Denis Andra-Hidi

Denis-Andra Hidi is a Certified Ascension Coach and has been a dedicated student of Jeff and Shaleia for over two years, experiencing countless miracles and enormous healing in every area of his life due to their teaching. Because of Jeff and Shaleia’s work, he has discovered himself as the Divine Masculine Energy in his Twin Flame Union and found his true Twin Flame after an extensive false Twin Flame and false identity experience. Denis offers Ascension Coaching and channeled Twin Flame poetry.

Healing specializations: LGBTQ+, False Twin Flames, Biracial, Multicultural or International Unions, Chronic Diseases, Depression, Creative Expression & Art, Divine Self-Expression, Escapism

Language Fluencies: English, German.

Work With Denis:

60 Minute Session (English)
60 Minute Session (German)