Dear Reader,

Perfect romantic love.

What does your heart feel when you read these words? Can you feel your heart? Can you notice all the associated thoughts and feelings? Where are they coming from? What do they mean? Can you do something about it? Does perfect romantic love exist?

Jeff & Shaleia, 2020

We are Jeff and Shaleia, Twin Flames in Harmonious Union, co-founders of Twin Flames Universe, and recent subject to egregious defamation and conspiracy to destroy our reputation and spiritual teaching. We have been cult-shamed, abused, attacked, and put on blast in the mass media and internet for everything contained in the first paragraph. But what is so threatening about exploring the possibility of true love? What if your one true love wasn’t story tale fantasy but actual reality backed up by extensive scientific experimentation and facts, not fiction?

This is what we set out to achieve together and almost completely unintentionally. We studied the Law of Attraction, New Age spirituality, old school religion, self-help gurus, modern psychology, and anything else we could get our hands on to create our perfect reality. Our perfect reality, of course, was to be shared with the perfect person – and for us, this is our Twin Flame.

We stumbled upon one another by accident, and frankly, weren’t very interested in each other at first. He wanted a Swedish model, and she wanted a spiritual hunk, or so we thought. The perfect person isn’t skin and personality deep; they’re heart and soul, divine-essence deep. So while the outside didn’t match our original expectations, the inside was a symphony of perfection and after seven years and counting, has never done anything but grow in passion, intensity, satisfaction, and a deep and rich love and respect for one another. The sex is fantastic and gets better and better. The day-to-day life is wonderful and the dips and peaks and all-out turns of life find us over and over again moving in perfect sync, together in harmony.

Every choice we make, we make as individuals for our own individual joy, but that is the very thing that keeps us together. The freedom of our love is what makes our love sustainable because our Union sets us free.

This perfect relationship was something we both desired and actively worked on manifesting, but it was not what we expected. It was and still is far, far better than our wildest dreams of love, romance, and intimacy, and it keeps getting better. And you can have this too. We can show you how.

Jeff & Shaleia, 2014

Shaleia was the first to know about Twin Flames after extensive research on the subject of soulmates. She had hoped to attract hers but didn’t believe he was on the planet. All the sources of Twin Flame information at the time said it was difficult, extremely rare, and not many people had one. No one was offering a path to Harmonious Twin Flame Union (a phrase we later coined), and no one knew what they were talking about except to rehash what others were saying.

After an electric connection that catalyzed a spiritual awakening within us we began to grow and deepen instead of peak and then fizzle out. We both knew what we had found in one another was important. Shaleia had constant spontaneous visions of our auras melding into one person – two faces but one soul. Our spiritual teacher at the time channeled confirmation that we were Twin Flames and we felt the deep truth of it. But Jeff was still skeptical. He needed unequivocal proof after countless relationships that led nowhere, that this person was his one true love, his perfect divine complement, and the other half of his soul. Years later he has been and continues to be inundated with evidence and is a true believer in Twin Flames. It only gets sweeter too.

Twin Flames aren’t why Vanity Fair, VICE Media (twice!), Reddit, a vicious, bigot-filled hate group and others are calling us a cult. It’s the how you get there that has us on blast. How you get to perfect, spiritual, eternal romantic ends can only logically be achieved through spiritual means. It means you have to go within yourself. And this, reader, can be the most frightening place anyone could ever imagine going.

As professionals and experts in the field of introspection and self-inquiry, we can tell you exactly what you will find when you look within yourself. After having worked with thousands of clients and students, studying others who dedicated their lives to self-inquiry, and remaining in a constant state of self-inquiry and awareness, we can confidently tell you that you will only ultimately find two things when you look within yourself: guilt and appreciation.

Abraham-Hicks and many other spiritual and self-help sources teach that there are only two emotions: one feels good and one feels bad. The good feeling arises from love and the bad feeling arises from fear. The movie character Donnie Darko (2001) suggests, “You can’t just lump everything into these two categories and then just deny everything else.” However, what Mr. Darko isn’t aware of is that these two feelings are at the root of everything, rather than a gross homogenization of the human experience. These two feelings of fear and love, and good or bad, give rise to the entire spectrum of human emotion and experience.

Your reality is (unless you are an Ascended Master) a mixed bag of good and bad feelings, and probably experiences and feelings which are difficult to categorize so neatly. This does not, however, mean that the teaching is wrong, and this is where deep and careful introspection is the only way to determine whether the teaching is correct. Only by exploring the teaching deeply can you determine whether it is true and real.

Our teaching unequivocally results in each and every person who seriously undertakes the path coming into Harmonious Union with their true Twin Flame. It reveals a divine reality where God, the Divine, Source, Christ-Consciousness, Krishna, the Universe, or whatever name you like to call that Higher Power, is at the center of everything. God is a perfectly and completely loving Being who loves every single one of us, and created each one of us divinely perfect. God created each one of us also with a perfect divine complement, a Twin Flame; like the Yin and Yang, complete unto themselves, but whole only together as One. How else can each one of us explain the desire in our hearts for perfect love?

The Digital Era has given rise to sex and romance at the swipe of your finger. Computer algorithms compile our values and interests across huge pools of people to match us well on dating apps. The Women’s Liberation Movement has given women an opportunity for equal say in relationships and society. Yet divorce rates are climbing, marriage rates are falling, and young people are less interested in romantic relationships than ever. But deeper than the tumultuous surface of today’s cultural sentiments lies an ocean of everlasting peace within ourselves. This same ocean gives birth to desire, your true heart’s desire, arising from perfect love that you may reunite with your perfect love – your Twin Flame.

We each attract our reality by magnetizing it from within ourselves. You can say yes or you can say no to the opportunities of life. You can go out and create your reality for yourself but you are absolutely limited by the opportunities you can attract. That’s why it’s extremely difficult to become rich if you were born poor, or to be and feel respected if you were born into a life and reality where you were disrespected. You can’t do anything about where you landed, but you can do something about where you are headed, and you do that by looking within yourself and changing your thought system to attract a reality that will make you stupendously happy.

Looking within yourself can be scary because you will most certainly find things that you aren’t comfortable with. You will find things you don’t like, don’t feel good about, are guilty or ashamed of, hate, deny, would prefer to run from, are afraid of, and countless other extremely uncomfortable feelings. That’s why some ex-students of our work and two media journalists with their outlets found it much easier to conspire to destroy us rather than speak the truth about us and our work. They are afraid of what lies within them and would rather bury their deep feelings of self-hatred and project it onto us than use our teaching to resolve it within themselves.

With our tool, the Mirror Exercise, you can not only find those fear-based thought forms within yourself, but you can resolve them into the peace and love that creates a perfect reality for yourself. It’s not a tool to “make consent murkier” in order to manipulate and control people, as Vanity Fair has suggested, but a tool which empowers you to change yourself by dissolving fear and guilt with self-love and self-compassion.

The truth is in, and it has been in for years. Twin Flames Universe and our work is stupendously effective, gives rise to a loving and compassionate community, and was created by two loving and compassionate people who desire nothing more than to share with others the enormous peace and joy we have discovered. We desire you to have your Twin Flame in Harmonious Union forever, and your perfect life of love!

Countless students who have honestly engaged in our work have created deep peace and love in their lives. They have manifested significantly greater wealth for themselves, they have significantly improved their relationships, they have found much deeper love and appreciation of themselves, and many have manifested their true Twin Flame in Harmonious Union and got married or are currently engaged. That’s the power of our work and teaching.

So if you are ready to receive the solution to misery in life, and are willing to honestly look within yourself without attachment, and love yourself into a perfect life, come find us. Your perfect life awaits.