Natalia Dolsini

Natalia is a Certifed Ascension Coach and has mastered the teachings of Jeff and Shaleia by studying them extensively. The teachings enabled her to gain more strength, heal her multicultural and inter-religious familial situation, and war past. She overcame the displacement from her homeland, experience with death and grief, and patriarchal structures. She is able to tap into feminine wisdom of her ancestors. Thanks to Jeff and Shaleia she now helps others to get into their strength, femininity/masculinity, and to live life in peace and love. She offers Ascension Coaching, group coaching, ancestral healing, and teaches feminine wisdom.

Healing specializations: CA, Biracial, Multicultural or International Unions, Religion/Spirituality Healing, Family/ Ancestral Healing, Life Purpose, Feminine Wisdom, Creativity.

Language Fluencies: German, English, Croatian.

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