Yanir & Natalie

“Coming into Harmonious Union was the most magical experience in my entire life. It felt like a huge relief, surrender, and humbling of my entire self to God.

As I was messaging my Twin Flame, Yanir, something about the energy of his words was telling me “I love you unconditionally and I will never stop loving you.” I was at work, it was just a “normal” day, yet I was feeling close to God and my Twin Flame, and I remember bursting into tears. I was upheaving so much sadness that wanted to be released and I felt immense compassion and love for myself. I realized in that moment: “I’ve worked so hard. I deserve peace now. I deserve to let go of control. I just want God.”

I remember that so well. It was a beautiful shift in my vibration. Ever since attaining Harmonious Union, all I see everyday are people just like me deeply desiring to be with their Twin Flames, yet not really knowing how or feeling fear on some level and a lack of faith that it could happen for them.

I’m here to tell you: this is real and this is for you too. You deserve to experience a life of peace and love. You deserve to live your best life with your ultimate lover. If you invest in this work and make the choice to commit to your inner work through Jeff and Shaleia’s teaching, you will attain Harmonious Union too. It is inevitable. You will also experience a life full of purpose and abundance and beautiful eternal relationships with people who love you. I bless all of your Harmonious Unions. Invest in yourself now because your life is now. Yanir and I send so much love to you on your journey. God bless.”