Vanity Fair has shown their true colors as cowards, criminals, charlatans, and biased propaganda-spewing sensationalists by silencing our voices on Instagram today, December 12th, 2020. Shown below is the Instagram post where Vanity Fair advertised its defamatory, extremely biased, and completely deluded hit piece. Twin Flames Universe and its community stood against the hatred and bigotry that Vanity Fair instigated.

After over 770 comments (by contrast, the Taylor Swift post published prior to it at this time sits at only 216 comments, Dolly Parton has 53 comments, and the Queen of England has 336 comments) Vanity Fair silenced our voices again by shutting off comments which deleted the entire thread of comments on the post about Shaleia and I and Twin Flames Universe. These comments were not hateful, angry, violent, or irrational, and of course if they were, you could be certain they would have been allowed to remain. These comments were rational, logical, factual, unbiased, compassionate, loving, explanatory, and the honest and authentic sharing of the experience from our students at Twin Flames Universe.

Screenshot taken 12/17/20 showing Vanity Fair turned off the commenting on their Instagram post featuring their article on Twin Flames Universe.

These comments from the Twin Flames Universe community members addressed the article AND the hatred in the comments, brought light onto the subject; the very light that Vanity Fair, VICE and the hate group they heavily referenced and lean upon for their defamatory hit pieces are afraid of.  These comments shared our perspective which has been silenced, diluted, twisted, manipulated, and warped in order to fit into a neat box of “they’re probably a cult,” because cult is a cultural hot button that sells right now and “subculture” journalists and major media outlets are looking to capitalize on this trend for views and clicks.

Vanity Fair and their co-conspirators have once again revealed themselves as cowards whose phony and worthless work cannot stand up to actual scrutiny or actual facts. They hide in their little wasteland of manipulation they call power and authority and spit garbage they believe will get clicks and reactions for money and attention. They thought they could marginalize us and control us. They thought we were just another YouTube influencer who just wants attention like they do, but they were very wrong. Unlike them, we want the truth.

We are not going to accept Vanity Fair’s religious persecution or its violent use of control to attempt to silence our voices and our experiences. Our story is ours to write, it is not owned by Vanity Fair to do what it wants to with it.

In a society of free speech and free press we must stand up for our rights to be heard. In an era of increasing superpowers who control the press and its message we must be allowed to share our voices. The voices of the people in society and not a homogenized version of it. Vanity Fair is attempting cultural genocide by silencing us.

Our side of the story must be heard, and Vanity Fair preferred to put us on equal footing with a violent hate group and compare us as equals. “You decide (because we can’t get away with overtly telling you what to think)” it seemed to say while quietly and clearly communicating, “Don’t worry, you don’t have to think for yourself. We will tell you what to think and we think they’re a cult.”

Our explosive response to this gross marginalization and sick conspiracy to silence our voices, our message, and our experiences does NOT validate Vanity Fair’s clear assertion that we are a cult made up of people who are deluded by a fantasy of believing in each having our own one true love that encourages obsessive and stalking behaviors. Instead, it validates our assessment that we are being marginalized, silenced, and consistently abused and harassed by a group of co-conspirators who want to use us to make money. It validates that we have an extremely valuable and important story to tell and that what we have is so meaningful, so compelling, so earth-shatteringly powerful, that an opposing system and corporations are pulling its levers of control in an attempt to silence us. Vanity Fair is just another one of those cowardly levers, enslaved by hate, controlled by fear, and damaging society in its wake.

The truth of our experiences is what set us free but they were not included in the article and they were purposefully silenced on Vanity Fair’s Instagram. Vanity Fair is a cowardly organization whose only purpose is to manipulate reality in order to sell magazines. It has no moral character and does not hold water when faced with the truth. Instead it cowers, covers up, hides, and lies. Very pathetic.

A fake account going by the name of “Sarah Peace” commented on our Twin Flames Universe Facebook page while getting involved in some of the trolling against us. “Sarah Peace” is someone who has deeper awareness of the inner workings of the media and its process. She stated, “VICE and Vanity Fair… both have legal departments that tracked everything about their reporters investigative process and required everyone involved to provide evidence that their statements were accurate.” Maybe this comment is Sarah Berman, the reporter at VICE Media lurking around in the shadows in an attempt to determine if her lies were yet upended. Don’t you worry, Sarah Berman, the truth always comes to light.

The reality is that their process was “fact checked” by insiders (Condé Nast – a global mass media company who owns Vanity Fair and Vogue – which is owned by Advance Publications) who were in no way independent. Instead of determining the actual truth of the overall message and individual statements made, their process determines whether they believe they can get away with what they are saying and the consequences of doing so. The purpose of these MSM (mainstream media) companies is to make a profit NOT to tell the truth. Their version of the truth is a twisted and warped-end product designed to make money and not get caught. It’s a cost-benefit analysis and money is at the center. NOT truth. Not reality. Not people and culture.

Vanity Fair used lies, deceit, manipulation, and back room corporate profiteering leverage to tell a story completely divorced from reality. Their removal of the comment section on the story they told about us proves it. They did this because they did not want the reader to see that their twisted fake hit piece was completely debunked by the actual experiences of the people they silenced in the comment section.

Furthermore, a dialogue between the hate group and Twin Flames Universe community members took place, with the haters sad agenda being completely squashed by facts, evidence, and reality. In short, Vanity Fair and the hate group it promoted looked stupid while Twin Flames Universe spoke the truth and Vanity Fair tried to cover the whole thing up.

But don’t worry, we documented the whole thing and have screenshots of the comment section because we didn’t trust Vanity Fair to be anything but duplicitous, cowardly, and afraid, like the meaningless media outlet they are. Wake up Vanity Fair! We will not be silenced!

The comments from Twin Flames Universe students on Vanity Fair’s Instagram post which have since been deleted.