Welcome to your gateway to Heaven.

You landed here because you are ready for a change in your Life. Jeff and Shaleia have mastered the Ascension Path through Twin Flames and Life Purpose and desire to share everything they know with you. Are you ready to begin?

Tired of separation and feeling hopeless on your Twin Flame Journey? We know what it’s like to feel the pain of separation. That’s why Jeff and Shaleia have carefully crafted several products designed to fully assist you on your Ascension journey. 

Not sure which products are perfect for you? Book a consultation and learn the secret to a Harmonious Life.

What to expect in a consultation:

  • Each consultation lasts 30 minutes
  • Consultations are held over video conference with one of our highly trusted and skilled Certified Ascension Coaches
  • You will be introduced to the Gold Standard of Twin Flames Universe: Twin Flame Ascension School and Life Purpose Class 

The consultation is also a time for you to explore whether you and your coach are a good fit for a fruitful and supportive coaching relationship. They are here to hold your hand and gracefully show you the way to your Harmonious Twin Flame Union and complete harmony with your true Life Purpose.  You will also have the option of receiving free introductory sessions with your coach upon completion of your Twin Flame Ascension School and/or Life Purpose Class purchase(s). 

Our Certified Ascension Coaches are ready to assist you!


Welcome! My name is Angie Moggy and I am a Master Certified Ascension Coach. I have been a direct student of Jeff and Shaleia’s for over 2 years now. I came to the work feeling lost and directionless and in a lot of upset because I could not move forward with my Twin Flame no matter what I did. No matter how much progress we made, we could not sustain it. I was very deep in separation consciousness. Separation from myself. This work helped me to work through my upsets using the Mirror Exercise and come to that place of peace. I was able to heal myself in places I had been ignoring for so long. All I did was apply the teachings in the classes of Twin Flame Ascension School and Life Purpose Class and completely turn my life around. This journey does not need to be painful, it can be fun and easy if you choose for it to be. I invite you to allow me to show you how you can manifest your Heaven on Earth now and find harmony in all areas of your life. It’s time.


I’m the CEO of Corporate Harmony Consulting Inc. and have designed HR training interventions for multinational corporations like Citibank and Top Telecom brands and now spearhead the revolutionary Purpose Alignment Program. I’m a Certified Ascension coach with TwinFlamesUniverse, a certified Reiki Healer, Access Bars practitioner and Health enthusiast, with over 8 years of experience in meditation and energy work. I’m deeply passionate about grounding spiritual concepts like Twin Flames and ascension into everyday reality. I believe spirituality is not a lifestyle choice for a few, rather it is the most efficient and logical way to live. I consider Jeff and Shaleia my true divine gurus and their work to be pathbreaking in spiritual healing. I’m also an Actor,Director,Playwright, Children’s book author and a Poet. My work can be seen on Netflix and Amazon and my films have won a lot of critical acclaim in festivals worldwide. This work has changed my life and I want YOU to change YOURS. Talk to me and I can show you how.


Come join us and get what is yours already: Your Harmonious Union with your beloved Twin Flame. As a Master Certified Ascension Coach who knows all the nooks and crannies of this challenging journey, I’m perfectly equipped to guide you in this very important and delicate phase of yours, straight into your Heaven on Earth. – Much love, Yvonne


I felt lost, as if my heart’s desire was always out of reach. While searching, I discovered my teachers, Jeff and Shaleia on the Internet. When I read their book and joined their School, my whole life changed. The Mirror Exercise they teach gave me surprising permanent results. I would love to introduce you to the School that changed my life, and answer any questions you have on your journey!

Twin Flame Ascension School and Life Purpose Class are designed to bring about the permanent end to separation with your beloved and complete alignment with your highest destiny. This is the total solution for your life that your heart has been calling for. Your coach is there to answer all of your questions and show you how to take your next steps in manifesting your perfect life. The way has been paved; all you must do is walk it.

Twin Flame Ascension School (TFAS) ​

TFAS is your way to everything you have ever dreamed of. Jeff and Shaleia have refined the methods of Twin Flame Ascension for years. As Twin Flames living in Harmonious Union, Jeff and Shaleia know the keys to success on your Twin Flame journey.

You will learn:

  • How to have a relationship with God
  • How to heal emotional trauma
  • How to achieve Harmonious Twin Flame Union
  • How to manifest your dreams

Nothing can get in the way of your Harmonious Union! TFAS will show you how to overcome any challenge and tackle any hurdle.

From the most advanced spiritual students, to those brand new to spirituality, relationships, love, and inner work, Jeff and Shaleia communicate in a simple, yet profound and powerful way that gets straight to the core of your heart.  

They will guide you all the way home to your core self, where you realize you are perfect love, perfectly loving, and perfectly lovable. You are deserving of all your Good, and attaining harmonious Union with your True Twin Flame dissolves the foundation of the painful illusion of separation from your Good.   

In other words, take the class and embody the teachings, and you’ll find a state of consciousness within yourself which creates your reality for you perfectly.

Classes are uploaded weekly with students you will come to know and love as you watch their Twin Flame journeys unfold.  

You’ll develop a relationship with each of the students, and with Jeff and Shaleia as love moves through them to share with you your specific message each week.

Life Purpose Class (LPC)

LPC is an epic education in mastery you can receive from Jeff and Shaleia, who are already living it. They didn’t start rich, free, or satisfied. They struggled through deep credit card debt, dead-end part-time, minimum wage jobs. They dealt with having no connections, almost no resources, and living in extreme poverty before they arrived to where they are today; rich, happy, and free. And they can teach you exactly how you can become rich, happy and free through Life Purpose Class.

Life Purpose Class, or LPC for short, is a 150+ hour class given over the course of 100+ sessions, designed to help you become rich, happy, and free in a way almost unheard of on the planet today. It truly is the next level in lifestyle reserved for those willing to learn the very well taught lessons by very seasoned and professional teachers demonstrating and sharing it with you.

LPC follows the stories of about a dozen students and the teachers, Jeff and Shaleia, who journey through the teachings of the class. You will watch class by class as the students and the teachers lives are transformed miraculously through the teachings, and if you follow along and apply what you learn in the classes, your life will absolutely transform too.

You don’t have to be business savvy, you don’t have to sell anything, and you don’t have to do ANYTHING you don’t want to do to achieve this for yourself. The formula is simple, clear, and straightforward and produces amazing results every single time for every single person. We absolutely and sincerely guarantee your life will transform from this teaching. We know it will because it always does, every time, with every person, because the information is absolutely real.

LPC teaches you how to find within yourself what you love to do most, and then it shows you how you can easily capitalize on that love to create the most profitable career you can possibly pursue.  It doesn’t matter how much money you made before.

While you can be very good at something and have invested a lot of time, energy, money, love, and resources into becoming very good at it, it still is NEVER going to be as profitable, fun, easy, effortless, fulfilling and powerful for you as you doing what you absolutely love most in your heart.

Life Purpose Class will teach you how to discover this, and show you the way to turning this into the most juicy, delightful, wonderful, amazing, and purpose-filled adventure of your life.  You will be able to do the following and so, so much more:

  • Quit the job, career, or business you dislike.
  • Afford EVERYTHING you desire (and WAY, WAY, WAY more!)
  • Live a life free of financial, emotional, energetic, social, and time limitations.
  • Do everything you desired to do in life (check off everything on your bucket list.)
  • Enjoy the most rich, happy, fulfilling life you possibly can.

Love is the real teacher, and you’ll come to find that even though classes are recorded, you are treated with limitless personal attention and consideration by your Creator through this class.

In addition to recorded classes, we maintain a facebook group where open discussion of classes takes place.  

The group is cared for intensely by Jeff and Shaleia and their students. You will find a safe and loving place to open up, share, and discuss your Twin Flame journey, and connect with others on theirs. Joining the group is absolutely free. CLICK HERE TO JOIN THE FACEBOOK GROUP.

Yes, all you need to do is choose love and move forward into your loving choices. Yes, all is handled for you by God. And yes, Jeff and Shaleia are lovingly guiding you in the fastest, most direct, and most compassionate way possible.

Manifesting your Twin Flame and True Life Purpose is easy. Coming into Harmonious Union is simple. Join Jeff, Shaleia, and their beloved students in Twin Flame Ascension School and Life Purpose Class. It will be the best decision you have ever made in your life.