To my haters: I love you.

I love who you really are inside. I don’t love the voice that enslaves you and I never will. You really are the victims you have been saying that you are all along. You’re victims of your ego because you choose to be. I have enormous compassion for you because I know what you go through living every day as victims. It’s a low and miserable life and no one deserves to live the life that you all live.

I have always stood against what keeps you living as victims and I always will. I have gone to great lengths to do so. I have only ever loved you.

You have tried to project your victimizer onto me because it fears me and you believe you are it. It fears me because I am powerful and empowered, and I am powerful and empowered because I love unconditionally. You try to call me a cult leader because you recognize my vulnerability as a spiritual guru but you mistake that vulnerability as weakness when it is my strength. I thank you for shedding further light on my strength.

A cult leader is an evil spiritual teacher and a cult is destructive. A spiritual guru is a loving spiritual teacher and his spiritual community is constructive. Just because you experienced destruction does not mean it was by my hand, only by your hand do you choose to listen to the voice of ego, out of fear.

A cult leader and a spiritual guru both speak to the same place in you. They both make you feel deeply because they engage your innermost spiritual being. One does so for evil, the other does so for love. I do not need to further demonstrate my love than I already have to prove to all what I am.

You have offered great harm to all I hold dear and I have protected it by loving it. I hold what you really are inside dear too and I always will. You are the beloved child of The Most High God, our Source and Creator. We are family in God and God never abandons His own. Those who follow Him will always hold dear to their hearts the ones whom He loves.


We reserve the right to take up our lawsuit again any time we deem it appropriate or necessary and we will continue to collect any evidence which would build that case against you. We are not harmed by what you allow to harm you, and we know you know exactly how to heal it because we have taught you this well and thoroughly. We live and grow in Life every day and the more time that passes, the greater in joy and prosperity we grow. I am taking down every video and blog I have created in response to your attacks and will leave only this. I encourage you to do the same for your own sanity.

Today, I have recommended to the Board of Directors of the Church of Union to drop our lawsuit against you.

This is not because we do not have a rich, just, and clear case against you, for we do. This is not because we lack evidence or the funds to pursue you, we are incredibly abundant in both. This is not because you have not committed crimes punishable by the law, you have. This is not because we lack conviction. It is because we have compassion.

We recognize now through a long and multifaceted interaction with you that you are most certainly what you say you are. You are victims. As victims you are punishing yourselves far more than the consequences of our lawsuit would compassionately discipline you. To bring about this discipline at this time would be unloving, unnecessary, and not compassionate. This is not what our power is for. Our power is for compassion and we will continue to exercise and grow it indefinitely.

To VICE and Vanity Fair, we know your industry has become and perhaps has always been – a hard one to endure. The stories of humanity that you tell and that you are asked to tell are not always easy to write. But if you would fail to write the human story of challenges and victory and instead would write the story of death, meaninglessness, and delusion, then you will experience the gifts of the false god you serve.

I had offered you both the story of stories and an inside opportunity to speak to me and allow my voice to speak through you to your audience. I offered to love you and your audience and instead you spoke sickness, division, and fear to them, and tried to use my name to do so. You wonder why the world you report on is so sick, so harsh to you, and so miserable, but this is the world you speak into existence with your powerful words and constructed images. You are creating the reality you live in and it will continue to pummel you from every angle until you finally submit to its pressure to die, or transcend it into life. I have been lovingly showing you the way to eternal life and creativity – and with that, real physical and spiritual profit.

The world of sickness can never overcome the world of peace that lies just beyond it.


The world of Life is where you come from, where I live, and where I guide all back to. It is a state of mind and a choice you make. The hateful voice you amplify and recapitulate creates the sad world you live in, and just the same can you amplify and recapitulate the Voice of Life and speak Life, not only into your businesses, but into your readership as well. These are the people you have failed. These are the people into whom you sow the seeds of your shame and weakness. These are the people you attempt to enslave with your sad pathetic and empty lies. These are the people you could restore to joy and healing if you would but lay down your fear and speak Truth.

I am one who speaks love. I speak for love, I live with love, and I extend love to all. This is what makes me a spiritual guru forever. I have no need of the sick gifts of the deluded false god you serve, fear, worship, trust and obey. I serve our loving Creator who has not abandoned you and who would gladly restore you to your place in His Kingdom. It is your state of mind which creates your misery or joy. This is what it means to change your consciousness. Only you can do it, no one else can do it for you.

Take all the time you need observing my life and the lives of those who follow in my teaching. Collect all the evidence your hearts care to collect. Organize the facts however you like to organize them. In the end what you will find will be the same thing you found immediately undeniable the moment you encountered my wife and I and our work:

there is only love here.