Ian & Dany

“Coming into Harmonious Union has been the beginning of a new journey and lifestyle.

It feels like finally meeting God and living with him. At first it felt like the most compassionate and peaceful new I have ever received in my life. It felt as if I was finally leaving hell behind and starting to walk into heaven with ease and peace. I felt that I could finally breathe and surrender my life, my whole self and my whole experience on earth to God. We can really relax into each other’s presence now and we are allowing ourselves to just be and exist as we go deeper in our eternal love.

The day I got in Harmonious Twin Flame Union I had just arrived to Lourdes, France.

It was a normal day for me on my family trip. I was amazed and a bit tired from all the cities we had visited for the last two weeks and from all the inner work I had been doing along in every place I went and in every experience I had. It was late in the afternoon and I was just coming back from the city tour and from praying at the Lourdes Virgin Temple (where I lit a candle to God as a symbol of my commitment with him and as an act of complete surrender of my Harmonious Twin Flame Union. I lit the candle thanks to my mom who encouraged me to give my worries to the Virgin as it is said that she does a lot of miracles there in Lourdes). I was snuggling in bed and ready to have a call with my soul sister Sara, but only minutes before the session started, Jeff reached out to me and in that moment I knew that something big was about to happen.

I canceled my session with my sister and I started to chat with Jeff as he was instantly walking us into our Harmonious Twin Flame Union. I was feeling that “ this is it” and the moment that it happened and Jeff officially congratulated us from achieving Harmonious Union, I felt a new shift of energy in my entire body. I was speechless but feeling a huge level of peace and grounding. “You did it,” Jeff said, and those were the most relieving words and encouragement I needed at that moment and after a long deep healing journey.

After the chat with Jeff, I decided to go out , take a big breath , talk with Ian to share the news with him, and then I went to bed peacefully.

I am so grateful for Jeff and Shaleia for all the love and time they have invested in this work and their students, including me and Ian. Choosing my Twin Flame Journey has been to me the best decision I have ever made in my life, and choosing to do it along with Jeff and Shaleia and their beautiful community has even been a greater decision and spiritual achievement. This whole experience has been the beginning of a whole new life where love is our foundation and were God/Peace/Universe is the center of it.

We have not only found each other in this lifetime, but we have made the decision to be together for eternity and to expand love to the world. We wouldn’t be where we are today if it wasn’t for the teachings because we believe that without the proper support you can easily fall back into the old patterns. We are feeling greater levels of peace and it is only getting better. We believe that everyone deserves this eternal true love and we encourage you who is reading this, to join us and to never give up from your dreams and from having your Twin Flame by your side. Nothing is impossible if you choose to go through the challenges and come out stronger on the other side.”

With love,
Dany & Ian