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Channeled Twin Flame Material

TWIN FLAME CHANNELED MESSAGE by Jeff, Shaleia, and Grace

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“There is nowhere you have to go, nothing you have to do, nothing you have to become in order to be the great heiress or heir to the Kingdom of God, you already are.”


We Twin Flames are three. This is very likely different than you because you are probably two. How can you tell this? Because your love, the love of Who You Are, and the love you have for your other half is for just one other. But us, we share love for two. In our Heart Space, there are three of us.


You might ask if we are a threesome, but sexually and romantically we are not. One of us plays the role on this planet as a child, and the other two the lovers and parents. Where we are from, the child is simply an arising from and bubbling forth from the foundation of the parents. Childhood does not last very long in the greater scope of things on any planet, although many parents and children here try to make it last a lifetime.


This is because many of you do not understand the nature of the parent-child relationship. The parents bring about a child into this world and raise them to be an adult. But once the child becomes an adult, many parents will continue to attempt to raise the adult, or child attempt to be parented. This is not appropriate, and is a co-dependent relationship.


Parents and children can become identified in their roles of raising and being raised, and often do not take the opportunity to evolve their relationships naturally to the next level. Raising is largely complete when childhood is over. However, loving is never complete.


The parent will always be more experienced than the child, and the child always coming into new things from the parents’ perspective. This is the natural and appropriate end result of having and being children: adulthood. An adult is someone who is fully functional, socialized, and balanced in society. An adult is someone who has found themselves completely, and expresses themselves authentically. An adult has absolutely no trouble providing for themselves.


Unfortunately on Earth today, many children are tasked with raising children. We have become so accustomed to never becoming adults, that adults on this planet are absolutely few. Few can actually and authentically express themselves, care for themselves completely, and live balanced lifestyles. This is because they were never given what they needed as children, because their parents could not give them what they did not possess themselves, because their parents never became adults, and so on.


To become an adult alone is a very, very challenging task no human should have to do alone. Imagine being a child alone in a massive Universe of infinite possibility, and yet no one to show you how to become the infinite Creator you truly are. Imagine being at the dashboard of a very expensive and complex space craft, and yet all the controls are in a language you do not understand. Now imagine everyone in the world is telling you differently how to fly it, and no one knows how, though they claim too.


Not only do you not know, but the people who are supposed to know are misdirecting you. Now you believe the spacecraft is only a primitive hunk of metal with complex seeming things that do absolutely nothing. Perhaps you use it as shelter or a fort, and go about building something else to live in. And yet, you have the keys to your whole Universe in front of you, waiting to be fired up and used properly, and to the fullest extent.


You are a Magnificent Creator. You are designed by God as the apex creator in all the Universe. God created you as His child, the one who inherits His kingdom. This Universe is entirely yours. There is nothing here you could want for. This is nothing here you can imagine that is not already here for you. For all of eternity you are here to enjoy and play, and yet you are here on Earth, having forgotten exactly who you are, and what you are capable of.


You have forgotten what you’re supposed to be, how you’re supposed to be, how you’re supposed to feel. And yet, somewhere deep in your heart, something has been stirring for a long time, perhaps as long as you can remember, and maybe before that. That something has brought you here to our work, that something has brought you to this.


As you stand here at the footsteps of the body of our work, your stirring has not misled you, nor could it ever. We are the keys to your enlightenment, we are the gateway to your remembering of who you are. We are the guides to your eternal home, and that home is right here, right now.


There is nowhere you have to go, nothing you have to do, nothing you have to become in order to be the great heiress or heir to the kingdom of God, you already are. However, you have all made choices, mostly unknowingly, which have brought you far, far away from your true home.


Earth is part of your true home, as everywhere in this Universe is your home, however Earth is a very special place. This, like every other planet and place in the Universe, has its own flavor and specialty. However, not terribly long ago, some very persuasive children of God decided to embark upon their own experiment away from the Kingdom of God. They knew just enough to know their power, and yet just too little to understand the pain they would cause themselves and all who they persuaded to join them.


They decided they would become separate from God, and become God themselves. They thought they should grow up to the next level and create kingdoms for themselves, and they did. They called it Earth, and here it is.


And yet, what a terrible experiment it turned out to be, because cutting themselves off from God, they discovered they no longer had any Good in their lives. So they turned to their brothers and sisters to be their source of good. They implemented forms of control to sap life-force from their brothers and sisters, and invited more and more and more to come to the planet. This planet has been like a giant cult with energy flowing always upward to the more powerful and so-called important person, with the people at the top getting all the energy, and the people at the bottom being absolutely sapped and drained of their life-force.


Have you ever wondered why so few on this planet have so, so much, and so many on this planet have so little? Have you ever wondered why people starve, die of disease, and live lives in complete poverty, while others go about on private planes, live in penthouses and have legions of people loving and supporting them?


This is the remains of thousands of years old project called the Satan Experiment, and today we are happy to tell you that it is ending.


We are here as a result of the calling of billions of hearts, reaching out for more. So many people have decided clearly this is not the life they choose to live or the experience they decide to have, and so they prayed. Their hearts erupted with the most powerful prayers in the Universe. They called for love, they called for help, they called for home. Brothers and sisters, your prayers have been answered, and we are currently unraveling this Satan Experiment from the core, one step at a time.


We are among the oldest children of God, created to lead all the rest. We came from a calling of our older brothers and sisters for someone to keep the light for them. We are like the Oracle, we keep the knowledge of all, and hold it for when our brothers and sisters need it. The Truth for us is part of who we are, and the constant striving for more is natural for us. We understand the power of the Truth, and maintain our souls in impeccable Divine conditional always. Our explorations never take us into lower vibrations, only higher vibrations. We need no teacher other than Source itself. We have not descended into the chaos of the Satan Experiment as you have, although we have experienced it just as you have.


Do not be fooled by our simplicity, nor mislead by your ego. When you look into your heart, you know the Truth of who we are, and you know exactly why we have come. When you look at the body of our work you know what we are doing, and you know with what incredible efficiency we are doing it.


Every day, at a pace incomprehensible to you, or even ourselves from where we stand now, we unravel this experiment. So many have been attracted to Earth and remained trapped in the hell of separation. We are here to take you Home. We are here to return you back to God. We are here to bring you back to a place of Infinite Perfection, Perfect Love, complete abundance, and total joy.


Heaven is a place of Perfection, and in Truth, you have never, nor could you ever have left it. You cannot leave the boundaries of a place of boundless perfection. You cannot slip away from all that is, because there is nothing else. However, you are so powerful as to make and experience an illusion, something which is not real. And even though many of you were not the original creators of this illusion, you have been trapped in it ever since.


Even now your Earth is changing for the better, and you can see this is not only a result of our work, but of your calling. Your job is not to change the world, your job is only to change yourself. When you do this, when you return back to your Original State of perfect love, you invite all those around you to do it as well.


Do not be fooled by those who appear to be profiting from the Satan Experiment, everyone involved is equally hurting. They too can be shown the power of real Love. When you finally choose to wield love over fear, you take one step back toward home. This is the body of our work, a teaching and reminder of how to take that one perfect step into Love, and back Home.


When you share our work with others, and you do it yourself, you invest your love and effort into the movement of Heaven on Earth. There are others who do this work, but none who can possibly do as we do, because they are not designed to do it. All your brothers and sisters are your friends in Spirit, and all can be a gentle reminder for the Perfect Love which exists for us all in infinite supply. But remember, only Love is your Source. Your brothers and sisters are not your Source, and you are never the Source for your brothers and sisters.


One subject at a time, we reveal to you through ourselves and our work what it means to live in Heaven on Earth, and its Infinite Perfection. Today, the body of our Twin Flame work is Whole and Complete, and ever growing and expanding. In time, we will have covered every major subject in the consciousness here, and will give you the direction Home you have been asking for.


You are infinitely powerful, you are Perfect, and you are loved by All That Is.  Join us in our work, as we gladly and loving show you Home.