiming your good, your perfect Heaven on Earth and your Harmonious Twin Flame Union, is claiming what is rightfully yours. Your Twin Flame is your own Divine inheritance. Nobody can claim you if they are not your Twin Flame and nobody can claim your Twin Flame if they are not you.


If you think claiming your Twin Flame is bad, or you worry that someone else could claim your Twin Flame, it’s time to heal that thought of separation. Use the Mirror Exercise, as taught in Twin Flames: Finding Your Ultimate Lover, to remove this fear from your consciousness. Whatever you desire in life, you have to claim it for yourself. You don’t get a college degree by taking it, but by desiring it and then following through on the steps required to achieve it. Similarly, if you want your Harmonious Twin Flame Union then you claim it by choosing it, and commit to walking the path to have it. 



You are responsible for your Emotions

Don’t wait for your Twin Flame to claim you, just do it yourself instead of giving your power away. There is no gender role assignment here; the Divine Feminine Twin Flame can claim her Union without waiting for her Divine Masculine to do it. It’s your responsibility if the desire is in your heart, and this doesn’t just apply to the process of claiming.


This is how you will navigate your entire Harmonious Twin Flame Union. You will dissolve a lot of upsets between you and your Twin Flame with this 101 tip: stop thinking that they need to heal something instead of you! If an emotion or a desire is in your consciousness then it’s on you to deal with it. Shaleia won’t call up Jeff and say, “You know, you should do this thing because it needs to get done and I don’t really want to do it.” Jeff doesn’t heal upsets for Shaleia. She resolves upsets as they arise in her consciousness.


Your Twin Flame might do certain actions for you, like buying you flowers, but this isn’t the same as holding them responsible for your emotions and desires. You have to do your own spiritual work, and not expect them to change just because you are upset at something they are doing. This is part of evolving into a spiritual adult. Spiritual adults claim what they desire. They claim their perfect love life, they claim their wealth, they claim their good relationships, they claim their life purpose work, etc. They claim all of that so that they can have it, and they do that by making the choice.



Claim your Twin Flame Now!

You can choose to claim your Twin Flame and your Harmonious Twin Flame Union right now! Say:

“I now choose to claim my Harmonious Twin Flame Union now and forever. So be it. Amen.”


Then, take the inspired action that naturally follows from your choice. If you sincerely commit to your choice, you will see the incredible value in these eCourses , or in subscribing to Twin Flame Ascension School, where Jeff and Shaleia share leading edge teachings on Harmonious Twin Flame Union with their students.


Remember, when you make the choice to claim your Harmonious Twin Flame Union, you will be guided to work through all the inner blocks that arise. Just like a lottery winner has to work through issues such as filing specific taxes or learning about financial planning, and get the help of lawyers and portfolio managers, you can easily move through your blocks as you master the Mirror Exercise and call in your support.


Claim your FREE 20 minute consultation to speak with one of our coaches about joining Twin Flame Ascension School.


Transcribed by Samhita Chitturi from the video “CLAIMING YOUR HARMONIOUS TWIN FLAME UNION: A How-To Guide!” by Jeff and Shaleia.