Mathias & Tahira

“When Mathias and I came into the Harmonious Union, it felt like a deep peace in our heart, in our relationship, and with everything. I have never felt something like this before.

A deep devotion and deep connection with Source itself.

We had a very long journey, with many years of despair and longing in our hearts to finally be able to live this relationship. For many years I thought to myself, “ I am crazy and obsessive and something is wrong with my heart’s desire,” because it simply did not manifest itself on the outside.

I went on a search to find out what this feeling was between us, why I could not let go, and why my heart just continued to love. I could not stop believing in the great love between us. I came across the term Twin Flame Love, which picked me up a lot. I could finally classify what connected us so strongly.

Nevertheless, I was overwhelmed in the internet jungle with the many teachings and concepts to finally be able to live this love. I tried a lot, read a lot, and still nothing had changed on the outside, hurting me further and creating more separation.

Until one day I found the German YouTube videos of my coach Fabian, where he said this relationship is possible! That gave me so much courage, and his videos felt good and true.

I worked with Fabian for many months, got to know the mirror exercise and the inner work, and got to know a lot about God and how to love myself.

At some point I enrolled in TFAS and, in addition to coaching, learned more about unconditional love and above all about the relationship to God. Watching the classes and understanding the work even more intensively, motivated me to listen only to love and to go all in with love. Not knowing what to expect, I moved closer to my Twin Flame, from Germany to Mexico, with my children. I just knew it had to be done. I experienced six weeks of triggers. I was invited to listen to Love, follow my heart, and surrender everything to God. I learned to totally surrender to God, which was the milestone for me to get into Harmonious Twin Flame Union. Even giving my Twin Flame a relationship to God.

Since reaching Harmonious Union, it has been so harmonious between us, like never before in the whole 20 years we have known each other. We are finally prepared to have a “normal” relationship. We act as one consciousness and are inseparable. Of course, we still have upsets, but now we know how to deal with the triggers by using the Mirror Exercise, watching a class or working with our coach. I feel that this is only the beginning of something very beautiful for us.

I am infinitely grateful for this teaching of Jeff and Shaleia. It teaches unity and love. I am infinitely grateful to my coach Fabian, who has accompanied me for over a year and from whom I have learned and still learn a lot. I am infinitely grateful to my Twin Flame for teaching me unconditional self-love. I am infinitely grateful to God at all times to provide me perfectly with what I need and to let myself grow perfectly into Love.

Harmonious Twin Flame Union is for everyone.”