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6 KEYS to Recognizing Your Twin Flame


“In Heaven, we will have a real body with a real voice – and we will recognize each others’ voice.” -Paul Enns


How do you recognize your Twin Flame when they finally come into your life? Is it a big Earth-shattering moment where the connection and knowing is absolutely undeniable?  What if they’re someone you don’t even expect?  We have all wondered this at some point when it comes to definitively knowing who our Twin Flame is.


Here are the six key steps to finding out if they really are your Twin Flame!


  1. Do they have the same deep inner values as you? Try asking them about their values in life. Do they match up with yours to a T? This is one SURE key to discovering if they are your true Twin Flame.

  1. Do they have a similar vision for their life as you, or does their vision for their life match up and harmonize with yours? If your visions fit, you can bet there is a strong possibility that this person is your true Twin Flame!

  1. Does this person feel familiar to you? If you feel deep into your heart, you will know that from the moment the two of you began communicating and connecting, you felt a deep sense of familiarity with this person. The familiarity can go deeper, and be even more kindred to your soul than any soul mate, and even your own parents! If you feel this person more closely and intimately than anyone else, this is a sure sign this could be your Twin Flame.

  1. Do you two “just click?” If there is something between you two that is an obvious, and connected knowing, you may be Twin Flames. You can talk about anything for hours, and continue to have more and more conversation flowing. Conversations and communication never ceases with your true Twin Flame, because the two of you are always evolving and unfolding together eternally.

  1. Do you feel like you could spend the rest of your life with this person, even if they are difficult for you? If you feel like you can see no end to your relationship with this person, it’s a strong sign that you are in Union with your Twin Flame, even if you just started talking!

  1. The surest, and most foolproof key to determining your true Twin Flame is this: When you feel deep into your heart center, when you connect to the innermost core of your Being, do you feel that this person is there with you? If you can answer “yes” to this question, then this person is absolutely your Twin Flame.


These keys will perfectly equip you to find your best friend, ultimate lover, and perfect lover: your Twin Flame.  If you are still not sure if you have met your Twin Flame we highly recommend tapping into our most popular reading, the Twin Flame Romance Report, where you can be guaranteed an answer as to whether you met your Twin Flame or not.  You can find the Romance Report (plus a free example) HERE. 




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