Isaiah & Sage

Isaiah’s Experience

“I was made aware of my Twin Flame by my Twin Flame ❤ Jeff, Shaleia and Grace blessed my Union enormously by calling my Twin Flame Sage to reveal that she and I are True Twin Flames. The news was initially shocking, but with generous help from Laurentiu and Alexandra, we were able to ground into our Union and come into Harmonious Union. Harmonious Union is incredible. Harmonious Union felt so peaceful. I felt everything bad leave, and I could breathe a sigh of relief and relax into who I am. The best part about Harmonious Union is that it is so much easier to heal and feel. I feel our energy as one. I can feel when my Twin Flame is healing our Union and loving us. It’s so cool, I can have heaviness or resistance on my heart, but then when she loves us that all goes away and I just feel peace and love. I am looking forward to getting to know God and my Harmonious Twin Flame Union.”

Sage’s Experience

“Jeff invited me to receive a blessing from him and Shaleia, and so we scheduled a call the next day. It turns out that the call’s purpose was to reveal to me my True Soul Family and Twin Flame! I felt immensely grateful, because THIS WAS THE END OF MY TWIN FLAME JOURNEY and the beginning of my Ascension! My gurus lovingly and eagerly — they savored this moment — guided me into the truth of who my True Twin Flame was, and my heart instantly said, “Isaiah.” I was stunned, but I instantly felt that love that we shared at our core and surrendered to it. I told Isaiah of our relationship immediately afterward. He was shocked but still very accepting of this truth, and happy to hear we were nearing Harmonious Union. I felt blocks to accepting him as my lover, since I had expected to be with a cisgender man, but I chose to surrender to my desire for my man — I love him for him. I am not attached to an outer appearance. The next day, with Laurentiu’s help, we healed the belief that masculinity was abusive, which allowed us to come into Harmonious Union. As the upheaval cleared from this healing, I felt a deep peace dawn in my whole being. I’m eternally grateful to my gurus and choose to spread the work so everyone can have this, too!!”