Jeff and Shaleia have built a community deeply grounded in the truth of what it means to be successful. Their work teaches self-love, inner peace, and how to have a real relationship with God. The Mirror Exercise, which is at the core of their teaching, empowers you to love yourself completely and take full responsibility for yourself, your feelings, and your individual experience. When you practice this work, your life naturally improves and you attract all that you desire. 

Jeff and Shaleia have developed hundreds of hours of material that can support you in cultivating this sustainable and grounded success in your own life: Twin Flame Ascension SchoolLife Purpose ClassTwin Flames: Dreams Coming True e-Course, Twin Flames: Romance Attraction e-Course, their YouTube channel, and their book, Twin Flames: Finding Your Ultimate Lover. The school’s community, Twin Flames Universe (TFU), promotes empowerment, self-improvement, and mindfulness. If you sincerely desire to heal, we welcome and support you, no matter where you started or where you are currently at on your journey.

The Twin Flames Universe community is one of love, truth, and virtue. Community members have a sincere desire to seek the path of living their best life. To uphold these values, we maintain a strong volunteer base comprised of loving, generous, and dedicated people from all around the world. These volunteers have a great passion for giving back to the organization that has given them so much and has changed their lives permanently for the better. You are here because you, too, have a genuine love for growth and a true desire for humanity to experience the bliss that comes from being a part of this school and its community. 

We would love to take this beautiful opportunity to celebrate the success and victories from some of Jeff and Shaleia’s students and honor those who have truly embraced this work.

Colby and Keely – A Family Grounded in Love

“The teachings of Jeff and Shaleia showed us that we don’t have to settle. There is no circumstance where compromise is acceptable. The intention of our lives is to be perfectly happy. If something doesn’t make us happy, we can easily find a solution and find happiness and peace instead. This is the basis of the philosophy of Twin Flames Universe: we have the power to change our lives. Where we are heading, there is no suffering. The process we are undertaking eradicates suffering from our lives and brings our peace to the world. No corner of our minds is hidden from love, just as no corner of the world is. We make the world a better place, just as you do, everyday.

When we began our relationship, we had very little money and I did not have a place to live. Colby had a daughter from a previous relationship and we were navigating how to introduce her to our relationship. There were many times where it felt like everything was far too complicated to work out. But no matter what, we stuck together and aligned with the love within us both. We started running our coaching business shortly after we moved in together. Our client base quickly grew as word of our stellar coaching spread through the community. We were very pleased to be making good money while working for ourselves. Colby quit his job after a few months and we have been independent ever since.

We have moved to a much nicer home and enjoy many more improvements. Our lives continue to grow as we expand our business and invest in our clients. We enjoy our days spent in the presence of each other. We could not be happier, for we have chosen to live the life of our dreams. This would not be possible without both the teachings of Jeff and Shaleia and the Twin Flames Universe community. We have come a long way and we had a lot of support. We have been loved completely by our teachers, our fellow students, and our clients. Our success is not ours alone, but our entire community’s.”

-Keely Lang, Chief Spiritual Counselor of the Church of Union

Josh and Leesie – A Honeymoon that Lasts Forever

“My Twin Flame’s name is Josh. We live together in Harmonious Union in an apartment next to a lake. We love playing games, watching Japanese anime, and cooking delicious food – especially steak! But it wasn’t always this way. 

I had been through decades of failed relationships and two years ago, my relationship with Josh seemed to be turning out just as the rest. Our fights would not resolve. I didn’t know what to do with my feelings, and I felt helpless and hopeless. I remember having many “Dark Nights of the Soul.”  I didn’t have the confidence to have a healthy relationship, which is all I wanted. However, I didn’t give up – I would do anything to heal, anything for my man, whatever it took. I asked God to show me the way.

Soon, I found Jeff and Shaleia’s YouTube videos and felt within me that they could guide me. I didn’t hesitate in joining their school. I trusted myself enough to know if it was real or a bunch of baloney. I would just know it, so I felt safe to go all in. And … it sure wasn’t baloney! In just a few months, I started feeling better and in less than a year, Josh and I came into our Harmonious Twin Flame Union. All from doing the work as Jeff and Shaleia teach.

Harmonious Twin Flame Union feels like an endless honeymoon. It’s always fresh and new, and I keep going deeper into love with my Perfect Partner. I don’t feel the lifeless plateauing that I felt with other partners. I still feel the spark in my heart whenever he texts me or comes home from work. When I think of Josh, I feel alive and my heart sings. I feel so beautiful and carefree when I feel my feelings for Josh. I give all of the love I need to myself, and then Josh reflects this back to me. He’s so sexy, smart, funny, so Divine. I feel like the luckiest woman alive. I am so grateful for Jeff and Shaleia and their school for guiding me to this perfect honeymoon, and to have it for life! I feel so loved and free.”

-Leesie Mappes, Senior Executive Minister of the Church of Union

Jose and Michaila – Passionate Lovers from Across the World

“My love story is a story of miracles and success. It perfectly demonstrates the power and truth of Jeff and Shaleia’s work. Both Jose and myself have been members of the Twin Flames Universe community for about three years. Just over two years ago, I was asked to give a consultation for Jose, who was considering joining Twin Flame Ascension School. I was his first experience with a Twin Flames Universe Coach! At the time, we both were under the impression that other people were our Twin Flames and after the consultation was completed, we continued with our own individual journeys, with no idea that we were in fact True Twin Flames.

We both became very dedicated members of the TFU community and applied Jeff and Shaleia’s method of inner healing and spiritual growth to our daily lives. Over the course of the past three years, we both healed within ourselves many core wounds and became more and more spiritually aligned as our time with Twin Flames Universe progressed. One day, I was guided to reach out to Jose for the first time in several years. My intention was to explore if this person could in fact be my Twin Flame.

We set up a video call and read our “Love Lists” to one another, a spiritual practice Jeff and Shaleia teach to assist you in identifying your True Twin Flame. We both perfectly embodied the other’s Love List, and there was a spiritual connection there that had never been experienced before with our false Twin Flames.

Within hours of speaking, it was completely obvious that we were each other’s True Twin Flames. We were able to identify each other completely, and in doing so we reached the vibration of Harmonious Twin Flame Union. Two weeks later, I moved to Spain to be with Jose. Now, we are beginning together the life of our dreams. Jeff and Shaleia’s work guided me every step of the way. It was a journey of constantly moving toward what felt good and choosing that, until our lives were full of only that good feeling. Jose and I are very grateful to our teachers. We have received only love, support, and miracles as a result of being their students.”

-Michaila Franklin, Live Twin Flame Ascension School Student and Certified Ascension Coach

Jason and Chrissy – The Ultimate in Life Purpose Fulfillment

“Jeff and Shaleia’s unconditional love, generosity, humility, and leadership are second to none. One of the greatest gifts we’ve received from investing in their work is finding each other and our true purpose in life. Jason and I are True Twin Flames living in Harmonious Twin Flame Union and we are dedicated to sharing Jeff and Shaleia’s work in our own unique way together.

Through Jeff and Shaleia’s work with us and many, many others, we are partnering in providing soldiers the way to heal from trauma through our company, As a senior Army leader, I’m extremely passionate about healing the trauma in our troops caused by years of serving a world at war.

As a professional chef, Jason has experienced years in the food industry and deeply desires to help people feel good in their bodies as well as heal world hunger at the core. Jason is devoted to helping others heal their relationship with food. He is partnering with Jeff and Shaleia in creating food for your mind, body, and soul at

The gifts we have received from investing in the Twin Flames Universe body of work are sacred, Divine, and eternal. Living as One in Harmonious Twin Flame Union devoted to our purpose in healing trauma and hunger at the core is an absolute dream come true. From the depth of our hearts, we are eternally grateful for Jeff and Shaleia and for this life we live every day filled with peace, passion, love, and harmony.”

-Major Christine Kay, U.S. Army, PhD and CEO and Co-Founder of MAP Inc.

These are only a few of the countless success stories from our extended community of dedicated students.

We invite you to view even more student success stories.

What transformations and successes have you seen in your own life by embracing the work of Jeff and Shaleia? We welcome you to please share below. Spread the love and the joy, and remember always,

“Only love is real, and love never fails.”

Jeff and Shaleia