Ryan McIntyre

Ryan McIntyre is a Certified Ascension Coach and has mastered the teachings of Jeff and Shaleia by studying them extensively for over a year and a half now. He has truly mastered many areas of his reality through this work, and would love to help you do the same. Your vibration is what attracts your reality and he will perfectly tune your vibration into Harmony with God, yourself, and your Twin Flame. He currently offers Ascension Coaching, Harmonious Union Twin Flame Readings, and readings to help you find your true life purpose.

Healing Specializations: Addiction, Codependency, Large Age Gaps, Biracial, Multicultural or International Unions, Long-Distance, Parenting & Children, Children With Disabilities, Marriage & Divorce, Third Party Situations, Life Purpose, Abundance and Financial Blocks, Lifestyle.

Language Fluencies: English.

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