Life Purpose Class is an epic education in mastery you can receive from Jeff and Shaleia, who are already living it. 

They didn’t start rich, free, or satisfied. They struggled through deep credit card debt, dead-end part-time, minimum wage jobs. They dealt with having no connections, almost no resources, and living in extreme poverty before they arrived to where they are today; rich, happy, and free. And they can teach you exactly how you can become rich, happy and free through Life Purpose Class.

Life Purpose Class, or LPC for short, is a 150+ hour class given over the course of 100+ sessions, designed to help you become rich, happy, and free in a way almost unheard of on the planet today. It truly is the next level in lifestyle reserved for those willing to learn the very well taught lessons by very seasoned and professional teachers demonstrating and sharing it with you.

LPC follows the stories of about a dozen students and the teachers, Jeff and Shaleia, who journey through the teachings of the class. You will watch class by class as the students and the teachers lives are transformed miraculously through the teachings, and if you follow along and apply what you learn in the classes, your life will absolutely transform too.

You don’t have to be business savvy, you don’t have to sell anything, and you don’t have to do ANYTHING you don’t want to do to achieve this for yourself. The formula is simple, clear, and straightforward and produces amazing results every single time for every single person. We absolutely and sincerely guarantee your life will transform from this teaching. We know it will because it always does, every time, with every person, because the information is absolutely real.

LPC teaches you how to find within yourself what you love to do most, and then it shows you how you can easily capitalize on that love to create the most profitable career you can possibly pursue.  It doesn’t matter how much money you made before.

While you can be very good at something and have invested a lot of time, energy, money, love, and resources into becoming very good at it, it still is NEVER going to be as profitable, fun, easy, effortless, fulfilling and powerful for you as you doing what you absolutely love most in your heart.

Life Purpose Class will teach you how to discover this, and show you the way to turning this into the most juicy, delightful, wonderful, amazing, and purpose-filled adventure of your life.  You will be able to do the following and so, so much more:

  • Quit the job, career, or business you dislike.
  • Afford EVERYTHING you desire (and WAY, WAY, WAY more!)
  • Live a life free of financial, emotional, energetic, social, and time limitations.
  • Do everything you desired to do in life (check off everything on your bucket list.)
  • Enjoy the most rich, happy, fulfilling life you possibly can.


Consultations are held over video conference with one of our highly trusted and skilled Vetted or Certified Ascension coaches. The consultation lasts 20 minutes. If you have purchased and read the book Twin Flames: Finding Your Ultimate Lover, your consultation will be 30 minutes. 

Once you have signed up for a consultation, one of our Divine Channels will intuitively pair you with the coach that is best matched with you (unless you request one of our coaches specifically). Your coach will then reach out to you to schedule the consultation at a time that suits you. 

 In your consultation, your coach will introduce you to the Gold Standard of Twin Flames Universe: Twin Flame Ascension School and Life Purpose Class, which brings about the permanent end to separation with your beloved and complete alignment with your highest destiny. This is the total solution for your life that your heart has been calling for. Your coach is there to answer all of your questions and show you how to take your next steps in manifesting your perfect life.

 The consultation is also a time for you to explore whether you and your coach are a good fit for a fruitful and supportive coaching relationship. They are there to hold your hand and gracefully show you the way to your Harmonious Twin Flame Union and complete harmony with your true Life Purpose. The way has been paved; all you must do is walk it.


An eternal gift

Just finished watching the most recent class, LPC #97, and I feel so much peaceful realignment to my true self. The message of peaceful persistence is exactly what my consciousness needed to feel at ease. So grateful to be taught the way to polish my consciousness so I can lead every day with peace, and create my abundance from that place. Also reminds me why having a subscription is such an amazing investment. What a gift to have classes always available to put my being at ease, and to resolve my upsets so soundly. Thank you Jeff and Shaleia.

Daniel Thelen

This work changed everything for me, and I will never look back.

Life Purpose Class shows you how to achieve true wealth, abundance and prosperity on a soul level. It helped me realize that having money and wealth is actually an inner state of being that manifests itself on the outside, and the best way to manifest perfect wealth and abundance is through doing what you were literally created to do. This teaching shows you how loving our Universe really is, how you are perfectly and naturally supported when you’re in perfect alignment with who you are, at the core. And when you’re in alignment, you have true happiness. You have true happiness and perfect peace, and literally everything you could ever desire. This class not only shows you the ins and outs of perfect business, but it reveals the nature of all things as loving when you actively do your spiritual work that heals your blocks to living your perfect life. I have learned so much about life and wealth through these classes and through Jeff and Shaleia’s work. You just have to experience it for yourself and dive in. It’s the best investment I have ever made.

Michaila Franklin

Building a life I don’t need a vacation from

Started out my morning with a coaching session and now I have a few hours at the beach to swim and chill with God before the work of the day continues. Every day looks different. I’m designing the kind of life where I can take my work on vacation so that I don’t need to take a full time vacation from my life to feel good.

Within a matter of months this became a possibility for me using the work and principles taught by Jeff and Shaleia in Life Purpose Class. This work will work for you too 

What do you desire for your life?

Carina Viljoen

Over and over again Jeff and Shaleia’s work on Twin Flames has proven that yes, everyone does have a Twin Flame created for them by God.  Yes, all you need to do is choose love and move forward into your loving choices. Yes, all is handled for you by God. And yes, Jeff and Shaleia are lovingly guiding you in the fastest, most direct, and most compassionate way possible.

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