For those who can afford to provide themselves with personal assistance from Jeff and Shaleia, we do offer the opportunity to do so.  Jeff and Shaleia have curated a select few services designed to help individuals and provide an out of this world opportunity for spiritual support and profoundly stunning Divine Guidance to dramatically increase and amplify an individual’s spiritual progress along their Twin Flame journey.


Whether selecting a one hour coaching session with Jeff, where you can take the opportunity to ask any questions and receive highly effective, individual live help with Jeff, or taking advantage of their other services, you will find there is no other pair of human beings on the planet who can assist you with quite the same caliber of Divine guidance as Jeff and Shaleia.


Through a scientific process of connecting with Infinite Intelligence they call “Divine Channeling,” they can provide you with specific, personalized, detailed information regarding your Twin Flame, even if you have yet to meet them in this lifetime!  Through rich, real-world experience in seeing the stories of others play out after receiving their Divine Guidance, they have never missed an essential detail, or inaccurately guided another.  It is such a standard of trust and professionalism in spirituality that Jeff and Shaleia have cultivated, and that they uphold in every detail of the living body of their work, that provides so many highly selective, intelligent, and spiritually mastered people with the support and guidance they need to attain their Perfect Twin Flame Union.


Their work is more than satisfying for the most discerning of us, and yet perfect and accessible for everyone of every culture, age, background, religion, or lack thereof.  Click to visit  (opens in new tab) to learn more about the personal services Jeff and Shaleia offer.