Toronto Talks

Toronto Talks


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In this 4-part HD video series, you will receive spiritual content from the world’s premier Twin Flame gurus, Jeff and Shaleia. 

Each HD digital recording is designed to teach you how to:

  • Feel your feelings fully
  • Connect with God
  • Heal emotional trauma
  • Live your dream life


Toronto Talks will lead you to Harmonious Union with your Beloved. Guaranteed.

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Toronto Talks was filmed and recorded in Toronto, Ontario Canada at the first ever Twin Flame Ascension Workshop taught by Jeff and Shaleia.

The entire series is designed to bring you closer to the Gurus you’ve been calling for. When you become a student of Jeff and Shaleia, a vast world of knowledge becomes available to you. Jeff and Shaleia are here to love you perfectly. They are experts in the Twin Flame Ascension fields and are ready to bring you home to the life of your dreams.

By purchasing Toronto Talks, you commit to learn the process that has brought our teachers, Jeff and Shaleia and many of their students, bountiful and eternal spiritual success!

7 reviews for Toronto Talks

  1. AngelWings89

    I attended this workshop in person and was absolutely blown away by the love and beauty of the spiritual teachings of Jeff and Shaleia. I could truly feel Mother/Father God moving through both of them as they spoke. This recording captures all of that and I find myself learning more from it as I rewatch and experience. It’s truly something you can watch over and over again and gain new spiritual insight each time. I love it! And the meditations within are so wonderful. They bring me into a deep place of peace. This is such a great investment into anyone’s spiritual journey!

  2. Fabian Scholz

    This Ascension Workshop was the best weekend of my life. I’ve attended it in person and felt so at home with everyone. The best part is that it was recorded, so I can watch it anytime and feel this amazing feeling again, and go even deeper into my life of perfection! I love Jeff & Shaleia as my spiritual gurus and I’m grateful for them bringing us this amazing process to manifest a life of perfection!

  3. Claudia

    I was there in Toronto, such an amazing experience!!!! but each time I see it, it gives me a new level of awareness. I am going deeper in my inner work with this work; all said here is a jewel full of love and guidance, I can’t say enough how blessed and grateful I feel and how much I have improved my life and keep moving forward with this teachings, definitely a wise investment if you really want to improve in your journey and if you want your dreams come true!

    I am waiting for the next workshop, for sure I will be there!

  4. Carina

    I absolutely love Toronto Talks! This is the first-ever live Ascension workshop with Jeff and Shaleia. Even though I attended the workshop in person with my gurus, I couldn’t wait to have it on recording. I love the expansive feeling of peace I feel each time I watch it. There is so much incredible content, and you can actually see seven Harmonious Twin Flame Unions in the recordings, some of them announced at the workshop – what a blessing for the planet at this time!!

  5. Leesie

    I attended this in person and still ordered the recording. I got so much more from watching it. What peace! What love! I’m so glad I own it. I can watch whenever I want a spiritual pick-me-up or a re-centering on the principals I have come to learn from my ultimate gurus, Jeff and Shaleia.

  6. Keely Griffin

    Toronto Talks with Jeff and Shaleia is POWERFUL and perfectly guides you to peace and ease in all areas of your life. Having troubles in your Twin Flame relationship? Watch Toronto Talks with Jeff and Shaleia! During this series, Jeff and Shaleia reveal and interview THREE new real life Harmonious Twin Flames Unions! They also discuss the KEY to achieving perfect peace in your Twin Flame relationship. You really don’t want to miss this opportunity to improve your life. I HIGHLY recommend!

  7. CarmelPollard

    All I can say is…I was brought to direct Peace immediately, from the words that were shared, every time I tuned back in. Relief.
    Peace and Relief.
    Joy and a smiling heart.
    How just wonderful this community is.
    It’s so perfect.
    It’s Love.
    Here we all are. Speaking Love to the light in our hearts. The light that is only real. The light that’s stayed a-lit no matter where we’ve been or what we’ve chosen or what we’ve been through.
    Toronto talks shows you this is the community. This is what is real. This is what’s for you. It’s Love and only Love. And you are welcome. You are welcome. Our arms are open! It’s for you.
    And 3 Harmonious Unions🥰 ❤️❤️❤️ AHEEMMMMM.
    What’s God got planned for LA???
    See how easy Harmonious Union really is?
    Be part of it!

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