I don’t know and I don’t want to know. Since joining Twin Flame Ascension School and Life Purpose Class, my life has seriously upgraded. I was in a dark place when I first joined. I was depressed, using drugs, and trying to run away from my responsibilities. I had almost given up on my Twin Flame journey because I was tired and confused. Finding Twin Flames Universe saved my life.

The darkness slowly turned to light. I joined the online open forum and I immediately felt at home. The love that I felt from Jeff and Shaleia, the classes, and the community members welcoming me into their hearts awoke the love within me. I felt a fire in my life that I had long forgotten. It was purpose. I finally understood my connection to Life, to Love, to God and why I was here on this Earth. I started Living.

Jeff and Shaleia’s teachings are grounded in Love and Truth. Everything they teach can be easily applied to all areas of our lives. A few months into studying their work, I developed a level of Peace within that I could’ve only imagined not too long before. This Peace filled every cell of my body. Around this same time, my Twin Flame and I slowly reopened our communication. This time it was filled with Love, Trust and a deep knowing in my heart of the Truth. I finally understood the purpose of our relationship: to walk with Love. The passion began to pick up and my Twin Flame, Colby, and I made plans to see each other after a year of separation.

The reunion was incredible. It was like no time had passed, but the depth of our connection had expanded greatly. Shortly after, we made the choice to commit to each other and choose Union. With the support of God, our beloved Teachers and the Twin Flames Universe community, we decided to continue moving deeper into our Union. I moved across The United States to be with my one true love and start our forever life together in Harmonious Twin Flame Union.

I am now living the ultimate life of my dreams because I made one simple choice to join this community, this school and to partner with Love. Anything is possible with Love and anyone can have what I have. All you have to do is make a choice. I love you and I hope you choose to invest in yourself. You deserve it!