Maura Coleman

Maura has been studying the teachings of Jeff and Shaleia since 2016 after a transformative session with Jeff. At that time, It seemed she had hit rock bottom, yet received divine intervention from God through the guidance of Jeff and Shaleia. Soon after, miracles began to happen for Maura, and she came to realize Jeff and Shaleia as her true spiritual gurus. She joined TFAS, LPC and devoted herself to healing and living the life of her dreams. The Mind Alignment Process helped Maura to resolve deep rooted trauma that was affecting every aspect of her life. The healing was so profound that she decided to commit her entire life to being of service to God as a Certified Ascension Coach. Maura has always held a deep faith in God, which has carried her through the most challenging times. She truly believes in the promised land as heaven on Earth , and is here to help God create a harmonious Heaven on Earth.

Healing specializations: Childhood Trauma, Codependency, Drug Addiction, Domestic Violence, Eating Disorders , Mental Illness, Sexual Abuse

Language Fluencies: English

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