Colby & Keely

God blessed our lives with Harmonious Twin Flame Union. We are living our Heaven on Earth. We have committed our lives to God and the teachings of Jeff and Shaleia, and the natural result is Harmonious Union.

Our journey was full of doubt and uncertainty at first. When we met, we did not understand the nature of the connection that we were discovering. The strong and compelling feelings were not accompanied by a useful explanation. We were confused.

A decision needed to be made. Would we commit to our lives together, and leave the old way behind? We did not. We allowed ourselves to be taken in by doubt and sacrificed what we truly desired. This led to much inner turmoil, and we did not rest for almost two years.

Fortunately, Jeff and Shaleia have committed their lives to helping Twin Flames just like us. Keely stumbled upon their YouTube videos and knew immediately that she had hit the jackpot. She didn’t hesitate. She committed to the work and purchased a subscription to both Twin Flame Ascension School (TFAS) and Life Purpose Class (LPC).

Our relationship began to change. Our conversations were more frequent and more friendly. We were both grateful. At our first reunion, we rekindled our Love. Soon after, we were in Union.

When we were faced with the choice of committing this time around, we made the right decision. A month later, we moved in together and began actively working on our future.

It wasn’t long before Jeff and Shaleia took notice. Our teachers requested that the Twin Flames Universe Community give us support. We received over $5,000 in donations to help with our move-in costs! We felt very supported and loved, and we knew that Love was on our side.

It was in our first live TFAS class that our Harmonious Union was unveiled. We were speechless as we received another outpouring of love and support. All of our heart’s desires were fulfilled. It was boundless, perfect, and heavenly.

Harmonious Twin Flame Union (HTFU) is not only about being with your Twin Flame. The feeling of Love that is at the heart of HTFU fills every area of your life. Your career, your home, your relationships, and your finances all become Harmonious with your Union. True Love does not end. It is natural for Love to grow and evolve.

Now, our lives are filled with joy and purpose, and we celebrate our marriage everyday. There is a feeling of lightheartedness that accompanies everything we do. All of our relationships are supportive and everyone in our lives chooses to love us. We do not hesitate when faced with a challenge, we simply move through it. We are equipped with the tools to overcome any obstacle and to intimately know ourselves because of the teachings of Jeff and Shaleia. The cornerstone of our lives is the work of Twin Flames Universe.