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Healing Your Childhood Trauma: The Path to Twin Flame Union

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Did you know that healing your childhood trauma clears the way to your Twin Flame Union? The wounded inner child is a big block to Twin Flame Union, and healing your childhood is a major victory! Jeff and Shaleia are not here to discuss all the mother wounds, father wounds, and other issues that make up childhood trauma, that would be an entire seminar by itself. Instead, Jeff and Shaleia are going to simply and easily show you the way to clear your childhood trauma 100% and be free forever.

You might be wondering, “How could someone make a claim like that? Is it really possible to clear your childhood trauma 100%?” You might be skeptical because this sound rare. Most people’s parents haven’t even cleared their childhood trauma, after all. But don’t underestimate the Mirror Exercise. It is a fast technique for healing even the deepest childhood trauma. Jeff and Shaleia’s students in Twin Flame Ascension School have had huge success with this healing technique, and have found that 100% healing truly is possible.

Healing childhood trauma with the Mirror Exercise

Here is the entire, easy 7-step process of the Mirror Exercise! You might want to grab your pendulum as you read this. Jeff found that being able to talk with God through a pendulum helped him find out what his childhood trauma was, and measure how much progress he was making as he healed.

1.       Get triggered. Find someone in your reality who is pissing you off. That person has to be the most annoying, most ridiculous jackass in your physical reality. That person could be your Twin Flame. They could also be a sister, a colleague, or just anyone you really despise. They have to be in your reality right now, not someone from your past who still brings up residual feelings of resentment. It has to be the one person in your reality right now who is bothering you the most. And if you insist that you’re not upset with anyone, then you’re either lying to yourself or you’re an ascended master. (Hint: you’re lying to yourself.)

2.       Write out the upset. Bust out your trusty notebook or notepad. You are going to write down what it is that is pissing you off about this person. Don’t just write, “I am upset with Rob because he is a jackass.” That is not enough. You have to get really clear and specific about what action Rob took that made you upset.  For example: “Rob called me irritating names and makes fun of me and spilled my coffee on my lap and I hate him and it made me feel sad, depressed, angry, upset and hurt.” That’s a pretty good, thorough statement about why you are upset with Rob and why Rob is a jerk. You don’t want to fill up a page with all the reasons why Rob is a jerk. Usually someone is going to upset you for one set of succinct reasons, which can all fit into one sentence.

3.       Switch the pronouns. Remember that sentence you wrote describing Rob’s actions? Now write out that whole sentence again, but switch out Rob’s name for your name, or the pronoun “I”. Turn the whole sentence around to point back at you. Now you can see that all the things Rob did to you, are actually things you did to yourself. Everyone outside of you is mirroring an aspect of you. If someone outside of you seems really irritating, they are just reflecting what you are doing to yourself or saying to yourself. When you are in your Twin Flame Union, you are going to have a lover who cares about you so much that they are willing to act as a mirror to the deepest parts of you. If someone cares about you and loves you, they don’t allow you to numb out.

4.       Is it true? Now read the second statement you wrote. There’s no need to get caught up in the specificity of the actions, like whether or not you actually spilled coffee in your lap. Instead, focus on the emotional trigger behind each action. Then ask yourself, “Is there any truth to this?” Could you be doing this to yourself inside, in some completely different set of circumstances? If you search within yourself deeply enough, you will eventually hear a reluctant “yes”, no matter how much resistance comes up.

This is the step where you take a great leap of faith inside of yourself. Ask the trigger where it is taking you, and then let it guide you. It will lead you to an image or a memory, whatever pops up, that is the wounded part of your childhood. Then you sit with it and breathe. You might let it go and come back tomorrow, and that is okay. Be gentle with yourself, because this is the hardest step in many ways. You are bridging the gap between what the universe is communicating to you and what you are doing inside. The universe is always reflecting your mind back to you, but it doesn’t communicate in English or in any direct language – it communicates almost like a dream. Let yourself learn how to communicate with the Universe and be gentle with yourself.

5.       Invite God’s help. Now it’s time to let God heal this upset part of your consciousness. Jeff likes to use a pendulum at this stage to communicate with God and ask questions about his upset. You do not need special psychic powers or lineage to communicate with God through a pendulum. God is always present, always patiently waiting for your attention. When Jeff uses a pendulum, he gets “yes” or “no” answers that act as confirmations. This helped him find the lost, hurt child within who had been figuratively spilling coffee on himself. Jeff always found that this child part of him had become disconnected out of fear. Since that experience of trauma, that part of his child self was hanging out in Fear Town, but now Jeff could heal it in an instant. The pendulum helped Jeff identify that part of himself.

6.       Give yourself love. You go within and speak to that frightened part of yourself. You don’t need the pendulum anymore, only your compassionate attention. You could start by greeting your wounded child in a friendly way. And gradually, the traumatized child self will talk back. Maybe it will say, “I have a problem. This person once bullied me.” And you talk back and say, “I won’t bully you. You’re safe here, nobody is going to hurt you.” You communicate with this wounded part of yourself with love and peace. As you beam love at that hurt child, you’re inviting that part of yourself back into your heart to integrate. If this child self is resisting the love, just keep beaming love at it until the resistance dissolves. Be patient with this frightened part of your inner child. You might feel the urge to give it a hug at this point, because this is a piece of you that has been separated for a long time.

7.       Integration. When this frightened child has been welcomed back into your heart, you can slowly open your eyes and rest in your new awareness. It might take a few days for this integration to be complete, but your work here is done. The last thing to remember is that old emotions will going to come up afterwards. You might experience pain or a headache or a cold. Just take loving care of yourself and take rest, because this discomfort is part of the integration. All the pain of that old trauma is coming up to the surface and clearing away. You might take a couple of days to clear this toxicity, and then you’re done forever. You’ll never experience this trauma again. When Jeff heals his trauma, he uses the pendulum again to ask God if he is completely finished with this trauma.

Childhood Trauma doesn’t make you a victim

As you can see in the steps of the Mirror Exercise, only you are responsible for your feelings, because only you are pissing yourself off. Rob, this person you just wrote about? He loves you. He loves you so much that he is willing to help you with your inner work. Don’t struggle with this awareness if it’s too much for you right now. If you really complete this process all the way to the end, you’ll end up feeling some serious gratitude for Rob anyway! And Rob won’t bother you again with this issue, ever!

Rob, or your Twin Flame, or whoever is bothering you, does not need to be involved in this healing process. Once they have triggered you, only you are responsible for finding the wounded part of your childhood that they are reflecting. Whenever Shaleia triggered Jeff, he did not involve her in his healing process – she had her own traumas to deal with, and she had done her job by triggering Jeff’s childhood trauma. Now it was up to Jeff to heal it. Every time Jeff completely healed the part of his childhood that an external person was reflecting, he found that he never had to deal with that person again.

Sometimes it can be hard to take this much responsibility for your pain. If it is a really big trauma, it might be hard to get through this because the pain seems so overwhelming. If you are struggling, don’t hesitate to call in the FREE support of a vetted TFU coach if that is what your inner self needs. You can also join us at Twin Flame Ascension School! Each class delivers a powerful vibrational healing, and by going deeper into Divine Love you will find your childhood trauma dissolving automatically.

Transcribed by Samhita Chitturi from the video “YOU CAN HEALYOUR CHILDHOOD TRAUMA (and clear the path to your Twin Flame)” by Jeff and Shaleia.

Quiz: Which God or Goddess are you?

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Why Aren’t You In Twin Flame Ascension School Yet?

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So you’ve been reading this blog. You’ve been scouring the Internet for scraps of trustworthy information about Twin Flames. You could save yourself a lot of time and energy by receiving the spiritual guidance Jeff and Shaleia provide at Twin Flame Ascension School, but you haven’t chosen to become a member of the school yet.

Today you are going to learn what the students at Twin Flame Ascension School know, that you don’t know yet. And it’s big! The truth is, you haven’t truly committed to your Harmonious Twin Flame Union if you’re not a student at Twin Flame Ascension School. And if you haven’t committed to Twin Flame Ascension School, there can only be a few reasons why.

5 Signs of Resistance Towards Twin Flame Ascension School

1.       You don’t believe Jeff and Shaleia have Harmonious Twin Flame Union. That’s a painful thought to hold. When Jesus resurrected himself from the dead, moved a big stone off the tomb and came back to his disciples, most of them were very excited. You can almost imagine them yelling, “Yay Jesus, I knew you could do it!”

But then Thomas stands in the corner, pouting and doubting. Jesus showed him the places where his body had been nailed to the cross, and then finally Doubting Thomas believed Jesus really had come back from death. Jesus says to him, “Thomas, it must have been so hard for you to not have known all this time that I was Jesus the Christ!” The same goes for you guys. It must be painful to doubt that Jeff and Shaleia have Harmonious Twin Flame Union.

2.       You believe someone else has a better offer than Jeff and Shaleia do. They don’t. Almost no one else on the planet has Harmonious Twin Flame Union. It’s extremely rare at this time! You could count the number of existing Harmonious Twin Flame Unions on one hand. If you could show Jeff and Shaleia a better offer than Twin Flame Ascension School, they would PayPal you $100 immediately.

They are willing to make a bet like that because there isn’t a better option out there. Jeff and Shaleia were the ones called to do this. If other Twin Flame teachers were genuinely called to share this work, then they would be working alongside Jeff and Shaleia towards the same end. Those who know that their life purpose is to be Twin Flame teachers followed their Divine guidance and enrolled at Twin Flame Ascension School. Many of Jeff and Shaleia’s students have gone on to become Twin Flame teachers in their own right, using the principles they learned at Twin Flame Ascension School.

3.       You don’t think Twin Flames are for you. That’s a really rough thought to hold in your consciousness. You must think that love is not for you. If you don’t believe in love, what drew you to this blog? What made you research the concept of Twin Flames? Deep down, your soul knows that God loves you and created every single person with their true Twin Flame.

Once you accept that your Twin Flame is for you, you’ll understand that Twin Flame Ascension School truly is the best way into Harmonious Twin Flame Union. Twin Flame Ascension School gives you the best support possible as you heal your inner blocks and traumas with the Mirror Exercise.

4.       You think Twin Flame Ascension School is too expensive. Here’s a secret: God is responsible for paying your bills. If you choose to move forward with Twin Flame Ascension School, God will provide the money. If God has shown you the way to your Harmonious Twin Flame Union, why wouldn’t God show you how to pay the bill?

None of Jeff and Shaleia’s students complain about the cost, and it’s not because they are all super rich. Some students work very, very hard to squeeze a little bit of money together so that they can pay for the classes. Jeff and Shaleia know this and appreciate their students for investing into themselves and their Unions.

There have been times when students at Twin Flame Ascension School have struggled with how to pay the bill for classes, and this became a valuable learning experience in surrender. God would not have brought you here all this way, only to say, “Sorry, you’ve got to stop now, make some money, and come back later.” No, that’s not what a loving God would do. Every time Jeff and Shaleia help a student make a new choice and surrender, the student suddenly comes into a lot more money.

One of Jeff and Shaleia’s students suddenly received a 5-figure sum of money, which allowed them to continue to be supported in Twin Flame Ascension School and their Twin Flame path. Another student was convinced he had to quit because he couldn’t afford another month of Twin Flame Ascension School – when he made a choice to stay at the school and surrendered how it would look like, he immediately received the money he needed. Money suddenly showed up in a bank account that the student knew was previously empty.

The moral of this story is whenever you are guided by the Divine, you are supported by the Divine. Your desire for Union with your Twin Flame will always receive Divine support: financially, emotionally, socially, and spiritually. God can always find a way to fulfill your desires, but it’s not up to you control the way God acts. Your only job is to remain open to receiving and take your guided action steps.

5.       You don’t believe that love is real, or that love is more powerful than fear. But if that were true, how could you exist? How could it be that the tree brings in sunlight and grows into wood, and you can chop the wood down to build a house? How could it be that there is enough air in every breath? There is too much evidence of harmony in the world for love not to be the basis of all of it. For love not to be more powerful than fear or chaos or disruption.

Only love is real. You know, at the core of your being, that this is true. You were created in love, so you always know deep down inside that love is the actual truth, not fear. Sit with this awareness in your heart. Eventually, you’re going to come to conflict and resolve it by making a new choice, and then you always end up with love. And you will know this invincible, uncontested love is the truth of your being.

If only love is real, then love never fails. Love has no competition and there is no opposition to love, that’s a lie of duality. The truth of your being is love, and your desire is calling you back to that place. The gravity of the being that you are is pulling you back into it.

If you are choosing separation, you are always fighting against your design or the gravity of your being. And all you’ve got to do is let go of control. When you release control, the gravity of your being will lead you back here, to Twin Flame Ascension School. So have trust. Have faith. Become part of a school where the students are on the same journey as you are. Be a part of a community where people are getting real, measurable results with their spiritual work. Be a part of the consciousness of Love coming to Earth.

Get a taste of Heaven on Earth

Still not convinced? Feel like you need to sample the offerings of the School before you make a decision? Jeff and Shaleia have made 3 free classes available on YouTube. These free classes are an authentic experience of the School and the vibration of Harmonious Union. You can also check out Jeff and Shaleia’s eCourses, which provide the same teachings.

You can also meet the community before you decide whether this is for you. Did you know the students at Twin Flame Ascension School also have a Facebook group? This is an extremely supportive, safe space where students not only get help from each other, but from Jeff and Shaleia as well. You’ll noticed that it’s very relieving to be around like-minded people who are on the same journey, and who share your values. You will find lifelong friends in the Twin Flame Ascension School community – perhaps even some who live in your town!

Jeff and Shaleia guarantee Harmonious Union as a result of following their teachings. The purpose of Twin Flame Ascension School is to bring you to your Harmonious Union. So come and check it out, and feel free to speak up if you have any questions. You can always get a FREE consultation with one of our vetted coaches (who are also students of the school!) before deciding if this is the right path for you.

Transcribed by Samhita Chitturi from the video “What TWINFLAME ASCENSION SCHOOL Students Know (that you don’t YET)” by Jeff and Shaleia.

How to Sweeten Arguments in Your Twin Flame Union

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Are you going through arguments in your Twin Flame Union? Maybe you and your beloved Twin Flame are loudly yelling at each other, or maybe you two are needling each other with passive-aggressive behavior and verbal jabs.

Every upset in your Twin Flame Union can be resolved with the Mirror Exercise. However, sometimes you also want to smoothen an argumentative situation before getting the space you need to do the Mirror Exercise on the upset.

What do Twin Flame arguments look like?

Here’s an example of what an argument between Twin Flames might look like.

One day Shaleia was running the InSinkErator to the garbage disposal for a good twenty seconds. Annoyed, Jeff said, “You know that’s a solid InSinkErator, right? You don’t need to run it for that long.” And however Jeff meant it, Shaleia took his comment to be slightly annoying. Shaleia snapped back at Jeff in a way that Jeff found equally annoying.

In a Twin Flame Union, each lover is equally capable of starting an argument. There are times when Shaleia says something that Jeff finds offensive, disrespectful or annoying, and he will throw it right back at her and annoy her in turn. Because Twin Flames are perfect mirrors for each other’s projections, these arguments can happen even if you did not mean to trigger your Twin Flame. However you meant it, your tone of voice or the words you use can be taken differently by your Twin Flame. You can learn more about projection in Jeff and Shaleia’s eCourses.

Nasty arguments don’t help a Twin Flame Union

While all arguments in a Twin Flame Union are ultimately beneficial if you choose to heal the upsets being mirrored to you, constantly snapping at each other or yelling at each other does not improve the dynamic between you two.

Jeff and Shaleia realized that even though they did the Mirror Exercise diligently, the constant arguments between them weren’t helping their romance. Jeff said, “This is making us deal with twice as much crap in our Twin Flame Union.” Jeff and Shaleia discussed their arguments and wondered how they could at least cut the amount of arguing in half, so that they weren’t continuously reflecting crap back at each other.

Don’t be reactive

When one person flings crap at another in a Twin Flame Union, it’s usually unintentional. Your Twin Flame is weighed down by too many unconscious triggers for them to handle in that moment, even if they are doing the Mirror Exercise.

Jeff and Shaleia came up with an idea of how to sweeten negativity in their Twin Flame Union. They realized that if one person brought awareness into the moment before getting reactive to a verbal jab, the argument could be nipped in the bud.

For example, let’s say Shaleia snapped at Jeff, “Why did you run the InSinkErator for so long?” This would trigger an upset within Jeff. If Jeff wanted to be reactive, he would throw the upset back at Shaleia and say something like, “Because I wanted to, why are you walking around in dirty feet?”

But that would only spiral their interaction into a nasty argument. Instead, Jeff could nip the argument in the bud by bringing awareness to the moment. Then he would say something like, “What you just said didn’t feel very good to me. Can you give your feedback to me in a way that feels more sugary and less salty?”

This would give Shaleia the opportunity to say, “Oh, I didn’t realize I threw something that felt like dirt to you,” or, “Oh, I realize I threw some dirt and I probably shouldn’t have done that.” This way you have an opportunity to make it right before the argument diminishes the Twin Flame Union, or sours the Twin Flame Union just a little bit. When you give your beloved the opportunity to sugar up their feedback, so that it doesn’t sound like criticism or a personal attack, you bring more harmony into your Twin Flame Union.

In this example, we can see how Jeff and Shaleia went from one person throwing dirt and the other person throwing dirt back, and then both of them feeling upset, to one person throwing dirt and the other one person bringing awareness to the moment gently. Bringing awareness to the moment calms down reactivity, and opens space for better communication.

When awareness is brought gently into an argument between Twin Flames, it is significantly better for the Twin Flame Union. It is more relaxing to communicate like this instead of throwing dirt back and forth all day.

Sweetening arguments makes the Mirror Exercise easier

Do you want your Twin Flame Union to give you more spiritual “homework” than you already have? Letting your arguments spiral into unconscious reactivity creates more and more tension in your Twin Flame Union. Those little sour, tense moments add up.

When a Twin Flame Union is riddled with snarky comments and snide remarks, you and your Twin Flame are going unconsciously hold on to more and more negativity. Even if you are aware of the need to do inner work, you might still be tempted to snap back at your Twin Flame. This is because you still think you can rid of negativity by expressing it back to your Twin Flame.

But you’re not actually providing any relief by saying something mean. You just feel a little bit relieved in the moment because you think got something off of your chest and the other person knows what a jerk she was. But if you told the other person she was a jerk to make yourself feel better in the moment, now she is going to carry that unconscious negative energy. And she is going to want to unconsciously get rid of it by throwing it back at you.

Just take a moment to find awareness in an argument. Stop each other and say, “Listen, it didn’t feel great for me to hear that from you. Can you communicate that to me in a different way that feels a little bit more like sugar and a little less like salt?” In this way we give the other person the opportunity to not throw dirt. We’re improving communication and we’re significantly cutting back on the negative tension that can go back and forth in a Twin Flame Union.

Claim your support

Are you finding that a lot of upsets are occurring in your Twin Flame Union? If you need someone to guide you through the Mirror Exercise, we offer FREE consultations. You’ll also find more support by joining our free Facebook group, and subscribing to Twin Flame Ascension School. Not only will you receive the teachings to bring you and your Twin Flame into Harmonious Twin Flame Union, but you’ll also meet other people who understand the unique dynamics of arguments between Twin Flames.

Transcribed by Samhita Chitturi from the video, “HOW TO SWEETEN ARGUEMENTS in Your Relationship (or Twin Flame Union)” by Jeff and Shaleia.

Can You Get Twin Flame Confirmations?

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You might have met an exciting new lover, and the synchronicities, telepathy and chemistry are blowing you away. “Could this be my Twin Flame?” you wonder. And after consulting your own tarot cards half a dozen times, you might get tempted to start buying psychic readings to get your Twin Flame confirmation from someone else.

This is a really fun topic, and a good subject to get educated on, especially if you’re new to spiritual communities and how spiritual information works. If you’re interested in getting psychic readings or you have before, Jeff and Shaleia are hoping to save you some grief here.

So…can someone else tell whether a certain person is your Twin Flame or not?

Back when Jeff and Shaleia were offering readings, this was the most frequently asked question they received. People always wanted Twin Flame confirmation so that they could decide about investing further into a relationship. It became such a common question that eventually Jeff and Shaleia built in an automatic Twin Flame confirmation component into one of their most popular reading offerings.

Only Divine Channels can give a Twin Flame Confirmation

There are a lot of psychics out there who will be eager to offer readings to you. They might swear that they can give you a Twin Flame confirmation and effectively determine whether you have met your true Twin Flame or not. Many of these people might be well-meaning and sincere, but that does not mean they are genuinely capable of giving you a Twin Flame confirmation.

The truth is that if you are not a Divine Channel, which is different from a psychic and different from just a regular channel, the possibility of making a mistake is extremely high. You cannot get reliable Twin Flame confirmations with simple psychic ability.

Jeff and Shaleia have had so many clients come to them over the years who said, “Well, 9 out of 10 psychics I’ve met in the last 6 months have said that this guy is my Twin Flame!” They were shocked and disappointed when Jeff and Shaleia pointed out that this person was, in fact, not their true Twin Flame.

Shaleia’s experience of a false Twin Flame Confirmation

Years ago, before Shaleia met Jeff, she naively trusted psychics and thought that it was possible to understand the Twin Flame vibration by psychic ability alone.

At the time, Shaleia lived in Sedona, Arizona. This city, a hot spot for spiritual seekers and practitioners, attracted many psychics – good psychics, powerful, accurate psychics. At a festival in Sedona, Shaleia met her false Twin Flame. Shaleia began to fall for this guy and thought he might be her Twin Flame. She decided that she wanted to move in with him.

Before moving in with this guy, Shaleia wanted to get a Twin Flame confirmation reading from a psychic in Sedona. The psychic did the reading for Shaleia and said, “Oh yeah, he’s your Twin Flame.”  Shaleia was beside herself with excitement when she heard this.

Four to six weeks later, Shaleia realized that living with this man was not at all what she had expected. There were big misalignments between them on basic core values, such as conscious communication. Their relationship got worse and worse as Shaleia did her inner healing work, and she didn’t understand why this happening. She thought, “Every time I’m choosing love, he’s choosing separation. What is going on here?” Her spiritual work, which included the Mirror Exercise, was only pushing this man further and further away from her instead of drawing him in closer.

Finally, confused and worried, Shaleia went for another psychic reading. This time the psychic said, “Oh no, this person is your false Twin Flame.” Shaleia was very unsettled to receive the exact opposite information in this reading. She felt betrayed and thought, “How can I trust you? I just went and moved in with this guy based on what you said, and this could have been really dangerous for me. His behavior became really bad, really fast.”

Shaleia realized, after going deeper into her own healing and clearing her own channel, that she needed to develop a much deeper relationship with God. And then she realized why the Sedona psychic had made a mistake. The psychic was only reading the current energy patterns between Shaleia and her false Twin Flame – and at that point, Shaleia’s energy and her false Twin Flame’s energy was synchronized and harmonized. From that perspective, it looked right. But that does not mean they were true Twin Flames.

Look at the core essence

Twin Flame confirmations cannot be made based on the current energy vibration between a couple. The current energy vibration is created based on the choices that the two people have made. Their choices might change constantly, and their choices might be based on fear, which will have an effect on their energetic alignment. No matter how powerful of a psychic you are, if you are only every reading the querent’s current energy vibration then you are not going to see the truth of Twin Flames. You have to be able to go deeper into the core essence and see the Divine soul blueprint of the querent.

This means, when doing a reading, you have to align completely to God instead of relying on the astral realm. You shouldn’t even rely on your psychic senses because even your psychic senses are actually very limited. You only get the true Twin Flame confirmation when you align with the heart of God and look at the querent through the eyes of God. By doing this, you are tapping into a higher Divine unconditional love. You surrender to God and ask God to show you the true Twin Flame confirmation.

Jeff and Shaleia, as Twin Flames in Harmonious Union, are able to tap into this core essence of each querent very easily. This is not because of their psychic abilities, but because of their efforts to clear their energy and surrender into becoming Divine Channels. This has become easier for them now because they are living the vibration of Harmonious Union and they are attuned to the Twin Flame frequency 24 hours a day.

You can become a Divine Channel too

Jeff and Shaleia’s students also begin to open their Divine Channeling abilities as they heal their blocks with the Mirror Exercise. In Twin Flame Ascension School, a student who had just come into Union was able to give a Twin Flame confirmation to another student, just because now she was living in the vibration of Twin Flame Union.

The student who was in her Twin Flame Union was not relying on her psychic abilities to give a Twin Flame confirmation to the other student. She was able to see the truth of the other student’s Twin Flame because she had healed her blocks using the Mirror Exercise, and she had improved her relationship with God in order to come into Union.

You can develop the same gifts as this student did. Apart from joining the School and doing the Mirror Exercise, the vibration of Harmonious Union is always present as well in Jeff and Shaleia’s eCourses.

There are some who might argue that we are not meant to see through the eyes of God, but that is just a very painful limiting thought to have. We are equal to Jesus, not beneath Jesus. It’s not just that Jesus was the Christ or just that Jeff and Shaleia are the Christ, you are also the Christ. As children of God, we are made in the image of God. To not claim your spot at the right hand of God is spiritual cowardice. You can believe that it is possible to see through the eyes of God when you claim your place as a Divine child of God. This is when your Divine Channeling abilities will start to open up.

In the Bible Jesus said, “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.” This doesn’t mean you only reach God through Jesus, it means you reach God through the Christ, which is the Christ Consciousness within all of us. This was the Consciousness that Jesus embodied perfectly.

You too can attain this level of Consciousness.

Join us!

The students in Twin Flame Ascension School are attaining Christ Consciousness rapidly as they continue to do the Mirror Exercise. This is the best place you can find to open up your abilities as a Divine Channel.

We are a thriving community of spiritual practitioners, dedicated to bringing Twin Flame Ascension to the planet. You can even get a FREE consultation with one of our vetted coaches before you decide whether or not you want to get started on your journey of Twin Flame Ascension.

Transcribed by Samhita Chitturi from the video “How Can Someone *CONFIRM* If You Met Your TWIN FLAME??” by Jeff and Shaleia.