Charlie & Angela

Coming into your Harmonious Twin Flame Union is remembering the deep peace and love that has always been for you. We are deeply humbled and so at ease with each other.”

Charlie and Angela came to the Twin Flames Universe community, like many others, having believed they had already met their True Twin Flames.

There were many doubts and challenges, but they knew in their hearts that true love was real. It was clear God was guiding them here.

“We chose to listen to God’s voice and have faith that He was leading us to our ultimate happiness.

Our story is unique to us and our hope is that it inspires others to have faith in their Creator and in their Twin Flame Unions.

As One, we focused simply on what was in front of us in our day to day lives. The path must be walked, as there is no shortcut, but with this work it is certainly the fast-track to your spiritual Ascension.

It was God we desired so deeply, so we focused on cultivating our relationship with Him. We were led by many signs through angel numbers, syncs, intuitive nudges, etc. We simply followed them all the way through.”

God desires to be loved and romanced, so we chose to embody unconditional love. We were tested. We continued to choose love in the face of adversity. We continued to choose love even when it appeared love was not choosing us back.

Our faith is our fortune. Our faith brought us the miracle of our Harmonious Twin Flame Union.”

On a day like any other, Angela received a video chat by their soul siblings Sage and Isaiah (Twin Flames also in HTFU). Jeff and Shaleia had revealed to Sage that they were soul family and that Charlie and Angela were True Twin Flames.

Angela was shocked at first but what immediately followed was a feeling of deep relief. The truth and clarity had arrived. Angela did not hesitate and reached out to Charlie to tell him the news.

“It was hardly 24 hours after learning we were True Twin Flames that we had attained our Harmonious Twin Flame Union. We got on a zoom call with Laurentiu, who helped guide us into our HTFU. We stayed with our feelings and were present with what arose. We claimed our Harmonious Union and committed to love. Shortly after, he reached out to us to let us know that we had attained Harmonious Union. It was truly a miracle. We had felt a peace settle into our bodies at the core of our being that was unlike anything we had ever experienced in our lives. This is home.”