Join our growing community of healers who are pioneering the Twin Flame Ascension.

Join our growing community of healers who are pioneering the Twin Flame Ascension.

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Our Ascension Coach Training (ACT) program teaches you not only how to help others, but how to create a lasting and sustainable career. Each week you will participate in a group class with your designated mentor and learn how to:

  • Guide clients to deeper peace using the Mirror Exercise
  • Identify limiting beliefs and illusion-based thoughts within clients
  • Support clients in releasing fear-based core patterns and beliefs
  • Lead clients from a state of upset to a state of permanent peace in that place
  • Have effective sales conversations with real prospects

Once you have completed your training, you will be required to fulfill 10 total practice coaching sessions with your mentors and fellow members of the Twin Flames Universe community. Feedback from your mentors and practice clients will ensure that you have fully grounded the lessons of the ACT program into your work.

Why Ascension Coaching?

“There’s a big difference between an Ascension Coach and a Life Coach. Life Coaches focus on a short term goal. Ascension Coaches focus on eternal healing. Anything you heal and manifest in your life with the work taught in the Ascension Coach Training Program is eternal. You learn to raise your vibration and maintain it for eternity. You create Heaven on Earth for yourself and you share this process with your clients. It’s a high honor to be an Ascension Coach.”

-Breann Price, Head of ACT

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More About the Program

The Ascension Training Program is a two-phase course in which you learn and master the work of Twin Flames Universe in order to become an Ascension Coach. The program takes 13 weeks on average (this period can be shorter or longer depending on your personal advancement).

You will be invited to the Ascension Coach Training Forum and will learn about sales and prospecting. You will be given all the essential training resources needed to learn how to sell, prospect and build your Coaching business.

Once you graduate from the Ascension Coach Training Program, you will move into the Association of Ascension Coaches and will retain your CAC status permanently. New CACs will take an oath prior to certification.

To be an Active Certified Ascension Coach means you receive all of the support and benefits of the Association of Ascension Coaches, such as:

  • Free support from our outstanding team of leaders
  • Free weekly live video calls to help you sharpen your coaching and selling skills and take your business to the next level
  • Exclusive entrance to our AAC forum
  • Jeff and Shaleia’s personal endorsement

We highly recommend that Ascension Coaches receive weekly coaching sessions with a Certified Ascension Coach (CAC) or Master Certified Ascension Coach (MCAC).

Let us support you in becoming the great healer you truly are. Sign up for the ACT program today.

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