Charles & Oceana

God has created the most divine love that could possibly exist, and blesses us with a new foundation of our love, which is Harmonious Twin Flame Union. For that we are eternally grateful.

When Charles and I found one another online, we knew there was a very passionate connection to be explored deep in our hearts, but our distance made things difficult to really blossom. When we finally did come together as one in person, Charles gifted me Jeff and Shaleia’s book, which was incredibly special, and a very prominent sign of his persistence. I had been following them for a couple of years, but still never chose to commit fully to their work, and actually be a part of there school.

Throughout our journey, it was painful, because we chose the turmoil over deep commitment to one another. We moved rather quickly into living together and being 100% immersed in each other’s lives. Working through upsets and triggers was challenging, but joining Jeff and Shaleia’s school was a gift, and finally started to make wheels turn, with new choices being made and honored with love. Discipline and persistence births a divine Union with God. After following Jeff and Shaleia’s work for so long, watching them on YouTube, and just being on the sideline, it feels heavenly to be a part of a community that perfectly supports me, and to have the love I have always dreamed about.

Claiming your Heaven on Earth starts with a new choice. It can be incredibly easy with the tools Jeff and Shaleia provide. You are loved and guided perfectly, because God flows through them, and the work that they do. All your triggers can find rest; you can move through them with graceful fluidity. They are not your average spiritual teachers. They are masters at what they do, and they provide rich teachings that go above and beyond what’s out there. God works through everyone in this school. You can have everything you have ever desired when you surrender to love.”