There is a Purpose in your Heart waiting to be spoken to and awakened. The time is now.

“Life Purpose Class shows you how to achieve true wealth, abundance and prosperity on a soul level. It helped me realize that having money and wealth is actually an inner state of being that manifests itself on the outside, and the best way to manifest perfect wealth and abundance is through doing what you were literally created to do.”
Michaila Franklin
Life Purpose Class Live Student

You do not have to trade your life force for money. You are supported in living your Life Purpose. Are you willing to receive your Ultimate Wealth by doing what you truly love? The Sermons of Life Purpose Class are the gateway to your Dream Life. Invest today in these classes, and you will reap returns beyond your wildest dreams.

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The Sermons of Life Purpose Class instruct you in how to realign yourself with your true purpose from the inside out. You do not have to struggle to live the life of your dreams. All you must do is choose to do so, love yourself unconditionally, and never give up.

These are not empty words. You will watch and listen as Jeff and Shaleia recount how they transformed their lives from poverty to wealth with choice, love, and perseverance alone.

Class by class, one step at a time, Jeff and Shaleia will hold your hand through the creation of your perfect career of love and service. You do not have to know everything right now. Just turn on The Sermons of Life Purpose Class, and you will always receive what you need.

When you encounter struggles and triumphs, you will have our Life Purpose Class Open Forum to turn to. Join in the conversation on Jeff and Shaleia’s teachings with novices and advanced disciples alike.

Come with your struggles. Come with your questions. Come with your thoughts, feelings, and dreams. We welcome your sharing.

Together, we will form unshakable bonds through our experiences of learning and living these teachings of True Love, Wealth, and Purpose. You are not meant to journey alone. Let your Gurus take you by the hand.

“Throughout my life, I had never felt seen, understood, or loved. My parents, teachers, leaders, and friends never grasped my depth, my mind, my soul and the brilliance it holds within. Thank you for seeing me as God sees me. Your love and guidance to embrace my unique gifts and how I am created is etched in my heart.”
Chrissy Kay
Life Purpose Class Live Student

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The Sermons of Life Purpose Class offer you over 12 hours of cutting-edge spiritual teachings. Each Sermon leads you deeper into the simple but powerful teaching of unconditional Self-Love.

You will find that no matter where you are on your journey, the Sermons will always speak directly to what is arising in your reality now. Because Love is eternal and timeless, so are these teachings.

You will learn how to align yourself with the unstoppable power of Love, of God, and of the Universe Itself. However you feel about your relationship to Life right now, the Sermons will show you how to nurture your life into your own personal Heaven on Earth.

Don’t wait to invest in yourself. 

“Each clip stands alone, yet when watched in order together, creates a mapping of one’s consciousness that will entice even the veteran student to click a link to the full class and go deeper into love. Your most dedicated students will keep coming back to it, time and time again to return to the peace you offer and to instantly hear the voice of Mother and Father God coming through you.”
Chrissy Kay
Life Purpose Class Live Student

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Jeff and Shaleia offer you their first three Sermons FREE. In these videos alone, you will discover how to

  • find your true Life Purpose
  • pursue opportunities of wealth and money
  • spend money so that you always invest in yourself

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“This is not a business class, nor is it just a Law of Attraction class. It’s a deep healing that helps you align with your spiritual truth, and how that manifests in your work. There are palpable energetic shifts from watching each class, and “emotional junk” is constantly dredged up from my subconscious. You might find that you need to sleep after watching just one class, because what’s happening to you is vibrational, not just a spoken teaching.

“There are also tangible material gains from subscribing to this. Within 1 month of subscribing to LPC, I was gifted a new Lexus SUV. I did absolutely no physical work to receive it, I just watched the classes and did my inner healing work. This class is a beautiful gift.”

Samhita Chitturi
Life Purpose Class Member

Life responds to boldness and confidence in your Heart’s Truth. Can you feel that loving feeling in your heart right now? That feeling is pointing you to a life filled with Purpose. You are worthy of that life now. You are worthy of the support that you require to live it.

You don’t have to give your precious time away just for a wage. You have the power to live your Life Purpose.

You don’t have to accept being happy only on weekends and holidays. You deserve a life that you don’t need a vacation from.

There is a way out of financial struggle. When you choose to live your Life Purpose, the Universe supports you abundantly.

It is time to make a change. Will you answer the call in your Heart? Do not allow the illusion of fear to coax you back into hiding. You were made to shine bright. Come out of the darkness and receive the Light of this teaching now.

For an investment of only $299 (or 3 monthly payments of $111), you will receive wealth, health, happiness, joy, and purpose beyond what you can even imagine. You are worth it.Invest in The Sermons of Life Purpose Class today.

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“Only by the Grace of God did I find you and with complete humility and innocence in my heart, follow you without reservation.”
Chrissy Kay

Are you ready to go all in on your Life Purpose journey? Your work will blossom as you witness the healing of the students of Life Purpose Class. Claim your FREE consultation with one of our Certified Ascension Coaches today!