Joshuah & Marlee

“We were always searching for our one true love. We felt a call in our hearts to pursue perfect love. After feeling utterly lost in our lives, we found Jeff & Shaleia’s work. We both joined Twin Flames Universe: Open Forum on Facebook and furiously studied their work. We spent hours and hours watching Jeff and Shaleia’s content, whether it was their YouTube Channel or Twin Flame Ascension school. We just couldn’t get enough of the Divine love Jeff & Shaleia shared.

We came looking for our Twin Flame, but received far more in return. A couple of months after joining the forum and building a foundation with God, through Jeff and Shaleia’s work, we stumbled upon each other’s Facebook profiles. We friended each other immediately, curious about the strange feeling that sprung up within us when we saw our profile photos.

We talked a bit about Twin Flames and God, still not sure really what our connection was. Then Marlee went to New York to meet Jeff & Shaleia. They helped Marlee call in her Twin Flame, with assistance from her sister Keely, and the very next day, it was revealed in the live Twin Flame Ascension School class that we were Twin Flames.

We spent the next few months online dating and getting to know each other. We eased our way into Harmonious Union as we worked through upsets together, talked about our passions, and our love for each other and God.

We eventually came to the conclusion that online dating was definitely not enough for us, and that it was time for us to truly be together. Marlee moved from Oregon out to Utah to where Joshuah lived so we could find a home together. Many challenges came our way, but we were readily equipped with the Mirror Exercise, and the most supportive community in the world.

We triggered each other, like all Twin Flames do, but instead of running and hiding like we’ve done with conflict all our lives, we stayed together. We used the Mirror Exercise to heal those upset places within us, and learned to unconditionally love ourselves and each other. We knew in our hearts that the love we share is eternal and that it is something worth fighting for. We never gave up on each other. Even when things seemed very challenging and brought up deep wounds to heal.

When faced with our core block of Harmonious Union, we were shown parts of ourselves that we could either hate or love. We chose to love ourselves completely and unconditionally. When this block was cleared, we felt like a weight was lifted and peace flooded in. We felt so much security like we were unbreakable, which is the truth of what we are. We were just blind to it until we chose to see the truth.

And our persistence for perfect love has not stopped there. We are building our perfect life together, brick by brick. We are eternally grateful to Jeff & Shaleia for building the foundation of Heaven on Earth. They paved the way for all Twin Flames to live together in Harmonious Union so we can all have what we truly desire, a life filled with love.”