Daniel & Crystal

“Our journey really began when Crystal joined Twin Flame Ascension School a few months after it began back in December 2017. This was before the live classes you would see today when you sign up for TFAS. We did not know what Twin Flames were or who we were to each other.

Through joining the classes and doing the inner work, our connection was revealed. We were able to recognize one another and swiftly fell into Union and then briefly touched Harmonious Union. At this time, we were not ready to maintain our Harmonious Union but we did not let that stop us from continuing our journey. Onwards and upwards we went as we have never been ones to call it quits.

We experienced a lot of intense, deep healing come up for the years since tasting Harmonious Twin Flame Union, but we still remained in friendship and love throughout it all until November 16, 2019, when it was revealed to Crystal through a quick call with Jeff and Shaleia that we attained Harmonious Twin Flame Union and that here we would remain. All of our hard work had finally paid off. We attained the very thing we desired due to our persistence and commitment to the work you’ll find here.

We never gave up. We stayed true to the calling in our hearts, followed Love wherever He lead us, and chose to deepen our relationship with this community by serving it knowing this was truly the way to Permanent Harmonious Twin Flame Union. We had a taste of Harmonious Twin Flame Union, we knew the truth that this work is real, and we would never stop working until we achieved it and beyond. And so this was our experience.

When we came into our Harmonious Union, we were not physically together. Crystal had an upheaval cold from our new vibration, meaning our bodies were upheaving what was not in alignment with our Harmonious Twin Flame Union. Even though we were not physically together, we still achieved Harmonious Twin Flame Union, as we have always remained with each other, loving each other at the core, allowing ourselves to truly be free in our relationship with God. For it is with God that Harmonious Union is possible. It is unity with God that you receive everything your heart desires.

Through this work, you WILL attain your Harmonious Union. It is inevitable when you persist in the work, with love, and presence. Let our union serve you by receiving the knowing in your heart that your Harmonious Union can never be lost. It is who you are. Choose to be in alignment with your divinity and surrender all that does not serve you with all your love. You can do it. We did it through this work and so can you. Support is all around you. Do you choose to claim it?”

With infinite love,
Crystal and Daniel