To begin with, I’ll just point out one thing: Lord Krishna directly led me to Jeff and Shaleia. He revealed them to me in dreams, and He directly predicted when I would meet my Twin Flame. That’s the kind of Divine stamp of approval that is hard to ignore.

Jeff and Shaleia’s spiritual teaching has been life changing in every possible way. Before TFAS, I found a little bit of what I wanted in different esoteric disciplines – an appetizer here, a main dish there, a drink over there. Coming to TFU was like getting a whole banquet at one table. And the cuisine keeps getting better as you keep eating!

There is a vibrational transfer that happens with each TFAS class, from the Masters (Jeff and Shaleia) to you, the disciple. This amazingly generous gift heals your energy system and lifts your vibration with each class you watch.

When you sit at the feet of an enlightened one, you can expect emotional upheaval as your ego dies, and also deeper experiences of peace and love. This is exactly what happens when watching TFAS classes.

Can you ascend your consciousness without being part of a spiritual community? To a degree, yes. But on your own there are limits to how deeply you will heal and awaken, and it would take decades longer. I know for a fact that the spiritual growth I’ve undergone in the past 2 years would have taken me like 30 years, or longer, if I hadn’t found Jeff and Shaleia.

And really, you are who you surround yourself with. Being around friends and soul family who have the same values and priorities that you do, who are as dedicated to their Self-realization as you are, is INCREDIBLY supportive and motivating. The journey to enlightenment is as rigorous as the journey to become an Olympic athlete. Your journey to enlightenment needs as much support as Olympic athletes needs, and you need to surround yourself with people who value spiritual growth as much as you do.

I think of TFAS as something between an online monastery and Hogwarts. It is kind of awesome.