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How Do I Know If They Really ARE My Twin Flame?



“Twin Flames recognize each other by the way they feel, not by the way they look.”


Your Twin Flame is easy for you to recognize, though many of you are believing it is difficult, or that you have many different Twin Flames.


The Truth is, most of you have only one Twin Flame. According to God, only 3% of the people on this planet are not currently incarnated here with their Twin Flame. That means, 97% of the people on the planet have a Twin Flame. How can you know that you have a Twin Flame here on this planet with you now? Because you are watching this video.


You are reading this article because some part of you longs for your Twin Flame, some part of you deeply desires to be with your Twin Flame. So why not simply accept the fact that you have a Twin Flame first? This is easy because everyone of God’s Children is created with a Twin Flame, just decree “I have a Twin Flame and I desire to be with them in this lifetime.”


That part is easy, and so is the next part: recognizing who your Twin Flame really is.

Your true Twin Flame is impossible to miss, because you will never be able to pass this person up while you are choosing your Twin Flame. It won’t matter how uncomfortable your Union has become, recognizing your true Twin Flame is a walk in the park.

Here are three easy steps to determining whether he or she is your true Twin Flame, or just another person you have come across in your wonderful eternal journey.


  1. You will have an irresistible desire to love them. You cannot possibly stop loving them, even if you were to leave them completely.

  2. You CAN imagine yourself without them. You don’t need them, and you never will. However, you will always desire to be with them anyway.

  3. You can never imagine not knowing them. You will always be aware of them in some small way, even if you are not together. Old lovers can come to pass completely from your life eventually, but your Twin Flame will never come to pass.


Pay attention to this next part before you move on to the rest of this article, because this is the most important part:


If you want to misinterpret these signs in order to manufacture a false Twin Flame in your experience, you will do so anyway. Your mind will make up illusions so that you can continue to believe something which is not True. This article will not help you, nor will any amount of Truth until you are willing to see the Truth.


In order to get the most from this information, repeat to yourself the following decree until you have finished with it, and perhaps you may desire to work with this decree for several days:

“I am willing to see the Truth of my Twin Flame Union.”


If you do need extra assistance in recognizing who your true Twin Flame is, then we highly recommend investing into your Twin Flame Union through either a Twin Flame Romance Report or reading our book: “Twin Flames: Finding Your Ultimate Lover.”


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