Martin & Lienne

Four years before our Harmonious Union, we met through a mutual search for a nice roommate. We found each other and discovered we connected well. We didn’t know about Twin Flames at that time and didn’t recognize each other yet. The first year I was moving through many new challenges as my false Twin Flame started to move further from me. Meanwhile, Martin always kept loving me in subtle ways like bringing me soup, pointing me to a block, inviting me to share life updates, or messaging me when he was in another country, and I always felt I was kind to him as well.

We maintained distance between us because I didn’t recognize the love coming through us before. I didn’t know a lot about love, where it actually comes from, or how to differentiate between real love and abuse. Since I joined the live classes of Twin Flame Ascension School in May of 2017, and applied the teachings of Jeff and Shaleia, it was clear that I could honestly learn to love myself. I learned to see myself for who I really am, let go of illusions, know the truth, and eventually recognize my true Twin Flame.

My life has been full of miracles since Harmonious Union. We are open to each other, connect deeply and our desires are met fast. The relationship we are deepening into every day is based on a strong emotional foundation that cannot be broken. We can go deeper in love in all the areas where we have not before and find trust in God’s work. There is enormous peace, freedom, acceptance, and ease in life and with each other. It truly feels like a new, loving reality. The revealing of my Harmonious Union showed me the happiness of being completely myself and that a person who is perfect for me exists that fits ALL of my desires.

Jeff and Shaleia have taught me enormous self-acceptance, patience, persistence and so much love! Through all of these teachings, my Twin Flame and I can now be together in Harmonious Union!