I was almost a year seeing YouTube videos of Jeff & Shaleia, while having money issues and a lot of pain regarding my True Twin Flame and my life. I was feeling unfree, is how I would summarize my state of being back at that time. 

But as soon as I decided to invest in myself and take a coaching session magic started! I had no money and for a reason I opened a book where I found exactly the cost of the session! After that some people asked me to give them art classes, in less than a week I had enough money to subscribe to Twin Flame Ascension School #TFAS, and more things started to change. 

Subscribing to the classes was like a quantum leap in my life, my finances and my gifts really! So it wasn’t even only my relationship to my Twin Flame that altered drastically to the positive… Having decided to go to the school and getting in is truly a ‘Before and After’ for me. I now have a good income and my dream to exhibit my paintings in Paris came true!  

I am so grateful that life blessed me with having been presented the opportunity to choose TFAS. Choosing it was an act of loving myself. I have arrived in the right place now and all I wish for you is to experience the same.