Adam & Breann

We met while following the teachings of Jeff and Shaleia through Twin Flame Ascension School. We both had experienced false Twin Flame relationships before recognizing one another as True Twin Flames. Our connection deepened and unfolded while working together in the Twin Flames Universe HR department. We were later identified as Soul Family members, but Adam knew the connection was much deeper. As we both pursued our individual relationships with God, the truth slowly began to reveal itself. Breann was confirmed as Adam’s True Twin Flame and so the love story began.

Coming into Harmonious Union felt like coming home with a feeling of completion at the core. It was incredibly peaceful. It felt like our reality shifted as we experienced deep fulfillment within ourselves.

What felt empty before now feels full and complete. There is a deep sense of peace that feels so normal and natural. We feel stronger in ourselves together.

We are eternally grateful to Jeff and Shaleia, and their teachings that brought us home.

Our lives changed completely in every area by doing this work and we now live one life together in harmony.

We are deeply honored to have received this gift and we will continue to honor the gift as we go deeper with expanding into our Harmonious Union and Life Purpose.

Harmonious Union is for everyone. The process itself is gentle and easy. It only requires that you to choose to love yourself when you identify a misaligned thought in your consciousness. As you shift your inner reality to a state of unconditional love, your outer reality will mirror this love back to you through your beloved Twin Flame; this is Harmonious Twin Flame Union.