Laurentiu & Alexandra

“We met in university and our relationship surely was not romantic! We became best friends and we felt happy and content with that. But then, we separated. We had to go our own ways and build our own lives, or so we thought.

One year later, we reconnected and we fell in love. It felt good and it felt right. We left all of our past behind to be with each other.

Over the course of two years, we shared happy moments and sad moments. We laughed and we fought. We wanted to make our dreams come true! But we had no idea how. We struggled and experienced a lot of discomfort, especially related to finances and having a home. That made us grumpy, and we fought a lot.

Then, we found Jeff and Shaleia’s teachings. We were skeptical and somewhat arrogant, but we made a decision to try and see if there was something here for us. We wanted to see if this was the way to have the life that we desired.

We listened and we learned, and we could not deny that we were feeling happier and happier. We enjoyed being together more, and we started manifesting the life of our dreams. We started travelling more, going out on dates more frequently, and working on dream projects together. It was challenging at times, but we knew that the reward was completely worth it.

On the day that we achieved Harmonious Union, it seemed like any other day. We wanted to go deeper into our relationship and experience more love, and we claimed it. Some upsets came up, but we managed to move through them. We knew, from what we learned from Jeff and Shaleia’s teachings, that everything between us can be resolved if we truly desire it. We desired the perfect romantic relationship, our Harmonious Twin Flame Union.

That day, God also gifted us a rainbow in the sky. But even if the rainbow faded, we still feel the love and peace that we felt that day… it has only deepened, grounded, and expanded since then.

We also understood that these feelings, the peace, the joy, and the oneness … they were not alien. These feelings were within us forever. We already had them, they were just forgotten or hidden. All we had to do was to acknowledge the truth and allow ourselves to fully and completely accept that truth as ours. We could do this because we were supported by Jeff and Shaleia’s teachings in embracing our Harmonious Twin Flame Union.”