Jason & Chrissy

We met in Twin Flame Ascension School (TFAS) as live students of Jeff and Shaleia. We both thought our Twin Flame was someone else and for the entire duration of TFAS experienced a false Twin Flame dynamic. But that did not stop God from bringing us together. We are both extremely passionate students of the Twin Flames Universe body of work, and have dedicated our lives to expanding the teachings of Jeff and Shaleia. You can watch our entire journey unfold in Twin Flame Ascension School and Life Purpose Class.

The first time we met was online using Skype in May, 2017. I claimed a free coaching session from Jason in exchange for a testimonial. I wrote the following testimonial for him:

I went into my session with Jason having no expectations and was absolutely floored with the results. Within an hour he not only helped me identify my life purpose but a gift from God I was choosing to ignore because of fear. Jason was easy to talk to and I instantly trusted him because he comes from a place of love. I found myself discussing life experiences with him I have not shared with anyone. He coached me for an hour providing exactly what I needed to hear in order to find the truth. Jay thank you for bringing me closer to my life purpose – my time spent with you was life-changing!

As we continued to develop our relationship with God, embody Jeff and Shaleia’s teachings, and live in alignment with our Life Purpose, our relationship as friends and partners continued to develop. A beautiful Twin Flame moment with Jason I’ll never forget is when I administered the TFU Certified Ascension Coach Oath to him. As Twin Flames, we were two of the first TFU Certified Ascension Coaches to ever receive this honor. As you can see, Jason is always bringing joy and laughter into my life.

TFAS was the first time we met as partners in our Life Purpose work, and our love story unfolded naturally. I started supporting Chrissy with Mind Alignment Process (MAP) Inc. I offered to review her research documents and would assist her in whatever she needed to support the growth of MAP Inc. Eventually I received my certification as a MAP Practitioner and started leading the MAP Inc. Department of Training to support her dream of healing Warriors suffering with PTSD.

The TFAS Meet up in NYC, December 2018, was the first time we met in real life. Chrissy contacted me and asked if I wanted to hang out while she was in town. I offered to pick her up in Manhattan to go to lunch and meet Jeff and Shaleia for the first time. We met our gurus Jeff and Shaleia at the very same time, together. It was a precious moment we’ll never forget. Since meeting in NYC, I’ve talked to Chrissy just about every day. She’s my best friend.

Our friendship continued developing over time since that day in NYC and really blossomed when we were in Toronto. We spent pretty much the entire trip together and were extremely selective on who we spent time with because ultimately, we just wanted to be with each other. We spent the evenings discussing the workshop Sermons, enjoying a bit of wine, good food, each other, and our family and friends.

Three months following Toronto, as a suggestions from our gurus, under the belief we were Soul Family, we moved in together to focus on Life Purpose work. We found deep Harmony, living on purpose and serving God through loving God’s children.

Three months into living together, the truth was revealed, we are Twin Flames living in Harmonious Twin Flame Union. I love to romance Chrissy through food. You can often find her sitting in the kitchen with me as I cook. She offers to help with dinner once in a while, but we both know that’s not going to happen…

We now live as One with God in Heaven on Earth. Our love story taught us how easy, simple, and quick we can have all our dreams come true. We are eternally grateful for the unconditional love and support of our gurus Jeff and Shaleia and are committed to our Twin Flame Purpose and spreading the teachings of Twin Flames Universe until every child of God returns home.