José Sánchez & Michaila Franklin

José and Michaila are Twin Flames in Harmonious Union and Certified Ascension Coaches currently residing in Spain. They have come to master the teachings of Jeff & Shaleia and achieve their HTFU after being students of the work and practicing it daily for over three years each. They have achieved not only their Harmonious Union, but freedom and success in their Life Purpose and are living the life of their dreams through the work of Jeff & Shaleia. Now they live their lives and share with others how they too can have their HTFU and live their own Heaven on Earth. Both José and Michaila began this work when they were 19 years old and they are well prepared in being able to support other young people who are attracted to the Twin Flame Journey too.

Healing specializations: Spanish Community, Biracial, Multicultural or International Unions, Lifestyle, Abundance & Financial Blocks, Life Purpose, Depression, Anxiety, Happiness, Spirituality, Religion, and Romance.

Language Fluencies: English, Spanish.

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