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21 Twin Flame Signs: They’re Not Your Soul Mate!

21 Twin Flame Signs: They’re Not Your Soul Mate!

A Twin Flame is not a soul mate. A soul mate is someone you’ve known for lifetimes and perhaps been together with in a romantic sense. They’re vibrationally very close to you, but they’re not your perfect Divine Complement. You have the potential to have almost limitless soul mates, but you only have one Twin Flame (with extremely rare exceptions, based on how you were designed by God.)


Twin Flames, on the other hand, are very different. Your Twin Flame is your Ultimate Lover, your perfect Divine Complement, and your best friend in the whole Universe, eternally. You were designed for each other by God, and are two parts to one greater blueprint. While you are not one soul split into two halves, you are complementary parts to a greater blueprint. And yet, you’re complete and whole unto yourselves.


Here are 21 Twin Flame Signs to help you identify your Twin Flame, and not your soul mate.


1.  Meeting them you feel an ease, a comfort, a relaxation, and a simplicity to your connection. Conversations flow effortlessly and endlessly. You feel like they could probably easily turn into your best friend, almost immediately.


2.  You feel as if your connection must have picked up where it last left off, and you find it very easy to share your authentic self, and what you’re currently enjoying most about life.


3.  You share ALL the same core values. You discover that when you get really, really clear on what you desire and they desire, it’s exactly the same thing, essentially.


4.  You discover all your ideas and qualities complement each other PERFECTLY.


5.  As you continue to deepen your relationship with them, you can’t seem to get rid of them while remaining perfectly authentic within yourself. The deeper you go, the more authentic you are, the closer you get.


6.  As you choose love, intimacy, closeness, connection, and commitment, they choose the EXACT SAME THINGS! This is because you both choose together at the deepest inner level because you are ONE being together.


7.  Your vision for your life and their vision for their lives is perfectly complementary. You find it easy to put your visions together and share a life together.

8.  Whenever you work through an inner spiritual block, you notice they reap the rewards from your work too!


9.  You notice growth in your life as a result of their spiritual work.


10.  You’re both working through the same things spiritually at the same time.


11.  You can zig and zag together. When you’re diving into something very messy, you might notice they are not. They stay in a comfortable grounded place while you are doing the challenging work outside of your comfort zone. The opposite is also true.


12.  They satisfy literally ALL of the qualities of your perfect romantic partner, your best friend, and your life partner.


13.  Everything you desire to do with your life, they desire to do it with their life too.


14.  You feel happiest when you’re connected to them. You feel very unhappy when you choose to separate yourself from them.


15.  You notice how much alike you are in everything, even in small moments.


16.  You develop your own language and humor together with quirks you share, and only the two of you understand.


17.  You find it very easy to be around each other, especially when you’re wanting someone to be around you.


18.  There’s no one else you would rather share your life with, your time with, and your love with. They are yours and you are theirs!


19.  Whenever you are choosing ego, they reflect it back to you in different ways so you can deal with it and work through it yourself.


20.  Whenever you are choosing love, they reflect it back to you in different ways so you can expand your experience of love more easily.


21.  You find you share a purpose for existing together. You are together as One. You develop a mission together to express your purpose together.


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