I understand you.

I was just like you once, suffering from separation…

That was before I achieved Harmonious Union with my Twin Flame. My one and only. My person. My forever eternal love. My love life and my whole life was a nightmare without him. I went through relationship after relationship feeling lost and helpless, confused, and scared thinking I would always be alone.

I could never seem to make it work no matter how hard I tried and no matter what I did. I wasn’t happy staying in these broken relationships with these men who just weren’t right for me. I wondered if there was something wrong with me. I thought maybe I was broken inside because I just couldn’t find my man… I tried so many things. I bought and studied so much material on relationships, spirituality, Twin Flames. I… even tried some love spells. They don’t work. Don’t bother. Really.

I felt so sick, so hopeless, so lonely, so hurt, so abandoned by love. Nothing worked! Until something did...

And now I’m with him, my perfect man. He’s just so, so good. I treasure every moment of our dream life together and it just keeps getting better. We’re married, we live in a gorgeous home (that we own) it’s absolutely perfect for us. We go on fabulous vacations together, we live life on Purpose together, we’re making a difference in the world, we’re creating money together, and we’re absolutely bat-shit crazy, head over heels, high school crush, romance novel sex, goo-goo baby I’m crazy in love with you. I’m not even ashamed to say it! In fact, I’m proud of it.

I know what you’re thinking though… it’s probably not going to happen to me. I’m probably never going to find my person or patch things up or move mountains. He (or she) is married to someone else, they’ve blocked me, he just doesn’t see me like that… “Twin Flames” is just an impossibly deluded fantasy that keeps us browsing the internet helplessly looking for answers. Endlessly.

True love just doesn’t happen to most people unless you’re lucky, or rich, or popular, or one of those beautiful people on Instagram. He’s just not ever going to be into you the way you want him to and he’s just not ever going to wake up and desire you…. Right?


His (or her) love for you *is actually controllable.* Literally. You can actually make magic happen if you understand where the magic comes from, and then you won’t have to move the mountains. They’re going to move all on their own for you, and I can show you how.

You won’t have to make him love you, he’s going to love you all on his own. You won’t have to control serendipity, (I’m talking to you who be texting him at 11:11 on purpose!!!) serendipity is going to happen all by itself for you because you know how to wield it like a goddess of love and romance!!! I will show you how.

I know because I was where you are but now I am where I am. I have my man, my forever person now. And I don’t have the hundred something other guys that it never worked out with. Seriously, it was a crazy adventure of relationships for me to figure all this out for you, and I was happy to discover the secret so I can share it so you don’t need to continue going through what I just did.

I promise you the suffering doesn’t have to last forever for you. I know the way out. Not temporarily, but permanently. Forever. All the way out and into his arms. Forever love. Always love. Eternal love. I promise you with all that I am, I can take you all the way there.

I’m a no-bullshit person. I don’t like fluffy tricks that get him to come around for a while and then put me back into the same painful situation I’ve always been in, but only deeper. I think you know the kind of manipulation I’m talking about. They talk about it all over the Internet. All the Twin Flame “talkers” run their mouths about how miserable Twin Flames are, how painful Twin Flames are, how unattainable Twin Flames are. Oh, but I can assure you that Harmonious Twin Flame Union is real and attainable. Let me show you how.

The wrong advice is going to get you more pain. More suffering. More sadness and misery. That’s the cost of stealing what you haven’t yet earned from the candy jar. You might get away with it for a while, but you always gotta pay it back, plus interest.

I’ll tell you the answer. I’m not going to hide anything from you. I’ll always give it to you straight. Real, honest, transparent, and true, that’s me.

I am here for you. Really. I’m a real person who actually cares about you. I am a real person who genuinely has compassion for you because I loved myself and I see myself in you, the one who is suffering from some form of Twin Flame separation. I offer you the keys to liberation in love and life, the kind of life that I live. A happy one. One where I truly feel complete in my heart of hearts every day.

This is for you too.

My life is not without challenges, those don’t end when you find your Ultimate Lover, or fall in love with each other, or get married. But the suffering from separation does end. I promise you it. does. end.

It’s not fair to be apart from him. I never felt like it was okay and you don’t have to either. You don’t and you shouldn’t have to accept a world where you and he can’t be together. I can show you the way. It’s simple, it’s easy, it’s straightforward. But I’m not going to lie to you, there will be some work. Maybe a lot of work to do, and it’s work on yourself. But it can be done. And so many who have come before you have done the work and gotten the results for themselves. I’m not asking you to take a risk, a leap of faith, or trust in chance. I’m asking you to trust in the repeatable science of Twin Flame Harmonious Union. It’s facts.

You are going to have to be willing to make some changes to yourself. Obviously what you’ve been doing hasn’t been working fully yet or you probably would not have have come this far. Let me help you, because what I’ve been doing has been working fully. And not just for me, but for countless students of my work. What I offer works every single time for every single person. That’s because what I offer is real.

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