Stijn van Gestel & Johanna Morin

Stijn and Johanna are both Certified Ascension Coaches, and have committed themselves to the teachings of Jeff and Shaleia several years ago. Through their teachings, Stijn and Johanna live together in Twin Flame Union and are passionately pursuing God’s dream through sharing the gift of these teachings. Stijn and Johanna offer coaching and psychic services, psychic readings, card readings, psychic development, spiritual awakening, core block revelations (family lineage blocks, blocks to wealth, health, love, life, God), realignment of limiting beliefs to God consciousness, motivational coaching and soul design revelations.

Healing Specializations: Romance, Twin Flame Union, Divine Feminine Healing, Inner Child Healing, Life After Twin Flame Union, Self Image, Empowerment, Life Purpose, Success, Abundance and Wealth, Lifestyle, Happiness, Freedom, Power of the Mind, Law of Attraction.

Language Fluencies: English, German, and Dutch.

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