Marta García

Marta García is a Certified Ascension Coach, therapist and instructor of various healing techniques. Since she found the teachings of Jeff and Shaleia, she has not stopped working on her Harmonious Union with her Twin Flame, a journey that she began in 2017 and which she was about to give up in 2020. It was thanks to TFU, the teachings and her weekly coaching sessions that she was able to connect with her essence and Union with God, to divorce and create her economic independence even outside his native country and away from her family. She is the mother of two beautiful teenagers and the writer of two books in Spanish. She currently lives in Santiago de Chile, and works helping people in her life purpose, connection with the Creator, healing, spiritual growth and Harmonious Twin Flame Union.

Healing Specializations: Therapist, Instructor of Healing Body, Mind and Soul, Writer, Connection with the Creator

Language Fluencies: Spanish

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