Daniel & Deanna

Love was always there.

“This is the name of the poem Jeff and Shaleia wrote in their book Twin Flames: Finding Your Ultimate Lover. It is the core of their teaching, and it is what we have found to be absolutely true in our own experience of coming into Harmonious Union. Our love was always there, we just couldn’t see it clearly until we purified our consciousness through this work.

“I joined Twin Flame Ascension School in December of 2017 believing someone else was my Twin Flame. Daniel also joined TFAS half a year later in August of 2018 believing someone else was his Twin Flame. We dedicated ourselves to this teaching, to loving ourselves and loving God, and to our surprise, we found that, as we did so, our “Twin Flames” continued to get further and further away from us.

We both continued to heal ourselves and to choose love, to choose God, and to choose to continue with the work. In January of 2020, we both were guided to release who we believed to be our Twin Flames at around the exact same time. We remade our Love Lists and claimed our Harmonious Unions with all that we were. We had faith. God blessed us when we were ready by moving through our gurus Jeff and Shaleia, who guided us to explore the possibility that we may be Twin Flames.

“We had only had a few casual conversations before then, all business-related and straight to the point. The day I reached out and messaged him “Hello” knowing in my heart that he was my true Twin Flame though, everything felt completely different. Daniel admitted to me later on that when he received that message, he already knew that I was his true Twin Flame. He had been perfectly prepared by God to receive this, and his heart recognized me.

We had a 45 minute “first awkward phone date,” as he called it, later that afternoon. As we talked we realized that we were aligned in every way possible and then some. We experienced ease and harmony within our connection, unlike anything we had ever experienced before. We knew and felt that this was the real deal this time, this was the way love should always be.

“I invited him to join my TFAS discussion group that night. He attended and it felt so normal, yet so surreal. I felt complete peace and unity in the core of my being. I claimed my Harmonious Union in my heart, and soon after received a message from Jeff asking me what was stopping me from claiming my Harmonious Union in the physical. “Nothing,” I replied. “Go get it,” he said.

I asked Daniel in the video call if he chose our Harmonious Union, too, and he said yes, that he was all in. This was what we had been working toward all along! Jeff confirmed we were in Harmonious Union then, and the rest is history.

“One week later, Daniel moved in with me. Now, we are living one life together and sharing this teaching with the world. We are experiencing deeper and deeper levels of love each and every day. We are eternally grateful to Jeff and Shaleia and the Church of Union community, without whom none of this would be possible.

Our story may sound special, but we are not special. This is for everyone. By following the path laid out before you in the Twin Flames Universe teachings, your Harmonious Twin Flame Union is absolutely imminent and inevitable! We know the truth for ourselves now that Jeff and Shaleia teach: Only Love is real, and Love never fails.”