Josh & Leesie

“Josh and I met at a Reiki Share in 2018. I just felt a warmth and subtle familiarity when I first saw him, nothing like a lightning bolt, just a warm, campfire feeling of wanting to be near him. We exchanged numbers.

We were together for five months after that, it was one of the most intense relationships I had ever had; on and off, lots of signs and synchronicities, but then in October 2018, we had a huge fight and separated. Josh told me he never wanted to talk to me again, that we were “done, done, done.”

I didn’t know what to do. I felt lost, heartbroken, and in utter despair. I trusted my heart that there was something more to us, and searched for what I could do to end this separation.

After scouring the internet, I came across the term: Twin Flames. It ticked all the boxes. I searched YouTube and found Jeff and Shaleia. They were just so grounded and said they had a system that actually worked to help end Twin Flame separation, and come into a lasting relationship with them. This was new!

A few weeks later, I joined Twin Flame Ascension School. I watched about a class a day (sometimes more) in the beginning. I felt more grounded, I reached a cruising altitude of about 4 classes per week. I got a coach, and joined a weekly discussion group. So much support, whenever I needed it!

Sometime in November, a month into joining the school and doing the inner work, Josh reached out!

I continued to watch classes and do the inner work as Jeff and Shaleia teach. Josh and I continued to connect, when finally, we decided to move in together in March! We had attained union! Living together wasn’t a walk in the park, but I now had the tools and support I needed to handle everything that my Divine Mirror reflected to me for healing.

In July, I chose for Josh and I to attend the Toronto Twin Flame Ascension Workshop with Jeff and Shaleia. Josh didn’t know for sure if he could come, but I simply chose it in my heart and bought his ticket. He ended up coming!

During the workshop, Josh and I listened to Jeff and Shaleia’s peace meditation. I still felt fears about what he felt and thought, but then I chose in my heart to realize the truth: that he and I are one, and that how I feel is how he felt about it at the core. In that very moment, I felt such peace as I had never felt before. Just KNOWING that I just CHOSE my union, just like that, after healing through everything in the school. That was my Harmonious Union.

It was all me, all my choice because we are One at the core. As I chose, so did he. All that was truly separating us was simply my choice in the illusion, and when I simply made a new choice as I healed, I revealed the truth of our Union.

I can’t say enough how this school has changed my life forever, and how grateful I am for it, so much so that I want to share it with the whole world, I want YOU to have your Harmonious Twin Flame Union as well. This is what you were designed for, and you can and WILL attain it 100% if you follow what Jeff and Shaleia teach. This is Ascension, Ascension into love.”

-Josh and Leesie