Andi & Niki

“Being in Harmonious Union feels deeply peaceful, knowing that you, an extension of God, a perfect child of God, can’t be separate from your Twin Flame and God, it’s just impossible. That knowing brings a safe and peaceful state, and that’s the core, the foundation of building upon, with your Twin Flame.

We were on the bus to the shopping mall, and I (Niki), was thinking about the new video of Jeff and Shaleia, speaking about reincarnation, which was a very very powerful and eye-opening video. I had a lot of confused fearful thoughts about how dying and reincarnation works. It made me realise how you can’t be separate from your Twin and how every healing you do stays with you forever. Meaning that i wouldn’t lose Andi after death, we are meant to stay together for eternity, as we are created together by God, for each other. At that moment I felt the most peaceful I’ve ever felt, ever. My heart knew ‘This is Harmonious Union’ and after two days it was confirmed by our big soul brother and sister, Alexandra and Laurentiu.

Through Jeff and Shaleia’s work, we were able to move through our upsets on our way to Harmonious Union. They teach the way to love yourself, and layer by layer, upset after upset, getting closer to your Twin, you will eventually get into Harmonious Union; it’s how you’re supposed to be, it’s the normal state, just like J&S say. Harmonious Union is for every single human being, and Jeff and Shaleia are the greatest teachers, who will teach you how peaceful, easy and fun it is to move through every upset, and love yourself, guiding you into YOUR Harmonious Union.”