Jason & Chrissy Emerick

Jason & Chrissy Emerick are married Twin Flames in Harmonious Twin Flame Union. They met as live students in Twin Flame Ascension School and have both studied the Twin Flames Universe body of work since 2016. They are dedicated to sharing this way of life with the world. Both are Master Certified Ascension Coaches as well as live students of Twin Flame Ascension School and Life Purpose Class. Together living as One they fulfill their purpose by serving this beloved community, they are the president of the Church of Union and hold seats on the Board of Directors for the Church of Union. Jason and Chrissy are also certified Mind Alignment Process (MAP) Practitioners with Chrissy being the CEO of MAP and Jason the Director of Training for MAP. Jason is also the CEO and Chef of Divine Dish. Chrissy and Jason hold a weekly leadership coaching class for the leaders of the COU community to share their experience and guidance but do not offer private coaching.

Jason and Chrissy are active MAP practitioners and provide individual trauma healing sessions only available through the MAP Healing Package at MindAlignmentProcess.org.

Healing specializations: Divine Leadership, Trauma Healing through MAP, Healing the Mind, Body, and Soul through Divine Dish.

Language Fluencies: English.

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