Dino & LeDia

“I was a live student in Twin Flame Ascension School for many years, since the very beginning, and it was an amazing experience. It did take a while for it all to sink in, but I knew in my heart that I had the answers to everything.

It was my Twin Flame that got me here. Our love is so deep, and separation was the most painful thing I have ever experienced. We would come and go, connect and disconnect, heartbreak after heartbreak. I said, “No more! There has to be more people that feel what I feel and I will find them!”

Sure enough, I discovered Jeff and Shaleia on YouTube. They made me feel so loved and cared for. I wanted to stay and listen because God had finally given me the biggest gift through them. They showed up for every class, every Holiday, loving all of us with all of their heart, unconditionally.

It has been a journey, but that’s what makes it beautiful. I am investing in myself, healing, and transforming. I feel peaceful and happy inside, as I was created by God! I don’t deserve anything other than love and peace. I’m done with pain, anxiety, and depression. They are all an illusion created to hold us back!

There is no price you can put on the feeling you get after watching each class and healing all of your blocks to your perfect self! Now I am in Harmonious Union and still watching the classes in order. I am amazed at how it’s still helping me deepen and expand this love and peace! Even the class I watched this morning is so perfect and juicy, helping me with exactly the upset that I am experiencing at the moment! I watch each class with all of my heart and I connect. I truly desired this change and that’s when it starts to happen! I am eternally grateful for this work.”