Mike & Amanda

“Our story began right in this community. We met for the first time in February of 2018 after I, Amanda, became a student of this work. From the day we met, we never separated. We have had our periods of healing, but we always choose to do it together. We were live students of Jeff and Shaleia and we used their teachings to help us maneuver through our journey together. At times it felt hard, but we persisted. The upsets that arose did not compare to the amount of love and peace that we had for each other.

As we continued to heal together, we experienced more and more peace. This peace was just not with each other, but all our relationships were starting to change. We were starting to see the world in a different light, and we grew closer and closer. Choosing love became that much easier as our journey together progressed, and we kept doing our inner work together. Learning unconditional love with your Twin Flame is like no other kind of love we had ever experienced. We were different. We could feel it more and more. Our connection was something that could not be explained in words but only felt on such a deep, deep level.

Jeff and Shaleia were putting on a workshop just a few hours away from our hometowns, and, of course, we attended. During the first day, Jeff walked us all through the most amazing meditation. The entire room was full of love and I felt a shift within me. An energy ran through my entire body that felt so peaceful. I knew something felt different. I knew in my heart it was Harmonious Union.

The next day at the workshop, Jeff and Shaleia called us on stage to speak with us, and they announced that we are in Harmonious Union. We had been feeling so peaceful all day and although hearing this news was amazing, there was a knowing in our hearts that we already knew. We could feel the peace and the expansion. It felt normal. It was not excitement, but a feeling of being home.

Michael and I are just regular people with a desire in our heart to love each other unconditionally. We choose each other every step, and along the way… we laughed, we cried, and we learned to love more. We love spending time together and we continue to grow our love more and more each day.”