Trauma can be one of the most difficult aspects of the Twin Flame journey. That’s why MAP is so important. The MAP healing modality is proven to resolve your trauma at the core. By healing trauma at the root of the experience, the trauma is completely eradicated from your consciousness. Healing trauma completely allows you to enjoy the full richness of Harmonious Union with your Twin Flame.


What is the MAP Healing Program like?


Our trained MAP Practitioners compassionately guide you through the MAP Healing Program into a life of peace, one step at a time.


MAP restores your mind to its natural, healthy, whole state of peace.


Recipients of MAP are completely healed of their trauma in just 12 weeks.


All MAP Healing Sessions are completed online using video teleconferencing. You can complete the MAP Healing Program from the comfort of your own home.


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MAP showed me that I am not responsible for my partner, and that I can let go of control. I am responsible for only my life and free to claim all of myself. My partner never provided a logical reason for me to be afraid of being myself, but it was the trauma that I was holding onto that I couldn’t move past without MAP. It already feels so much better between my partner and I. Today we made the decision that we were going to fly overseas and visit our family together. I feel safe in being and sharing myself and continue to make the choice to let go on responsibility and control of my partner.


I want to share that it has been about 5 months since my MAP session and I feel like I am able to navigate everyday stressors and relationships at master level. What used to send me into defense mode and make me go into anxiety, now feels easy and I experience life with rich, abundant feelings. It’s also very easy to go deeper with my partner and access levels of intimacy that were impossible before. Before my MAP session, I felt stuck in a loop of being a victim to my reality. Now, I feel empowered in it and feel totally safe to explore all areas of life!

Thank you, MAP!!


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