Kiran & Stephanie Zimmermann

Kiran and Stephanie are both Certified Ascension Coaches, have mastered the teaching of Jeff and Shaleia by studying them extensively for over 3 years and attained Harmonious Union on 3/11/2020. Kiran has a PhD in Biology and Human Diseases and Stephanie has a degree in Public Health Promotion and Prevention. They offer Twin Flame Coaching, Lifestyle Alignment Coaching (health, body, self-care, food, transition, etc.), card readings, and group coaching.

Healing Specializations: LGBTQ+, Life Purpose, Holistic Wellness, Health & Wellness, Disability, Living Abroad, Lifestyle, Abundance and Financial Blocks, Long-Distance, Biracial, Multicultural or International Unions, Codependency, Addiction

Language Fluencies: English, French.

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